NetBeans Weekly News
Issue #200 - May 17, 2005

NetBeans Weekly News, a newsletter for the NetBeans community
Issue #200 - May 17, 2005
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This is the 200th issue of the NetBeans Weekly Newsletter! Awesome!
Many people write to NetBeans asking how they can contribute to the Project. Well here is your chance. If everybody on this mailing
list votes for NetBeans we will pull ahead of the competition and take our
rightful place in the spotlight. Get out and vote and bring some friends
with you!

NetBeans Software Day at JavaOne 2005 Conference
NetBeans Software Day is FREE. You do not have to be registered for JavaOne
to attend. For more information please visit:

Server Plug-ins Project with Support for JBoss, WebLogic and WebSphere
A new project, which aims to provide support for deployment of J2EE
applications to JBoss, BEA WebLogic and IBM WebSphere servers, was started.
Initial sources for three new server plugins were uploaded to the
source repository. For information on how to build and try out the server
plugins, see the project home page at:

Plug JBoss, WebLogic, and WebSphere into NetBeans IDE 4.1
Now that JBoss 4, WebLogic 9, and WebSphere 6 can be installed in the IDE as
plug-ins (<> ) you might be wondering what the
Runtime window looks like when all the IDE's supported servers are registered
at the same time. It's definitely a colorful picture! Click here to see for

You Want More Refactorings?
... here they come! The refactoring team is working on many experimental
refactorings at the moment. You can download them from the development update
center of 5.0. You can try these features out and file bugs, send
recommendations, etc. They're not for production use yet - no quality is
guaranteed at them moment (it's the bleeding edge development).

Building NetBeans Modules for the Complete and Utter Idiot
Bill Beebe with the help of Charlie Hunt and Geertjan Wielenga has come up
with a process as well as a series of steps for creating the NetBeans Module
and for doing something with it after building the module. What follows is a
distillation of that entire process. Take a look at Bill's Newbee NetBeans
Module Creation entry:

SDE 2.1 for NetBeans 4.1 Released
Visual Paradigm has announced the release of Smart Development Environment
2.1 for NetBeans (SDE-NB), a full featured NetBeans UML plugin that provides
the industry's full round-trip code generation and code reverse engineering
support for Java in a unified modeling environment with NetBeans. The latest
release of SDE-NB features numerous new features and enhancement over the
previous version, such as Object Relational Mapping (ORM), Entity
Relationship Diagram (ERD), more extensive UML 2.0 coverage, enhanced
Sequence Diagram and new freehand connector style (curve).

DB Visual Architect 1.0 for NetBeans 4.1
DB Visual Architect for NetBeans (DBVA-NB) is a full featured, cross-platform
Object Relational Mapping (ORM) plugin for NetBeans. It supports forward and
reverse engineering between Class Diagram/ERD and existing database(s). It
can also generate persistent Java objects correspond to a database, the Java
objects enable you to manipulate database in a lightweight manner. Besides, it
provides engineering support. You can create Class Diagrams in NetBeans and
generate Java code from UML model, or reverse engineer Java code to Class
Diagrams. <>

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