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Issue #244 - Jun 14, 2006

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Issue #244 - Jun 14, 2006
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2006 NetBeans Community Award Winner
Ramon Ramos, one of this year's NetBeans Community Award Winners, uses
the NetBeans Platform for student projects and is an enthusiastic
Module developer and blogger. Read more about his work and what his
plug-ins can do for you in this interview.

Enhance Your Editor
In these two demos Gregg Sporar shows some cool new modules created by
the prolific Sandip Chitale: A Mark Occurrences feature that makes
browsing source code easier and pop-ups that display class hierarchy
and file structure information. For these demos and more continue here:

NetBeans IDE 5.0 CVS Tutorial
This tutorial is intended as an introduction to using the built-in CVS
module in NetBeans IDE 5.0. This tutorial assumes no familiarity with
the CVS modules from previous IDE releases and will not address
differences between the CVS support in NetBeans IDE 5.0 and CVS support
in previous versions.

Four New Java Rich Client Platform Tutorials
These tutorials by Tim Boudreau provide detailed descriptions and step-
by-step instructions for writing small yet practical plug-in modules,
each making use of one of the more universal NetBeans APIs. The
principles discussed in the following tutorials are applicable to plug-
in module developers as well as developers of rich-client applications
on top of the NetBeans Platform.

Play MP3s from NetBeans
Roumen is working on an mp3 player plug-in for NetBeans. He made the
first version available, it's extremely basic, but you can try it or
look at the source code to see how you can build such a NetBeans module:

Star Office Inside NetBeans IDE
Geertjan prepares his presentation for the NL Jug's J-Spring conference
inside NetBeans IDE.
For more information on the StarOffice Module visit the blog entry by
it's creator Chuk Munn Lee.

Implementing SOA with the Java EE 5 SDK and NB Enterprise Pack
This article presents architectural concepts and language constructs
necessary to developing a SOA composite application in Java EE 5. It
then presents an example application, deployed in the Java Business
Integration (JBI) environment. The example uses HTTP/SOAP binding
components and WS-BPEL and Java EE service engines, illustrating how
these components can be orchestrated to solve a business problem.

Jython Build Guide for NetBeans Guide
There is a new guide on how to build Jython with NetBeans. This is a
step-by-step guide to show how you may set up a Jython build using
NetBeans. NetBeans 5.5 (beta) is used for this tutorial.

New BPEL Tutorial: A Simple Asynchronous BPEL Process
This tutorial provides an overview of the sample project,
AsynchronousSample and illustrates deploying, executing and testing a
asynchronous BPEL process using the NetBeans 5.5 Early Access bundle
with all the necessary runtimes.

Securing a Web Application in NetBeans IDE 5.5
This document takes you through the basics of adding security to a web
application that is deployed to either the Tomcat server or the Sun
Java System Application Server. You will learn how to configure
security authentication using a basic login window and also using a
login form in a web page and much more.

NetBeans Demo: Using TopLink with JavaServerFaces with NetBeans 5.5
TopLink with JavaServerFaces with NetBeans 5.5 contributed by Edgar
Silva. Code generation wizards and other features which simplify the
creation of Java Enterprise applications that cover all basic database
functions, Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD).

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