Notable NetBeans News - Interviews


Nebrass Lamouchi, in Paris, France, discusses his favorite NetBeans features, Maven, Java EE, HTML5, JavaScript, Java 8, and the Java debugger.
Max Calderoni from VMware shares the top features that have convinced him to use and promote NetBeans IDE to his colleagues!
NetBeans guru Tim Boudreau shares a few helpful but little-known tips to help speed up your work with NetBeans!
Software developer and blogger Michael Müller discusses his new book, a practical guide for Java developers to enhance their web development skills and featuring NetBeans IDE.
An article series about NetBeans users and their favorite features in the IDE. Ben Evans, Java Champion, JavaOne Rockstar, and organizer of London JUG.
John Brock (Oracle) discusses his recent book about enterprise development with Java EE, HTML5 and NetBeans IDE; co-authored with Arun Gupta (Red Hat) and Geertjan Wielenga (Oracle).
An article series about NetBeans users and their favorite features in the IDE. Joachim Arrasz, a developer and one of the founders of Synyx, a software development company in Germany.
An article series about NetBeans users and their favorite features in the IDE. Maciej Puchalski, a student at the Polish University of Białystok.
An article series about NetBeans users and their favorite features in the IDE. Thomas Kruse, co-leader of the Munster JUG.
Senior Group Manager Ashwin Rao discusses how NetBeans's satisfaction surveys benefit the community. Ken Fogel of the popular "NetBeans in the Classroom" series explains why NetBeans is an ideal teaching tool.
An article series about NetBeans users and their favorite features in the IDE. Zoran Sevarac, Kirk Pepperdine, and other NetBeans Dream Team members share their favorite NetBeans features.
An article series about NetBeans users and their favorite features in the IDE. Jesus Garcia Quinones, a Java programmer and Development Project Leader in Mexico.
An article series about NetBeans users and their favorite features in the IDE. Moses Khazalwa, a Computer Science student at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology in Kenya.
An article series focusing on NetBeans users and their five favorite NetBeans IDE features. Five members of the development team at Anahata IT, and Australian software development company.
Software developer and programming instructor Ralph Steyer discusses the release of his new online course about NetBeans IDE 8.
An article series about NetBeans users and their favorite features in the IDE. Edwin Lopez, a software engineer from Medellín, Colombia.
An article series focusing on NetBeans users and their five favorite NetBeans IDE features. Paul Garcia, a student and senior MEAN stack developer in New York.
Oracle technology evangelists Terrence Barr and Simon Ritter discuss all things Java Embedded--SE, ME, MOOCs, and more. Find out why the Japanese translation of Jaroslav Tulach's API Design book is good news for anyone interested in API design.
An article series about NetBeans users and their favorite features in the IDE. Enrico Scantamburlo, Java developer at Streamsim Technologies.
An article series focusing on NetBeans users and their five favorite NetBeans IDE features. Tushar Joshi, Software Architect, instructor, and founder of NetBeans User Group Nagpur.
Chris Tonas, Vice President of Mobility and Application Development Tools at Oracle, discusses how NetBeans fits into the future of software development and tooling at Oracle.
Computer programming instructor Ken Fogel outlines how the NetBeans IDE's straight-forward installation process gets new programming students up and running without difficulty.
An article series about NetBeans users and their favorite features in the IDE. David Salter, enterprise software developer and author: Building SOA-Based Composite Applications Using NetBeans 6; Seam 2.x Web Development.
An article series focusing on NetBeans users and their five favorite NetBeans IDE features. Arthur Buliva, PHP and Drupal developer from Kenya.
Salhadin Yousuf Mahmoud discusses how paper-based financial systems in Eritrea are being replaced by software systems created with NetBeans IDE and the NetBeans Platform.
An article series focusing on NetBeans users and their five favorite NetBeans IDE features. Robert Liguori, author of the Java 8 Pocket Guide and certification guides on Java and NetBeans IDE.
