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Issue #245 - Jun 20, 2006

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Issue #245 - Jun 20, 2006
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NetBeans Edge, Issue 28
The current issue of NetBeans Edge has been published and focuses on
some of the plug-ins that you can use with NetBeans IDE 5.0. They can
all be installed from inside NetBeans IDE itself.

Essential Update For NetBeans GUI Builder (Matisse)
NetBeans 5.0 users may now enjoy new features of Matisse GUI Builder.
They are available on NetBeans 5.0 Beta Update Center as Matisse Update
Pack for NetBeans 5.0. For new features and more information visit:

NetBeans 5.5 Q-build 3 Promoted
This Q-build comes with several new JavaEE5 features and 362 bug fixes.

News for NetBeans Japanese Speaking Community:
Japanese zip file is now available for NetBeans IDE 5.5!
You can also access Japanese NetBeans News via RSS.

Improvements in Future NetBeans' Editor (Targeted for 6.0)
NetBeans 6.0 will be available sometime next year and creating a more
productive editor is one of the main goals. Jan Lahoda's blog
highlights the first set of new features which include improved syntax
coloring both for java sources and for javadoc.

What's Up with NetBeans and JBoss?
Gregg Sporar went to JBoss World and filed this report.

Announcing AJAX jMaki Plug-in for NetBeans IDE
Project jMaki uses the best parts of Java and the best parts of
JavaScript to deliver rich AJAX style widgets as NetBeans 5.5 plug-in:
Take a look at Ludo's blog entry where he posts some gorgeous
screenshots and a link to his screencast which demonstrates bootstrap
widgets for components from Dojo, Scriptaculus, Yahoo and DHTML

Getting Started with GWT in NetBeans
Tomas Zezula from NetBeans team has created a project template for
Google Web Toolkit. A screenshot and link to the nbm are available on
Roumen's blog.

Mixing Work and Play - Bringing the World Cup to NetBeans IDE
Keep up with the latest World Cup scores and news while pretending to
work with the World Cup Toolbar. Chuk Munn has written a NetBeans
module that pulls the RSS feed from the official World Cup website.
<> API and NetBeans IDE?
Can they work together? And how? For a hint (and a cool scam letter
generator based on the NetBeans Platform) see Geertjan's blog:

Modern Heap View
Scott Violet has created a NetBeans 5.0 plug-in that provides a more
modern looking heap view. Screenshots included!

New Project Homepage for NBPlayer
Roumen is developing an MP3 player plug-in for NetBeans. Currently it
is available in a very early version, but it can be already used to
play MP3 files from NetBeans. The project now also has a new homepage

NetBeans Extra Update Centers Module
Ramon Ramos has made available the "Extra Update Centers Module", that
is provided to us from the Development Update Center. This module
contains definition of external update centers, which when enabled
allow to download features from other sites than from

Project Tango: Building a Bridge Between Java & .Net
We asked Satish Hemachandran all about Project Tango: What is Web
Services Interoperability Technology (WSIT)? Who wants webservices to
interoperate with .NET? What was the situation for WebService
developers like before WSIT? Where can I get the WSIT plug-in for

NetBeans Plug-in Module Development for Eclipse Users
NetBeans community member Tomohiro Iizuka shows you the differences
between the NetBeans IDE and Eclipse from the user's standpoint. He
explains in detail how NetBeans plug-in module development works,
illustrated with code examples.

Writing POV-Ray Support for NetBeans
Last week we covered the four new tutorials created by Tim Boudreau.
Also from Tim, available in draft form, is the newly updated 5.0 and
extended POV-Ray tutorial, which covers writing basic support for new
language with its own kinds of project. These tutorials are currently
in draft form, and may contain errors or omissions, but are sure to be
of use if you want to understand the NetBeans project system and the
handling of file types. Continue to the next article in the series by
following the link at the end of each page or by substituting the page
number in the URL. Feedback appreciated!

Flash Demo about End-to-End Java ME Web Services (JSR-172)
What's the difference between Mobile Client To Web Application and J2ME
Web Services Client?  The difference between these two clients is
simple - the JSR 172. Lukas provides another useful blog entry and a
pointer to his terrific demo.

[TIP] Changing the Screen Size of the Emulator
It is easy to change the screen size of the Screen Designer in NetBeans
Mobility Pack. Lukas Hasik shows us how.

Open Source Contributor Survey
What motivates you to contribute code to an open source project like
NetBeans? Please tell us and take part in our Open Source Project Code
Contributor Survey that is being run in conjunction with Choose NetBeans from the pop-up where it asks for which
project you want to answer and proceed.

NetBeans Evandalists #19
Ruth's latest installment of our beloved cartoon where NetBeans
Evandalists Spill the Beans.

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