NetBeans Weekly News
Issue #231 - Mar 14, 2006

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Issue #231 - Mar 14, 2006
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NetBeans 5.0 Performance Survey
If you are using NetBeans 5.0, please take a minute to fill out the
performance survey and help improve future releases.

Governance Board Elections Results
The NetBeans Board Elections closed Thursday, March 8 and the new
community elected board members are David Strupl and Rich Unger. The Sun
appointee will be announced later this week. NetBeans Board page:

NetBeans Mobility Day @ CTIA
Register now for the no cost NetBeans Mobility Day @ CTIA. The event
features making the most of NetBeans 5.0, an exclusive NetBeans Mobility
6.0 preview and features partners Nokia, Sprint and more!

NetBeans Meets BlueJ
The NetBeans community and the University of Kent announced the NetBeans
IDE/BlueJ Edition. This edition of NetBeans offers a seamless migration
path for students transitioning from educational tools to a full-
featured, professional IDE.
Read the full press release here:

NetBeans C/C++ Development Pack Preview (Milestone 2) Available
The Sun Studio IDE team, in conjunction with the NetBeans Core and
Mobility teams, would like to announce the milestone 2 installer of the
NetBeans C/C++ Development Pack for NetBeans 5.0. This preview build
provides basic C and C++ development using NetBeans.  The NetBeans C/C++
Development Pack is a set of add-on NetBeans modules providing basic
editing and building of C and C++ applications. For more information and
download follow here:

NetBeans Reshapes Refactoring - Jackpot Modules on Daily Update Center
Project Jackpot is the code name for a technology that enables developers
to make sweeping source file changes safely by combining the best of
refactoring and rules engines. Tom Ball has announced that it is now
available as a NetBeans project and available via the NetBeans Daily
(alpha) Update Center. Read the original post  to the nbdev mailing list.
Tor Norbye has a blog post entitled, "Refactoring Reloaded!" where he
provides a few screen shots a additional info.
Last but not least is the project Jackpot homepage on This
is where you can always stay current with the latest news, FAQs and also
join in and participate in the project. Enjoy!

Preview: NetBeans IDE 5.5 with NetBeans Enterprise Pack 5.5
This preview gives developers an early look at a collection of tools that
enable Java EE5 development and creation of Service Oriented Architecture
(SOA) applications. It is all here in a special one-time bundle integrated
with the NetBeans IDE 5.5 Preview: UML Modeling, Visual Design Tools for
SOA Architects, and Java EE 5 SDK Preview.

NetBeans Palette API Tutorial
This tutorial shows you how to use the Palette API and make a palette
available for your TopComponent. You will also learn how to create a
simple TopComponent using the wizard, how to display a status-bar
message and a dialog. But all these other things are just so that you'll
learn how to display a nice palette for your TopComponent, with icons,
localized text and drag-and-drop support.

NetBeans IDE Guide for JBuilder Users
If you have used JBuilder to develop Java applications in the past but
are looking to move to NetBeans IDE, you can easily get started. This
guide shows you how to import your JBuilder projects into NetBeans IDE,
and continue work on your projects.

Building Java GUIs with Matisse: A Gentle Introduction
Dick Wall has put together a new article on Matisse walking you through
the development of a small application. Check it out at

Wicket: Increasing Productivity Even Further
Geertjan and Petr are working on their BOF for JavaOne. They're going to
demonstrate how easy it is to provide support for your favorite web
framework in NetBeans IDE. Wicket is the framework they're concentrating
on. Have a look at their progress in Geertjan's blog:

NetBeans 5.0 Tip
Sometimes your package names may be really long. In the Projects window,
you get a horizontal scrollbar. Did you know you can truncate the display
of your packages in the Projects window? Read this thread to find out how.

Simple Example of WaitScreen Component
There is a WaitScreen Component in the Palette of the Mobility Pack when
you are working in a Visual Midlet. This component is available only for
MIDP 2.0 and Visual Midlet in MIDP 2.0. It is designed for the running of
longer tasks that can block UI in the background. Continue to Lukas's
blog entry...

A New Module for NetBeans
Masoud Kalali has a new module available which is a statistical CVS
Reporter. You can read more about it here:

NetBeans To Be Featured On Sun Developer Network
NetBeans will be featured as part of the SDN Channel promotion from
March 20/21 - April 25. The site will highlight NetBeans web pages, blogs
and articles, and will include interviews with Geertjan Wielenga, Sandip
"Plug-in" Chitale and Garrett Rooney of Subversion. Mark your calendar.

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