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Issue #188 - Jan 18, 2005

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Issue #188 - Jan 18, 2005
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Win an iPod Competition
The deadline for the Win an iPod competition has been extended by 1 week,
until the 31st of January. Winners will be announced February 7th.
Get your entries in now!

NetBeans Profiler Beta (Milestone 4) Released
The Profiler is an add-on to NetBeans 4.1, 4.0 or 3.6, and adds a fully
featured CPU, memory and threads profiling capabilities, tightly
integrated into the IDE workflow. What's new in the Beta (Milestone 4)
* configurable filters for CPU instrumentation, allowing to further
  reduce the profiling overhead based on package names
* configurable filters for displaying results, which allow much easier
  evaluation of the profiling results by focusing on specific packages,
  classes or methods
* enhanced integration with NetBeans 4.0 and 4.1, providing direct
  support for J2SE and Freeform project types and easier integration
  with other project types via custom profiling Ant tasks
* (as always) large number of bug fixes
to download or get more information.

PMD Plug-in for NetBeans IDE 4.0
A new version of the PMD plugin that is working with NetBeans IDE 4.0
and bundles latest available version of PMD tools is available. PMD is
a tool that scans Java source code and looks for potential problems.
The plugin allows to run it from the IDE and hyperlinks produced output.

Ant Debugger Module Released
NetBeans Ant Debugger is intended to facilitate finding and fixing bugs
in Ant scripts. This tool could be usefully for wide range of users,
from beginners just starting to learn Ant framework to advanced
developers who work with complex scripts on a daily basis. Ant Debugger
makes it easy to see how Ant targets and tasks are structured and
executed - including interdependencies, i.e. what is called from which
place. It allows to see Ant properties and to easily put breakpoints on
property definitions. A user then can step through scripts, watch
properties, skip targets, and put breakpoints on interesting places..
Current version of Ant debugger is available on Developer Update Center.

NetBeans: Quickly navigate Java source & Properties files
Quickly navigate your Java source and Properties files in NetBeans 4.0
with Javagator and Propagator by downloading the Navigator, Javagator
and Propagator modules using the NetBeans 4.0 Update Center.

Deleting an EJB
Over on the nbj2EE mailing list a user inquires, "What is the philosophy
behind the current partial deletion of EJB?"

NetBeans Governance Board Update
Tim Boudreau gets the nod from Sun Microsystems as he is appointed as
the Sun representative on the NetBeans Governance Board for a second term.

Upcoming Web Chat: Solving the Device Fragmentation Problem
The upcoming chat will take place Wednesday, January 26, 2005 at 9:00
PST/17:00 UCT and feature the following speakers: Greg Crawley, Adam
Sotona, and David Kaspar. Introducing the only mobility development
tool with built-in features to help you quickly and easily solve device
fragmentation problems - NetBeans Mobility Pack 4.0. Register today:

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