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Issue #262 - Oct 16, 2006

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Issue #262 - Oct 16, 2006
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NetBeans 5.5 Release Candidate Two Now Available
The second release candidate for the NetBeans IDE 5.5 is now available.
NetBeans 5.5 supports the Java EE 5 platform, and the Java Persistence,
EJB 3 and JAX-WS 2.0 specifications. Also available are updated
versions of the Profiler and Mobility Pack. Download it and try it out!
General NetBeans 5.5 information can be found here:

GUI Builder Update Pack for NetBeans 5.5
Following GUI Builder Update Pack for NetBeans 5.0, there is now Update
Pack for NetBeans 5.5, available via the 5.5 Beta Update Center. The
pack brings most recent GUI building features currently available in
NetBeans 6.0 development builds as well as several important stability

NetBeans Interviews - Yarda Tulach
Yarda was there when it all started: Hear how NetBeans got its name,
why hardly anyone wanted to build on top of the 3.4 platform, how the
NetBeans team caught Jonathan Schwartz's attention at Java One in 1998,
and the good side of being the "enfant terrible".

NetBeans History Quiz
So you think you know NetBeans? But do you also know its history? Then
take part in our birthday quiz! All submissions with the correct
answers will be entered in a drawing for five USB drives and NetBeans
5.5 T-shirts. We will announce the winners next week.

NetBeans is on Fire!
In this interview with Charles Ditzel, an architect at Sun Microsystems,
learn recent developments in Java tools and the challenges of helping
partners migrate to Java platform software.

Contest: Brazilian Portuguese Translation & Testing for NetBeans 5.5
Translate NetBeans 5.5 and you could win an iPod! The biggest prize
however will be the first-time release of NetBeans IDE in Brazilian
Portuguese! The Brazil home page or the other team members can tell you
how to get started translating and how to use the translation memory
editor. For more details, visit the Brazil team's well-organized 5.5
localization page.

German PlanetNetBeans
The German language feed was recently introduced to PlanetNetBeans.
Stay current with the latest blog entries on NetBeans in following
languages: Cesky, Deutsch, English, Espanol, Francais, Japanese and
Portuguese. If you are blogging about NetBeans be sure to join the fun.

OpenOffice NetBeans Integration Spec.
Charles Ditzel writes, "Recently, I showed Chuk's very cool NetBeans
plugin that allows you to run OpenOffice/StarOffice components inside
NetBeans, now there is a spec that has been introduced, OpenOffice
NetBeans Integration spec."

Firefox Greasemonkey Script
Jesse wrote a Firefox Greasemonkey script to fix an old issue -
including the summary of an issue in the page title, so that your
browser window/tab shows you the whole issue summary, instead of only
issue number.  The issue, and script, are here:

EmPowered by NetBeans
Don Casteel won a First Prize award of $5,000 from the Sun Grid Cool
Apps Developer Contest for his 3D Fractal Rendering project. It was
inspired by Apophysis and ElectricSheep, written in 100% pure Java -
J3D, developed in NetBeans with the ComputeServer module and rendered
on the SunGrid ComputeServer. Congratulations.

Bored? Check out the Magic NetBeans Logo
Alan Burlison's Blog entry has recently highlighted a video by Marco
Tempest doing some street magic with something that looks like the
NetBeans logo. Nice find Alan.
NetBeans Logo - <>
Direct Video Link - <>
Alan's Blog - <>
If you find something else that connects with NetBeans and we highlight
your link in the weekly newsletter you will win the new and upcoming
NetBeans 5.5 t-shirt as soon as it becomes available. Send an email to
robert dot demmer at sun dot com

NetBeans WorldTour - Buenos Aires, Argentina - October 23, 2006
All aboard! Next stop on the NetBeans WorldTour, Buenos Aires. Space
is limited so reserve your spot today!

NetBeans Plug-In Development and Modular Design Workshop at OOPSLA 2006
NetBeans team members Jarda Tulach and Tim Boudreau and Rich Unger of
Nuance Communications will be hosting an all-day workshop on modular
design and plug-in development at OOPSLA 2006 next week in Portland,
Oregon, USA. The workshop will be on October 23rd. To sign up, send
email to tim dot boudreau at sun dot com. Abstract is available here:

When You Need Dedicated Professional Support
Sun Developer Services is now offering NetBeans users 25% OFF the
normal price for the 1-Year Standard, Sun Software Service Plan
(telephone support) for NetBeans. Save over $200.00 per developer.
Use Promo Code: "netbeans". Offer Expires: October 31, 2006.

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