NetBeans Weekly News
Issue #232 - Mar 21, 2006

NetBeans Weekly News, a newsletter for the NetBeans community
Issue #232 - Mar 21, 2006
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NetBeans Day San Francisco May 15th, 2006
Have you registered yet? Updated information is available...

Win the New NetBeans 5.0 Glyph T-shirt
Match glyphs representing the number five with the corresponding language
and have a chance at winning. For more information head on over to:

Project Matisse Learning Trail - Java GUI Easy & Good Looking
A full list of articles, guides and tutorials to creating Java graphical
user interfaces (GUIs) using Matisse, the NetBeans GUI builder.

Web Application Performance Profiling
This 10 minute Flash demo shows a simple example of how to use the
NetBeans Profiler to improve performance of a web application.
Contributed by Emanuel Hucka.

BPEL (Business Process Execution Language), Part 1
This article is for developers using the NetBeans Enterprise Pack 5.5
Preview Release. The first in a series, it explains BPEL basic concepts,
BPEL processes, and BPEL constructs. Includes a sample BPEL process.
Published on SDN (Sun Developer Network) site.

SDN Channel Features NetBeans
NetBeans is featured on the Sun Developer Network (SDN) Channel. Watch
interviews with Geertjan Wielenga, NetBeans Technical Writer, Sandip
"Plugin" Chitale, and Garrett Rooney, CollabNet Software Engineer.
"Subversive" announcement included.

NetBeans on Intel Macs
A free preview version of enterprise-class Java application development
tools for Apple's Mac OS X is now available. This new Universal
application, the NetBeans(TM) Enterprise Pack 5.5, enables developers to
quickly create advanced Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) applications
that run on both Power PC and Intel-based Macintosh systems.

Put NetBeans on a Napkin
Alex Lam has just announced that NapkinLAF 1.0 has been released and
that he has been working on testing NetBeans. "The Napkin Look & Feel
is a pluggable Java look and feel that looks like it was scrawled on
a napkin." For screenshots visit:
For setting netbeans.conf instructions to try it yourself go to:
Nice work Alex!

Why am I Using NetBeans?
Top Reason CTRL-K and CTRL-L.

The Power of Community
Tom Ball shares his opinions on the value that community involvement
holds in relation to the early access release of Jackpot.

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