NetBeans Weekly News
Issue #214 - Oct 18, 2005

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Issue #214 - Oct 18, 2005
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New: Goolge Toolbar in NetBeans
In his blog <,>
Ludo announced that the plug-in module tools provided by NetBeans IDE 5.0 allowed him
to create a Google toolbar for NetBeans in only 16 minutes. Not much later, Geertjan
announced <>
a new quick start guide that explains how Ludo did it. Go ahead -- time yourself. Maybe
you can make the Google toolbar even faster than Ludo...

NetBeans Rich Client Platform: A New Tutorial
Via Charles Ditzel - <>
Tim Boudreau has written a new tutorial on building a NetBeans RCP application
demonstrating: creating a Module/plug-in Suite, implementing the module, define actions,
menu items and Toolbar buttons, perform branding actions (Icons, Splash Screen),
removing any unneeded modules and create a distribution. Tutorial can be found here:

Case Study: 1SYNC and NetBeans
1SYNC used NetBeans to develop a programmatic, machine-to-machine, Web services-based
interface to the UMA, enabling subscribers and partners to make changes to user records
using their in-house systems. Read the full case study on

Learn Java and NetBeans - New Book : Simply Java
This book does not overwhelm new users with too many things and more importantly it
allows new users to learn Java and NetBeans at the same time thus making the IDE a
natural part of the developing software. Simply Java makes use of the latest version of
Java (5.0), NetBeans IDE (4.1) and includes a CD and all the source and figures from the
book. More information is available at

NetBeans IDE Tips and Tricks
There is a new page on that is used to gather links to useful tips & tricks
created by people working on NetBeans and by the NetBeans community. If you know about an
interesting and short article which helps users achieve some goal in the IDE, please add
a link here. Links should be divided into categories, if the your category doesn't exist,
just create it.

NetBeans 5.0 Flash Tutorials in French
Vincent Brabant is a NetBeans Board Member, leads the localization of the NetBeans IDE
in French, and supports the French speaking members of NetBeans through the mail lists
and localization of content and news. He is a strong advocate promoting NetBeans and
Java. is very lucky to have such a strong and creative advocate. Vincent
just released four new Flash tutorials for the French NetBeans community.

Interview with NetBeans Board Member Rich Unger
In his interview with the website, NetBeans Board Member Rich Unger
talks about NetBeans 5.0, NetBeans Profiler and the changing Java IDE market. He shares
his views on plug-in development for the NetBeans platform and on Eclipse. He also
elaborates on why he thinks the field is wide open for client frameworks for desktop
java apps and how it could come down to Swing versus SWT. Rich is a current member of the
NetBeans Governance Board and has been a contributor to NetBeans for several years. He
was honored at this year's NetBeans Software Day for his valuable contribution to the
NetBeans platform.

Using NetBeans with the JBoss Getting Started Guide
Interested in using the NetBeans IDE to develop applications for the JBoss application
server? This article will show you how - it is intended as a comparison to this online
JBoss document Getting Started with JBoss 4.0:
Using an existing JBoss application it shows how to create a project and then use the
IDE to browse, build, deploy, and debug.

Create Your Own Refactoring Feature. Now!
Do you want to contribute to the NetBeans IDE? Join the Refactoring Team and create your
own refactoring feature. For details visit.

Tackle Device Fragmentation with NetBeans and the NetBeans Mobility Pack
Building J2ME applications with a single code base that deploys to an ever-growing set
of platforms is a tough and maybe impossible task. Find out how using Sun's NetBeans
IDE with the NetBeans Mobility Pack can help.

NetBeans PMD Plug-in v1.3 Released
Radim Kubacki has released v1.3 of the NetBeans plugin; it now works with NetBeans 5.0,
has several specific NetBeans rules, and includes an upgrade to PMD 3.3. You can get
it here:

Beta Update for NetBeans JMX Module
The JMX team have announced a beta update of the existing NetBeans module for JMX
technology. It is downloadable from the 4.0, 4.1 and 5.0 Beta update centers.

Kalideoscope Visual Editor for NetBeans IDE
Xoetrope launches XUI 2.0, and ships with KalIDEoscope, a brand new NetBeans plug-in
that allows visual construction of rich-client applications. With it you can lay out
your applications and debug them using the full power of the NetBeans IDE.

NetBeans worldTour - Next Stop JavaOne Japan
Discover the power of Java technology and NetBeans at JavaOne Tokyo, November 8th -
10th. More details about NetBeans presence will be available shortly but go ahead and
get yourself registered today!

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