NetBeans Weekly News
Issue #255 - Aug 29, 2006

NetBeans Weekly News, a newsletter for the NetBeans community
Issue #255 - Aug 29, 2006
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NetBeans Mobility Pack Goes Open Source
NetBeans Mobility Pack has opened its code to the community! has detailed info about the Mobility Pack,
including downloads of the latest builds, design documents, APIs,
roadmaps and partner information. Join the community and participate in

NetBeans Governance Board Elections - Nominations Open
It's time again to elect a new NetBeans Governance Board! All the
information that you need to take part in the elections can be found
right here:

Get the Most from NetBeans Docs with the New Learning Trails
We've organized our tutorials, flash demos, and other resources to
provide you with clear trails for learning various Java technologies.
Check out the Learning Trails section in the NetBeans 5.5 Docs and
Support Page.

Feedback Wanted: Debugging Survey
Do you debug your applications in NetBeans? Actually, no matter what
your answer is, we would love to know your experience with the NetBeans
debugger functionality or reasons why you don't use it. Please take
this short survey to help us better understand your needs. It should
not take more than 10 minutes.

Meet Tom Ball, Technical Director at Sun Microsystems
Tom Ball, technical director at Sun Microsystems, discusses the Jackpot
Project and various scenes from his life as a developer.

Writing XML Schemas by Example
Through a screencast, this article shows you, step by step, how to
generate XML schemas by visualizing them as instance documents with the
Author By Example (ABE) capability in the NetBeans Enterprise Pack 5.5.

NetBeans Google Toolbar Module Tutorial
This tutorial demonstrates how to create a module that adds a Google
Search toolbar to the NetBeans 5.0 IDE. You use a wizard to create an
action that extends CallableSystemAction. The wizard lets you specify
that the action will be registered as a toolbar button. You then create
a Swing panel...

Meet a NetBeans Module Writer
Vladimir Voskresensky developed the C/C++ editor for the NetBeans C/C++
Pack. In this in-depth interview he shares his experiences working with
the NetBeans APIs. He provides a few valuable tips and tricks, as well
as Wink demos... so check it out!

Matisse Update Pack
If you're using NetBeans IDE 5.0, you better have a look at the Matisse
Update Pack! Really cool stuff in there, which is planned to be
available for 5.5 sometime in October. Geertjan has two blog entries
dedicated to discoveries he made with this update pack, here
and here <> .

ZIP Distribution of Mobility Pack 6.0
Mobility Pack 6.0 sources are in NetBeans CVS. You can build it by
yourself. When you don't want to check out all the sources then you can
download only the zip distribution. The process of installation of this
zip is little bit complicated then clicking in installer. Don't worry
as it will only unzip and edit one file. Read more details in this post:

Listening to Developers - Why Does it Matter so Much?
Roumen's latest blog entry discusses why it's important to listen to
developers when designing IDE features and how features from all Sun's
Java IDE's will be soon available in various packs for NetBeans:

Creating a Simple Spring MVC Web App
Creating a simple Spring MVC application is pretty straightforward. In
this short tutorial, Java developer David Salter shows you how to do it
with NetBeans 5.0.

Code Coverage Support in NetBeans
Martin Grebac takes a deeper look at an open source NetBeans plug-in
written by Mikahil Kondratyev. UnitCover provides a visual presentation
of code coverage.

Disabling a NetBeans Plug-in Before Startup
Wanted to stop NetBeans from loading a plug-in during startup?

Take a look at Chuck Lee Munn's first attempt at integrating JMeter
into NetBeans.

NetBeans WorldTour - First Stop Seattle, Washington - September 6th
The NetBeans WorldTour is a no cost event and exciting learning
opportunity. See first-hand how NetBeans IDE can help you become more
productive with its unmatched out-of-the-box experience. Members of the
NetBeans team will discuss what's new in the IDE, the Platform and the
Add-on Packs. For WorldTour cities, dates and agenda continue here:

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