NetBeans Weekly News
Issue #228 - Feb 14, 2006

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Issue #228 - Feb 14, 2006
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[ANNOUNCE] NetBeans 5.5 Will Be the Next Release
Stay tuned to for more details on this developing story...

Governance Board Elections - Nominations Open
It's time again to elect a new NetBeans Governance Board! All the
information that you need to take part in the elections can be found here:

NetBeans 5.0 Makes 'Free' Look Good
Peter Coffee from eWeek has reviewed the latest 5.0 release. Take a look.

Sun's Developer Tools Strategy FAQ
Want to know more about all the different tools that are built on top of
the NetBeans IDE? Check out this interview that Gregg Sporar did with Bob
Brewin, Sun's Chief Architect for developer tools. Bob talks about the
different IDEs and the roadmap for the future.

NetBeans IDE 5.0 HTML Editor Tutorial
Maybe you're wondering what the NetBeans Platform is and how you can use
it. If so, let Jaroslav Tulach, one of the founding members of the
NetBeans team, shows you how easy it is to build your very own HTML editor
on top of the NetBeans Platform.

Featured Partner: Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.
Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of strategic data
management solutions that help companies to improve the availability,
integrity, accessibility, and security of corporate data.

GlassFish: Managing JAX-WS 2.0 Services with JMX
In a follow up entry to his previous blog
Jean-Francoic Denise responds to the interest from the aquarium community.
Take a few minutes to read these great entries.

Look and Feel Competition Winners
Thank you for sending in all those cool screenshots  lots of NetBeans
users have customized their IDE's Look & Feel. Check out the 33 best Swing
looks and see who won one of three iPod Nanos, 10 USB flash memory sticks
or 30 NetBeans T-Shirts!

NetBeans 5.0 Multi-Lingual Preview Builds Now Available
NetBeans Translated files project ( has
published the first development snapshot of NetBeans 5.0 multi-language
builds into download area. More information:

NetBeans WorldTour in India
About 950 visitors joined Tim and Sridar in India for a live demonstration
of NetBeans 5.0, the NetBeans Platform, and the NetBeans Mobility Pack.
Thank you to all fellow NetBeans community members for coming to Chennai 
check out this photo report!

Visual Studio User Tries Matisse
A skeptical Visual Studio user tries out GUI building with Matisse: Aviad
Ben Dov is a software designer and developer, working on enterprise
applications in both .NET and Java. He is a long time user of both Visual
Studio and IntelliJ IDEA.

[TIP] Switch from Mobility Pack 4.1 to 5.0
In a blog entry by Lukas Hasik he details what to expect when moving from
NetBeans Mobility Pack 4.1 to the new NetBeans 5.0 release.

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