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Issue #221 - Dec 12, 2005

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Issue #221 - Dec 12, 2005
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NetBeans at JavaPolis 2005
Join the NetBeans Team at JavaPolis, Europe's leading Java technology developers
conference. This year's event continues through December 16th.

NetBeans Goes WorldWide Baby
On the heels of news that Java is surpassing C and C++ for use in many open source
projects, Sun Microsystems Inc. Tuesday announced a broad-based program to distribute
NetBeans open source Java development platform to developers throughout the world.

Interview with the Authors of Matisse
Roman Strobl interviewed Tomas Pavek (NetBeans developer) and Scott Violet (Swing
developer), the main authors of project Matisse. You can find out more about project
Matisse's background and its future plans in the interview. Take a look at the links
on Roman's Blog and share your opinions in the comments section:

Creating NetBeans Plug-ins, by Edgar Silva
Edgar Silva who has put together a nice little flash demo illustrating how easy it
is to create a NetBeans plug-in. Edgar uses Matisse to create a simple timesheet user
interface and incorporates that into NetBeans as a plug-in. You catch the demo here.

Blackberry Development Using NetBeans Mobility
With the RIM Blackberry JDE 4.1, you can now build Java ME applications for
Blackberry devices using the NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.0. In this article, NetBeans
Evangelist Matt Volpi gives you step-by-step instructions on how to get started.

eBay Developer Challenge 2006
Enter your innovative application in the eBay Developer Challenge 2006. You could
win $5,000 or many other great prizes.
Use Brain Leonard's recently updated, "Using NetBeans to Develop with the eBay SDK
for Java" tutorial demonstrating how to get up and running with the eBay SDK for
Java. By using NetBeans 4.1 to develop your eBay applications, you'll have the
added productivity of code completion, Javadoc help, code compilation, execution
and debugging all from inside the NetBeans IDE.

JOnAS Plug-in for NetBeans IDE
NetBeans IDE 5.0 will support a bunch of servers right out-of-the-box. But, if
there's a server that it doesn't support, there's a tutorial to guide you in
developing support for your favorite server. Manfred Riem, for example, started work
on support for the JOnAS server. Read about it here (and consider contributing to
this plug-in or beginning to create your own):

New Blog by Martin Adamek
There is a new Blog about Java Persistence API containing technical tutorials. Check
it out as it is well worth the visit.

NetBeans Collaboration Using Morse Code
There has been an increasing amount of chatter concerning the integration or plug-in
collaboration tools in NetBeans that allow developers to work together in real-time
regardless of location. The Blogger considers high speed Morse code can be used to
make developer team members aware of project events of interest. Read on at

JA-SIG Conference
Within the higher education developer community there is interest in Sun's decision
to make all of its software freely available.  Read this report about the recent
JA-SIG conference, which includes Gregg Sporar's description of some new features in
the NetBeans IDE.

MagicDraw UML 10.5 Updated Integration with NetBeans and Improved GUI
This new version delivers GUI improvements that increase the convenience and
flexibility of working with MagicDraw UML. To reflect the changes in NetBeans IDE 4.X
No Magic has updated the seamless integration with NetBeans IDE. This update allows
the most standard compliant UML tool on the market to be used by the users of the
latest NetBeans version.

NetBeans NetBeans Module - Buildap
Buildap (aka VSCB) is a visual software design and component-based development tool.
It provides an application development framework and component libraries to build
web based, distributed as well as standalone applications. Support event based
architectures. Buildap works with NetBeans IDE 4.x.

Updated NetBeans Module - YourKit Java Profiler
YourKit has developed a new approach to profiling of applications on development and
production stages, bringing unparalleled benefits to professional Java developers,
on all platforms: Windows, Linux, Solaris SPARC/Intel, Mac OS X. Features: Powerful
analysis capabilities, On-demand profiling, Free embedding into production, J2EE
support, Java 5.0 support, Quick and easy installation, J2ME support, User-
friendliness and usability, Flexible licensing policy. YourKit Java Profiler has
been updated to work with NetBeans IDE 5.0.

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