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Issue #223 - Jan 02, 2006

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Issue #223 - Jan 02, 2006
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Have a Productive NetBeans New Year! In 2006 you can expect the pace of innovation to increase with the most
anticipated release ever becoming available at the end of January. For those
who don't already know; NetBeans 5.0 introduces comprehensive support for
developing plug-ins and rich client applications based on the NetBeans
Platform, the new Matisse GUI Builder and much more. Read more about 5.0 at:

NetBeans Profiler for Optimized Java Application Run-Time Monitoring
NetBeans Profiler Milestone 11 provides tighter control during the
development process and supports Java SE 5 applications on leading platforms
including new support for Mac OSX.

NetBeans Podcast Number One
Roman has created his first Podcast about NetBeans. The 10 minute talk
includes NetBeans look and feel competition, using Matisse in NetBeans
Platform, 5.0 update and the upcoming NetBeans WorldTour.

Four New NetBeans Community Flash Demos
The NetBeans community is busy creating demos and sharing their knowledge
with other NetBeans users. These include: Using Persistence in Building An
Address Book, Developer Collaboration in NetBeans 5.0 Beta 2, Reusing
Custom GUI Components Using Palette and Tips for GUI Building. For links to
these and many more NetBeans 4.1 and 5.0 pre-release demos head on over to:

Matisse Generated UI Integrated with NetBeans as a Plug-in
Project Matisse, NetBeans Plug-ins and Rich Client Platforms are hot topics
right now and in Charlie Hunt's blog he shows how to integrate a NetBeans
Matisse generated user interface into NetBeans as a NetBeans plug-in. Sweet!

Subversion-NetBeans IDE Integration Project
I plan to start Subversion-NetBeans IDE integration project. The goal is to
cover daily SVN version control tasks as with CVS-NetBeans 5.0 IDE
integration implementation. Want to get involved? More information will be
available shortly at but for now you can browse the
available thread:

Meet NetBeans Module Writer Masoud Kalali
In this interview, NetBeans module writer Masoud Kalali discusses his
involvement with the NetBeans community, his Gmail Checker module, and his
predictions for NetBeans 5.0.

Start Writing Apps for Tivo in NetBeans; Updates for HME 1.4
This is an update to a blog entry by Tim Boudreau posted in February 2005.
If you are writing applications for Tivo be sure to check this out.

J2ME MIDP RSS Reader Application Republished
A submission from the NetBeans content drive early in 2005 by Tommi
Laukkanen has been published by Telefónica in Spain to their website
MovilForum. To view this submission and others visit:

Win an iPod Nano in the NetBeans Look and Feel Competition
Have you customised your NetBeans IDE Look & Feel? Share your customisation
and you could win one of three iPod Nanos, 10 USB flash memory sticks or 30
NetBeans T-Shirts! Don't know how? No problem there is documentation.

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