NetBeans Weekly News
Issue #241 - May 23, 2006

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Issue #241 - May 23, 2006
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And the CODiE Award Goes to... NetBeans!
NetBeans IDE won an award in the category Best Software Development
Solution of SIIA's 21st Annual CODiE Awards. Both journalist and peer-
company reviews are used to identify leaders and innovators in the
software, digital content and education technology industries.

Sun Grid Cool Apps Challenge Contest
There is Sun Grid Cool Apps Developer Challenge. CoolApps Developer
Challenge is a contest to develop applications for Sun Grid Compute
Utility and the 'coolest' applications win! There are two ways to Check
out the Contest application that runs on Sun Grid Compute Utility, and
the best application built with the compete - the best Compute Server
Plug-in for NetBeans. The rules can be found here:

NetBeans WorldTour Movie
NetBeans team has created a movie about the NetBeans WorldTour and
Roumen posted a downloadable version of this movie in his blog. The
video has been played during NetBeans day 2006 in San Francisco. You
can get the short movie here:

NetBeans a Best Seller
Brian Leonard posts an entry highlighting the top books sold at JavaOne
2006. NetBeans IDE: Field Guide, 2nd edition ranked near the top of the
sales list despite the 400 that were given away at NetBeans Day!

Three Major NetBeans Mobility Announcements:
Sun and Orange Collaborate to Simplify Java ME Development
Ikivo Extends Mobile SVG to the Java ME Technology Development
Sprint and Sun Microsystems Introduce Innovative Custom Development
Solutions to Java ME Community

NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.5 for CDC Preview
This Preview Edition adds support for the JavaOne 2006 "Device of Show,"
the SavaJe Jasper S20. Lukas Hasik provides more information.

Fifteen Big Reasons To Use NetBeans
If you are evaluating NetBeans or looking for a great overview to share
with friends and colleagues bookmark this great blog entry by Charles
Ditzel. Next time somebody asks you why they should be using NetBeans
you have one great place to point them toward!

NetBeans Supports Real-Time Java System
These new RTS modules support developing real-time code to control
remote machines. At JavaONE, try out your real-time programming skills
at the Slot Car Contest
Developers, start your engines!

Java EE Persistence in a Web Project
This document takes you through the basics of developing a Java web
application with stand-alone persistence using Java EE 5 technology.
This document uses the NetBeans 5.5 Preview Release, which is bundled
with the Beta release of the Sun Java System Application Server 9.0,
Platform Edition.

Java EE and J2EE 1.4 Compared
This document takes the same sample J2EE application that is created in
the NetBeans 4.1/J2EE 1.4 Quick Start Guide and creates it with the
NetBeans 5.5 Preview with Java EE 5 technology. You will see that
hooking up a web application to a database on the server is much
simpler using Java EE 5 persistence.

UML Modeling: Developing Applications
In this walk through, you learn how to use the UML modeling features of
the NetBeans integrated development environment (IDE) to create a
simple UML class diagram. You then use round trip engineering to
develop a simple banking application, which you can test by executing a
test class.

Problems When Running on Battery Power on Windows XP
Does NetBeans IDE become sluggish when running on batter power alone on
Windows XP? Are you looking for ways to improve the responsiveness of
the IDE? Continue here for work around tips.

Coming Attractions - Visual Design Tools for Creating Web Applications
Those attending NetBeans Day at Java One this year had a sneak preview
of an exciting new feature running on the beta release of NetBeans 5.5.
Sandip Chitale showed how one can quickly develop web applications
using Java Server Faces components through a powerful drag-and-drop
user interface and easily integrate with heterogeneous data sources
such as relational databases and web services. Those who use Java
Studio Creator already appreciate the power of these visual editors.
Soon, these features will be available to NetBeans users as well. Take
an online tour of this coming attraction.

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