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Issue #201 - Jun 09, 2005

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Issue #201 - Jun 09, 2005
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Register Today for the FREE NetBeans Software Day Event In San Francisco
You don't need to be attending JavaOne to attend NetBeans Day. Stay tuned for
more high profiler guest speakers. Don't pass up this great opportunity!

If you are attending JavaOne 2005 you can view the NetBeans activities here:

Get Blown Away by the New NetBeans GUI Builder! Developing a graphical user
interface (GUI) used to be a tricky part of Java programming. Developers old
and new to Swing often spend countless frustrating hours poring over layout
code. Even with the help of advanced GUI builders such as the NetBeans IDE 4.1
Form Editor, designing professional-looking, cross- platform GUIs can be a
tedious and error-prone task. The next release of NetBeans IDE will resolve
all these issues, because a vastly improved GUI Builder will be included. If
you want to get blown away by a preview of the new GUI Builder, try out Roman
Strobl's interactive demo on JavaLobby:

Interview with NetBeans Director of Engineering
The ServerSide has a really interesting interview with Tim Cramer, the director
of engineering for NetBeans. He answers questions such as: "How many people are
using NetBeans today?" and "How would you differentiate NetBeans from Eclipse?"
Read all about it right here:

Switching to NetBeans
There continue to be signs that an increasing number of developers are switching
to NetBeans. One recent convert is Li Haijun, who motivates his decision and
provides some resources in his blog. Click here to see for yourself:

JMX and NetBeans IDE 4.1
The JMX specification defines an architecture, the design patterns, the APIs, and
the services for application and network management and monitoring in the Java
programming language. To find out about this technology in general, go here:
Recently a JMX-NetBeans module was released. You can find it in the Update Center.
To get everything up and running quickly and smoothly, read the new "Getting Started
with the New JMX NetBeans Module" here:

Thinlet Support for NetBeans
Thinlet simplifies development by letting you define your application's GUI in an XML
file. Did you know that you can use the Update Center to very easily integrate Thinlet
support in NetBeans IDE? If not, go here to find out all about it:

Building Secure Enterprise Beans in NetBeans IDE
NetBeans IDE 4.1 does not contain support for the security features of the enterprise
tier. This means that the deployment descriptor visual editors for enterprise
applications do not contain fields to automatically configure security settings. These
features are coming in future releases, but in the meantime you have to configure the
deployment descriptors by hand. This is really not as complicated as it seems. Find out
more about it here: <>

Breaking Through the Firewall
Want to use web services, but finding yourself stuck behind a firewall? Let NetBeans
evangelist Gregg Sporar help you out. He's blogged about this issue because he stumbled
across it himself. Go here to find out more:

Java Hints Module
Roman Strobl provides some interesting information and screenshots about the new Java
hints module here: <>. The module is
available from the Update Center and if you want to know the development status and plans
in this area, go here: <>

Make your Mobile Phone More Interesting!
Are you bored with only text displayed on your phone. Why not show an icon with your
midlets? You can add an icon to MIDlet suite and even to every MIDlet in suite. Let Lukas
Hasik tell you all about it here:

Many Servers Supported in NetBeans IDE 4.1... Which One to Choose?
Now that open-source plug-ins are available for the Sun Java System Application Server,
JBoss, WebLogic, Tomcat, and WebSphere, you might be a bit overwhelmed. For example, how do
you decide which one should you use? Hmmm... why not ALL of them? Using Ant from NetBeans
IDE 4.x, you can smoothly manage deployment without a hitch. On top of that, by being able
to deploy to multiple J2EE 1.4 compliant servers, you can easily check whether your
application is J2EE 1.4 compliant. Read Geertjan's blog for details:

More NetBeans Bloggers!
NetBeans-related blogs just are really beginning to mushroom. Recently two new bloggers joined
the frey: Technical writer John Jullion-Ceccarelli <> and quality
engineer Lubomir Cincura <>. Check out their blogs and learn from
their experience -- don't hesitate to ask questions, that's what it's all about. Are there
other NetBeans bloggers that haven't been mentioned in the NetBeans Weekly Newsletter? Write
and let us know!

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