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Issue #237 - Apr 25, 2006

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Issue #237 - Apr 25, 2006
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NB Day is a no cost event and you do not have to be registered for
JavaOne to attend. Choose from two different tracks: Track A) NetBeans
IDE from Java ME to Java EE or Track B) Rich Client Development with
NetBeans IDE. The first 400 attendees will receive a free copy of the
new NetBeans IDE Field Guide (2nd Edition) and a 256mb USB drive.
Guest include: Joshua Bloch, Tim Cramer, Neal Gafter, James Gosling
and Sun Microsystems new CEO Jonathan Schwartz.

NetBeans at JavaOne '06
Are you attending JavaOne? New Session and BOF information is available.

Matisse Roadmap
NetBeans GUI builder, also known as Matisse, went through a significant
redesign in the 5.0 release focusing on radically simplifying Desktop
Java layout design. Curious what is coming next? Check out the roadmap.

Movilenio's Thriving Mobile Games Business Relies on NetBeans to Support
Widest Range of Handsets
Key Challenges: Capitalizing on the development team's experience with
Java technologies to get a revenue-generating product to market quickly;
Rapidly creating mobile games that can support hundreds of mobile
handsets, from dozens of manufacturers.

NetBeans Used for Interactive Television Application Development
Charles Ditzel's blog entry takes a look at how NetBeans is now being
used to help develop interactive TV solutions. unleashed
their IPTV Application Lab - "IPTVBox" which allows developers to
develop and test interactive applications for IPTV.

Module Development: How Easy Is It, Really???
Forget the hype and the marketing stories. Hear it from those who are
actually using the tools and tutorials provided in NetBeans IDE 5.0.
Geertjan's blog introduces you to Edgar Silva and Jens Trapp, two of
the many developers who have hands on experience and know what they're
talking about. Links to in-depth interviews and related JavaDoc and
tutorials are provided.

Yet Another Blog About How Easy It Is To Write Plug-in Modules For
NetBeans. Yes, this topic has been discussed quite a bit. It has even
turned Geertjan Wielenga into a NetBeans celebrity. If you go to Google
and just type in "Geertjan" then you can just click the "I'm Feeling
Lucky" button because Geertjan's blog is always at the top of that list.
In this blog entry Gregg Sporar describes how easy it is even for
beginners who don't have Geertjan's experience to extend the NetBeans
IDE with custom functionality.

How to Kill NetBeans Performance
There are several things you can do that will have a *huge* impact on
NetBeans IDE performance and responsiveness. Charlie Hunt provides
more information.

Got Mevenide2 ? NetBeans Does
The Mevenide team has released Mevenide2 NetBeans 2.1 and currently
support NetBeans IDE 5.0.

NetBeans Sprouts C++ As Sun Eyes Growth
Sun Microsystems announced in late March that it had created a new
project to bring C/C++ into its NetBeans open-source IDE. The company
also updated its Web services development tools and announced a new SOA
development environment for the Macintosh. Coverage from SD Times.

5.0 JUnit Bug Fixed & Patched in 9 Days

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