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Issue #226 - Jan 25, 2006

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Issue #226 - Jan 25, 2006
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NetBeans 5.0 Release Candidate 2 Now Available
A second release candidate of NetBeans IDE 5.0, NetBeans Platform 5.0,
NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.0 and NetBeans Profiler 5.0 are now available.
Stay tuned for the official 5.0 launch which should be here next week!

AutoUpdate Survey Invitation
The NetBeans Platform team is looking for your experiences with the
AutoUpdate feature in NetBeans. Please take a minute to fill out the short
survey and help us to improve our AutoUpdate for future NetBeans releases.

NetBeans Day Bangkok, Thailand
The next NetBeans Day event will take place on January 26th at the Conrad
Hotel. For more information, agenda and abstracts continue here. Not stop
Chennai, India.

Promote Your NetBeans Plug-in
NetBeans 5.0 has not even officially launched yet and there are already
loads of useful plug-ins being build. This is definitely a testimonial of
how easy it has become to create new plug-ins in NetBeans 5.0. If you have
a plug-in that you would like to share with NetBeans users worldwide and
would like to list it on the website then head over to:

The FindBugs Plug-in for NetBeans
The plug-in provides a tight integration of the results of a findbugs run
with the NetBeans infrastructure. The UI is modeled after the refactoring
view from NetBeans.

NetBeans Update Center Module in HTML
Martin Adamek has written a NetBeans module for transforming Update
Center xml configuration file to html page. It might be useful for you if
you want to provide an html page listing and describing modules you are
providing in your own Update Center.

Accessing Derby Using JNDI
After reading my Derby Tutorial, a co-worker asked me about using JNDI to
access the Derby database. Here are the steps required to access Derby as
a resource configured in Tomcat 5.5.

Set Runtime Arguments Per Class!
You're developing an application and you have more than one main Java
class... you're testing them out... but then you discover: you can only
set arguments per project! Not per class! So all your main classes have to
use the same arguments! And you have to keep going into the Project
Properties dialog box to change the arguments! Aaaaargh. However, this is
no longer true, thanks to NetBeans user Iván Rivera Rodríguez. Now, either
in 4.1 or 5.0, you can set arguments per main Java class. For details, see
Geertjan's blog:

NetBeans Podcast Number 4
In this latest Podcast installment by Roumen Strobl he discusses NetBeans
5.0 RC2, Matisse Flash Tutorial, Sandip Chitale's blog, NetBeans Frappr!
Map, JMX Module going stable and a quick Q&A session. If you ever forget
the URL of Roman's blog and are looking for NetBeans Podcast you can now
subscribe to it via iTunes. Just go to the Podcast section and search for
NetBeans. Click on subscribe button next to Roumen's Weblog.

What Do NetBeans Users Look Like?
Roumen has in his blog a rolling stripe with faces of NetBeans users.
Join our Frappr! fun and add a node into the Google map with your face:

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