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Issue #224 - Jan 10, 2006

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Issue #224 - Jan 10, 2006
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All Aboard! Next Stop NetBeans WorldTour Bangkok, Thailand
If you are in Thailand and want to see the latest and greatest that NetBeans
has to offer come to Bangkok January 26, 2006. You can now register and take
a look at the agenda. In February the worldTour will continue in India and
Singapore. For full details visit:

Dynamic Bytecode Instrumentation
Profiling Java applications is often considered a black art. There are
tools available to help you track down performance bottlenecks and memory-
allocation problems, but they are not always easy to use, particularly when
profiling large applications. Because large applications tend to be those
that most need profiling, this presents a significant problem. Dynamic
bytecode instrumentation is an innovative solution to these problems. It
lets you control precisely which parts of an application are profiled.

Going Mobile: Developing with NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.0
Anyone who has written applications for mobile devices knows that mobile
development can be a long and tedious process. In this Net Talk Take 10,
Suzanne Nguyen and Matt Volpi examine the power and ease-of-use developers
will find in NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.0. Highlights include solutions for
device fragmentation and the new visual designer, with its drag and drop

Mobile Application Development: Can I Do It? (Part 1)
This article demonstrates how easy it is to get started in developing mobile
applications that can range from mobile phone games to solid business
applications. Marek Bialoglowy's blog uses NetBeans 4.1 and the accompanying
NetBeans Mobility Pack. Wait until you unleash the power of 5.0!

NetBeans Derby Demo
Derby is the open source database being developed as part of the Apache DB
Project. The Derby project does not develop any GUI tooling. However, some
engineers working on the Derby project have developed a plug-in for
NetBeans 5.0.

NetBeans with JBoss Setup
This guide describes the setup necessary to setup NetBeans IDE 5.0 work
with JBoss in preparation for developing EJBs and Web Services targeting the
JBoss runtime. Once you have completed the instructions in this setup guide
you will be able to create and consume EJBs and Web Services with the JBoss
application server through NetBeans IDE 5.0. This will also allow you to do
it all without doing any manual deployments to the JBoss application server.

Free 6-Week Java Intro Programming Online Bootcamp
A free "6-Week Java Intro Programming Online Bootcamp" course is about to
start from Jan. 16th, 2006. This bootcamp is for anyone who wants to learn
Java programming for the first time. In this course, students will learn how
to write, compile, and run Java programs. They will also learn essential
object oriented programming concepts such as inheritance and polymorphism. S
tudents will write and run the Java programs using both command line tools
and NetBeans IDE.

Opening Maven2 Projects Inside NetBeans 5 Beta 2
Edgar Silva has posted a blog that shows how easy it is to integrate Maven2
and NetBeans. Try it out for yourself!

NetBeans Podcast Number Two
Roman Strobl's second Podcast is now available. In no.2 he discusses an a
thread on Javalobby about the future of project Matisse, NetBeans Developer
Collaboration module, NetBeans Profiler, a way to win a t-shirt and Sang
Shin's online courses.

Fastest Web Service in the West
In a recent blog entry by Vince Kraemer he shows us two approaches to doing
Web Service development using GlassFish and NetBeans 5.0. The choice is yours.

NetBeans as a J2EE Teaching IDE
This recent blog describes the reasons why a college professor selected the
NetBeans IDE to teach his students J2EE programming.

Things I Like About NetBeans 5.0
This technical blog is by a 15 year old developer from Canada named Colin.
He talks about some of his favorite features in NetBeans 5.0 which include
Matisse and the new CVS support. Why don't you take the time and drop him
some words of encouragement for such a shiny entry!

Module Catalog Updates
There have been three recent module addictions/updates. They are: Explore
From Here, MagicDrawUML 10.5 and Code Template Tools. For more info go to:

Win an iPod Nano in the NetBeans Look and Feel Competition
Have you customised your NetBeans IDE Look & Feel? Share your customisation
and you could win one of three iPod Nanos, 10 USB flash memory sticks or 30
NetBeans T-Shirts! Don't know how? No problem there is documentation.

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