NetBeans Weekly News
Issue #260 - Oct 02, 2006

NetBeans Weekly News, a newsletter for the NetBeans community
Issue #260 - Oct 02, 2006
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NetBeans Weekly News, a newsletter for the NetBeans community
Issue #260 - Oct 02, 2006
URL: <>
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for editors to help out - contact 
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NetBeans WorldTour - Buenos Aires, Argentina - October 23, 2006
All aboard! Next stop on the NetBeans WorldTour, Buenos Aires. Space
is limited so reserve your spot today!

NetBeans Podcast #15
So when will the new Visual Web Pack be available? You can find out in
this episode of NetBeans podcast, among other NetBeans-related news.

NetTalk: Migrating to NetBeans
Tim Boudreau explains that NetBeans is a great tool for any developer,
especially those shifting from other tools. Tim shows how you can load
projects from JBuilder and other tools to NetBeans, and start utilizing
its robust set of features immediately.

Visual Web Pack for NetBeans is Approaching
Wanna Take a Look Under the Hood? Roman Strobl shares with us a work-
in-progress flash demo of this pack. This is for those of you cannot
wait for the planned October 30th technology preview release:
Also... Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine shares his opinion on the values of
this pack here: <>

New NetBeans Plugin & Stand-Alone Version: Hibernate Tools Suite
A new Hibernate Toolset Suite plug-in for NetBeans and stand-alone
version is now available.  Created and built-on NetBeans.  The suite
deals with Hibernate tools deal with session factory management and
offers Powerful HQL editor with syntax coloring, code completion, Java
to HQL (and reverse) formatting features,  powerful query result
browser, HQL 2 SQL translation and EXPLAIN PLAN for the Oracle9 dialect.

Leading Edge Development: Facelets
Are you using Facelets? Do you want to use Facelets in NetBeans?
NetBeans Community members are working on putting support for the
Facelets into NetBeans. A new open source project was launched a few
days ago on Jump in and check it out.

Unit Testing with Sony Ericsson Mobile JUnit
This paper covers unit testing for Java ME applications through JUnit
and Sony Ericsson Mobile JUnit. It includes examples for integration
with NetBeans together with Ant driven usage. Available as a .pdf.

Grid Compute Server Plugin for NetBeans IDE
The 0.6 early access release of Compute Server technology introduces
APIs for the creation of standalone applications, support for more
efficient use of grid resources, and enhanced debugging aids. Using the
new standalone application APIs, developers can create applications for
end users, to be run outside of the NetBeans IDE, that produce and
package compute server application input for uploading to the grid, and
/or process compute server job output that has been downloaded from the
grid. <>

NetBeans Plugins I Use, Part 5: Build Monitor
Tor Norbye writes, "The Build Monitor plugin for NetBeans allows you to
see the status of continuous builds, right from within the IDE. The
Build Monitor works with several continuous build systems -
CruiseControl, Hudson, and of course the NetBeans continuous build. You
can monitor multiple build sources - all you do is name your build and
point to an RSS feed where the plugin can fetch the build status."
Continue to the full blog entry with links to past plugins & screesnshots.
grid. <>

NetBeans 6.0M3 vs. Eclipse 3.3M2 or Counting Ants on the Freeway
This is a blog entry by Charles Ditzel in response to an opinion
comparing NetBeans 6.0M3 versus Eclipse 3.3M2. This is definitely
worth a read especially if you came across the first posted opinion.
grid. <>

Use New Java 6 JDK Tools to Explore NetBeans Runtime
In a recent blog entry by Sandip he decided to experiment with some of
the new Java 6 JDK tools (JVM Process Status Tool, Memory Map for Java, &
Heap Dump Browser) and explore the NetBeans runtime. He used NetBeans
5.5 Beta2. Take a look at his results.
grid. <>

What is a JUG? How do I find or start one?
Roumen recently started one in Prague, so he should know all about it.
Read the interview he did with Geertjan and find out all the details.
grid. <>

NetBeans Events in Shanghai
For a complete rundown of NetBeans Day and University World Tour in
Shanghai continue here:
View photographs of the events posted by John Qingye Jiang in his
blog (in English and Chinese).

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