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Issue #238 - May 03, 2006

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Issue #238 - May 03, 2006
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Java Puzzlers authors Josh Bloch and Neal Gafter join James Gosling &
other Java luminaries. Register now for your chance at cool freebies.
May 15, 2006, Argent Hotel, San Francisco. It is a no cost event and
you do not need to be registered for JavaOne.

NetBeans Hands-On Labs at JavaOne '06
Developers are telling us they love hands-on labs because they learn
new and exciting Java technologies by actually getting their hands
dirty. The popularity of hands-on labs was in fact proven in previous
JavaOne conferences. This year, there will be 19 instructor-led hands-
on labs and 18 non-instructor-led labs, which include several labs that
will let JavaOne attendees to learn and explore the exciting features
of NetBeans. For a list of these NetBeans related labs and other JavaOne
conference activities continue here.

Nominations for NetBeans Community Awards
There are many dedicated people in the NetBeans Community - we'd like to 
recognise them and say thank you for all they've done for NetBeans. 
Whether their contributions have come in the form of evangelising, 
contributing code or bug fixes, building modules, writing articles, 
localisations, or something else entirely, it's time to acknowledge
their efforts.  Tell us who you think deserves recognition - nominate
someone for the NetBeans Community Award.

Current nominees are : Tom Wheeler, Wade Chandler, Michael Nascimento,
Ramón Ramos, Nicholas Désy, Chuck Davis, Edgar Silva, Alex Lam, Tim 

Send your nominations to , with a few words about
why you think your nominee should win.  If you'd prefer not to post
your nomination to a public list, send it to 
Be quick - nominations close on Friday 5th May.  Once the nominations
are all in, the voting period will run until Friday, May 12th.

Sun Microsystems & Ricoh Strengthen Java ME Developer Community
Plans have been announced to support Ricoh Corporation's Embedded
Software Architecture Software Development Kit/J (SDK/J) software in
the next release of NetBeans Mobility Pack for CDC. The combination of
NetBeans' rich visual development environment and Ricoh's Java Platform,
Micro Edition (Java ME) enabled printer and document management
platform, will provide a unique solution for developers in the document
management marketplace. Continue to the full press release.

Under the Hood of NetBeans 5.5
Geertjan writes, "NetBeans IDE 5.5 will totally redefine the word
"productivity". I mean, forget wimpy little bits of code, pretty little
samples, and obsequious hints and suggestions. Think big. How big? Well,
how big can you think? That's how big, plus a little bit of extra
bigness added on top." Be sure to check out his two part look at the
Best Feature of NetBeans IDE 5.5.
Part  I: <>
Part II: <>
If you are still wondering how NetBeans 5.5 will help to change your
life visit Martin Adamek's, What's New in NetBeans 5.5.

NetBeans Japanese Speaking Community Web Site Has Been Opened!
You are always welcome to provide translation, articles, your product
knowledge, feedback, or any other things what you think it's better to
share in Japanese speaking community! More info in Japanese at:

Developing Java Applications for Pocket PCs Using NetBeans -
A Dream or Reality?
A recently released preview of Mobility Pack for CDC allows development
of Java applications for Symbian based devices, in particular for the
Sony Ericsson P990 and Nokia Series 80, which feature a CDC
configuration with Personal Profile. Unfortunately, the tool cannot be
used out of box with one of the platforms, which is quite widespread
these days,- PDAs running Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system.
Luckily, because of extremely versatile build system used in NetBeans,
it is not difficult to a basic support for deploying and running the
developed application on a Pocket PC device (or emulator).

Micro Devices, Macro Mobility
Tune in for demos and discussion as Sun and Sprint experts outline the
wealth of opportunities for development and delivery with the NetBeans
5.0 Mobility Pack, Java ME, and the Sun Java Wireless Toolkit - the
focus of this month's SDN Channel.

Defining and Using Preprocessor Directives in the Mobility Pack
This article provides a guide to the preprocessor syntax used by the
Mobility Pack for MIDP/CLDC to support its device fragmentation solution.

Help Spread NetBeans Virally with the Profiler
This is an interesting blog entry by Cote, a Software Industry Analyst
with Redmonk. To take a direct quote, "Put another way, the NetBeans
Profiler was the reason I started using NetBeans again. While I didn't
use it for development, I downloaded and installed it, and I'd be lying
if I said I didn't think of trying out NetBeans again for development."

JPA - NetBeans 5.5 Versus Eclipse Dali
Martin Adamek has prepared a blog taking a look at Java Persistence API
support which is one of the key features in the upcoming NetBeans 5.5
release. He compares latest daily build of NetBeans 5.5 with 0.5M2
build of Eclipse Dali.

NetBeans Evandalists Cartoon
They are cool. They are witty. Spreading Java technology is their
mission. NetBeans is their IDE. This cartoon is not about them. It's
about their dyslectic little brothers -- the NetBeans Evandalists!
Brought to you by Ruth Kusterer.

Case Insensitive Code Completion
Code completion's sensitivity will be changed for NetBeans 6.0. Roumen
discusses this topic in his blog and explains how to change the
sensitivity in the Options dialog:

Most Poetic Commit Log of the Year Award
"What's the most amusing commit message you've read but neither incited
nor written yourself?" Take a look at one such entry in Tim's blog.

Guess the Glyph - Another Week of Winners
The latest round of the Glyph competition has ended and here are the
winners: Hugues Ferland (Canada), Lv Shuxun (China), Petrus Rademeyer
(South Africa), Agnieszka Meller (Poland) and Avi Schwartz (USA).
You can read more about the competition and take part here.

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