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Issue #203 - Jun 24, 2005

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Issue #203 - Jun 24, 2005
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Jonathan Schwartz, chief operating officer of Sun Microsystems will be
making a guest appearance at NetBeans Day, a FREE event at the Argent Hotel
(you don't have to be registered for Java One to attend). Join James Gosling,
Graham Hamilton, Rick Ross, Hideya Kawahara and other luminaries at the
Second Annual NetBeans Software Day on Sunday June 26, as we jump-start the
2005 JavaOne Conference and unveil a new technology. It's free - no
registration required.

The first 300 attendees at NetBeans Day will receive a free copy of the just
published NetBeans Field Guide in addition to other prizes including: NetBeans
USB Memory Stick and special edition T-shirt. There will also be five JavaOne
passes will be raffled off.

If you are attending JavaOne 2005 you can view the NetBeans activities here:

Q-Build Candidate For Next NetBeans IDE Development Version
What's new is this Q-Build?
  * New code completion
  * Improved DTD and schema registration
  * Code completion in XML schema document including JAXB tags
  * XML indentation improvements
  * Background scanning
For a more detailed list visit:
  * <>
Download Q-Build:
  * <>

Q-Build of NetBeans Mobility Pack
What's new in this Q-Build?
  * Wireless Connection Wizard improvements
  * Preprocessor enhancement
  * Platform (emulator) installation is smarter
  * Automatic generation of configuation templates
  * Automatic detection of abilities
  * SonyEricsson deployment
For a more detailed list visit:
  * <>
Download Mobility Pack Q-Build:
  * <>

Announcing Project Glassfish
GlassFish is a gathering place for developers who wish to participate in the
community development of the latest version of Sun's Java System Application
Server PE 9. This project provides a structured process for developing a
better quality application server platform that makes the new features of J2EE
5 available faster than ever before while maintaining the most important
feature of J2EE - compatibility. It is the response to Java developers who
want access to the source code and want to contribute to the development of
Sun's next generation application server.

NetBeans Governance Board Elections - Nominations Open
It's time again to elect a new NetBeans Governance Board! The current
nominations and the actual voting results can also be followed on the website: <>.
The nomination & voting schedule as follows:
  * June 23 - July 06:  Two-week nomination period
  * July 07 - July 20:  Two-week official polling period
  * July 21, 2004:  New Board to be announced to community
Nominations should happen on the 
mailing list. A subscription to the list is required to post. Alternatively
you may send your nomination using our contact form
<> however nbdiscuss is the
preferred channel as it is more open and the traffic is a relatively low. More
information can be found at:
  * NetBeans Election Process - <>
  * NetBeans Governance - <>
  * NetBeans Board Pages - <>

Chat Transcript: Deep Dive on NetBeans Mobility Pack 4.1
The transcript of the web chat held on June 02, 2005 featuring special guests:
Sigal Duek, Petr Suchomel, David Kaspar, Adam Sotona and Matt Volpi is now 

HiT Software Releases Allora 4.1
HiT Software launched a new new release of Allora, its SQL middleware
product for moving data between XML and major relational database formats,
including DB2/400. Version 4.1 has added a multiple SELECT feature that lets
users perform multiple SQL queries that are then joined in real time using
XSL. HiT Software says the product previously was able to handle complex
database-to-XML transformations with a single SQL query, but there are cases
where the single SQL query approach is not ideal. The new multiple SELECT
feature will also enable users to keep their complete database structures,
including data table relationships and constraints, in XML, which will be
useful for database migrations. Other enhancements in Allora 4.1 include
support for namespace definitions, complex database expressions, NetBeans
IDE 4.1, and stored procedures in Oracle databases.

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