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Issue #250 - Jul 25, 2006

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Issue #250 - Jul 25, 2006
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[ANNOUNCE] NetBeans IDE 5.5 Beta 2 Released
The focus of NetBeans 5.5 is Java EE 5. This release supports the Java
Enterprise Edition 5 platform, Java Persistence, EJB 3 and JAX-WS 2.0
specifications. The NetBeans 5.5 Beta 2 release provides improved
quality--over 500 bugs have been fixed! Also available is Mobility Pack
5.5 Beta 2 and Profiler 5.5 Beta 2. Updated versions of Enterprise Pack
5.5 and C/C++ Pack 5.5 will be coming soon.

Building Apps with the NetBeans Platform and Java EE 5
In this demo, Roman Strobl builds a Java EE 5 application on the
NetBeans Platform. He covers the Java Persistence API and JAX-WS 2.0
web services, creates a Swing GUI, and converts the client into a
NetBeans Module so it can be distributed as a platform application.

Packaging and Deploying Desktop Java Applications
One question that a lot of beginning programmers have is: "How do I
distribute this application to other users without having to give them
the whole IDE as well?" Max Sauer and Patrick Keegan will show a few
different approaches for deploying an application, so that users can
access the application by double-clicking the application's Java
Archive (JAR) file, calling the application from the command line, or
calling the application from a script file.

The Open University: Teaching Java Through NetBeans!
"You will apply and extend your understanding of object-orientated
technology and of Java, and will implement code using NetBeans, a
widely used integrated development environment from Sun Microsystems,"
states the description of the Open University's "Software Development
with Java" course, which runs from February 2007 to October 2007. Read
all about the course and please let us know if you hear about other
courses (anywhere in the world) that make use of NetBeans. Thanks Troy
Giunipero, from Prague, for letting us know about this one!

Net Talk about CDC and Java Mobility
Get an introduction to the Java ME CDC configuration and how NetBeans
can help you build applications for this emerging market:

The Joy of Generics
Tim Boudreau writes, "Okay, Generics are old news. But since NetBeans
was still targeting JDK 1.4 until a few months ago, and most of my
coding is NetBeans plug-ins, I'm just starting to really appreciate
them. In particular, I'm finding they have a very nice effect on the
things I choose to write and how I write them." Read more:

J2MEUnit Support in Mobility Pack
Support for J2MEUnit has been integrated into the5.5 release branch and
you can find this feature in the Mobility Pack 5.5 from Beta2 build.

Cherepovets, Russia
Cherepovets lies between Moscow and St. Petersburg. Several people
there seem to be NetBeans users! If you are one of them, add a note to
those added by others at the end of this blog entry in Geertjan's blog,
to make yourself known to other NetBeans users in Cherepovets:

Pricing Tool on the NetBeans Platform
"I've had a little pet interest in derivative pricing for a while,"
writes Matthew Ryan, from Brisbane in Australia. "And I thought I would
make a quick little Black-Scholes option pricing tool on the NetBeans
Platform." Check out the screenshots of his application built on the
NetBeans Platform here, in his blog:

Create WebStart Demos in NetBeans IDE!
Always wanted to know how WebStart works, but never knew how to set
everything up? Evan Summer explains everything in a very recently added
blog entry on this topic here:

Workaround for WSIT
Trying to use WSIT (Project "Tango") and encountering the message:
"Security is supported only on Sun Application Server"? Let Martin
Grebac, the NetBeans lead engineer for the Tango project, explain how
to fix this problem:

Bug Report with an AVI Movie
We had very special bug reported against the debugger. It contains an
AVI movie showing the bug which is probably the first for NetBeans!

Momentum for the nbjfuguesupport Open Source Project
Have you joined the nbjfuguesupport project yet? Pierre Matthijs from
Belgium did recently, and introduces himself on the new mailing list:
He also finds about how to overcome some dependency problems while
setting up the project in NetBeans.

Caught on Camera
Fabrizio Giudici, a very regular contributor to the NetBeans module
development mailing list ( recently found
himself in a photo together with James Gosling. If you want to check it
out, go to his blog here:

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