An article series focusing on NetBeans users and their five favorite NetBeans IDE features. Sophia Matarazzo, Java developer at IDRSolutions, the UK-based team behind Java PDF Library and related products.
An article series focusing on NetBeans users and their five favorite NetBeans IDE features. Emil Stoyanov, co-founder of Forschung-Direkt, a software development company based in Bulgaria.
An overview of what NetBeans partners and users are looking forward to in NetBeans IDE 8!
An article series focusing on NetBeans users and their five favorite NetBeans IDE features. Djamel Torche, a software development engineer for BPM applications, and developer for ITHRY Technologies.
An article series focusing on NetBeans users and their five favorite NetBeans IDE features. Matia Zanella, Managing Director and Systems Engineering Director at Storm Interactive Technologies.
An article series focusing on NetBeans users and their five favorite NetBeans IDE features. Scott Palmer, an Application Architect at Digital Rapids Corp.
Podcast Guests: Brett Ryan (John Sands), Andreas Stefik (University of Nevada), Petr Pisl (NetBeans)
An article series focusing on NetBeans users and their five favorite NetBeans IDE features. Mark Wilmoth, an active NetBeans IDE Tester, Java Programming Enthusiast, and Barbecue Aficionado.
An article series focusing on NetBeans users and their five favorite NetBeans IDE features. Lou Dasaro, Chicago-based software developer, NetCAT 8.0 JavaFX tribe leader, and organizer of the Chicago JavaFX User Group.
Hermien Pellissier and Anton Epple, community-elected members of the 20th NetBeans Governance Board, sum up their year-long term.
A new article series on NetBeans Zone looks at how and why computer science instructors worldwide are using the NetBeans IDE to teach programming.
An article series focusing on NetBeans users and their five favorite NetBeans IDE features. David Heffelfinger, Chief Technology Officer of Ensode Technology, LLC, a software consulting firm.
An article series focusing on NetBeans users and their five favorite NetBeans IDE features. Mark Stephens, Systems architect at IDRsolutions--the team behind Java PDF library and PDF to HTML5 and SVG converters.
A new series focusing on NetBeans users and their five favorite NetBeans IDE features. Ciprian Turcu is a 26 year old Web designer & Web Developer from Romania.
Podcast guests David Strupl, Mark Stephens (IDR Solutions), and John "JB" Brock cover the IDE's support for JDK 8 and HTML5.
James Gosling stops by NetBeans Community Day at JavaOne 2013 and shares his thoughts about the IDE.
Six-time author David Heffelfinger ventures into new territory with a video course about Java EE development and NetBeans 7. Find out how Heffelfinger uses the new course to demonstrates the latest Java EE technologies and APIs supported by NetBeans IDE.
Find out how NetBeans Community members plan to spend their time at JavaOne 2013--talks they will present, sessions on their to-see list, and their tips for getting the most out of the conference.
Get the early buzz on the hot sessions at JavaOne 2013 with guests Shai Almog (CodeName One), Attila Kelemen (Gradle), Toni Epple (Eppleton) and John Yeary (GreenJUG).
A game engine for developing 3D Java games, jMonkeyEngine comes bundled with an SDK built on the NetBeans Platform. jMonkeyEngine team member Ruth Kusterer discusses the new jMonkeyEngine 3.0 guide book.
Quorum is a research-backed, general purpose, programming language that is easy to understand and to use. Project lead and NetBeans Dream Team member Andreas Stefik discusses the recent update release of Quorum 2.0.
An IDC Research report offers an analysis of NetBeans IDE 7.3 and its latest features.
Developers at the University of Belgrade's Open-Source Center launch a project to develop a NetBeans UML Plugin. Project lead Zoran Sevarac talks about the plugin's development and roadmap.
Anton Arhipov from JRebel and Dmitry Sotnikov from Jelastic join the podcast to discuss their NetBeans plugins, and webmaster Jan Pirek gives a NetBeans Plugin Portal update.
Anthony Goubard, a freelance Java developer, builds and launches a basic open source office suite on the NetBeans Platform in just 30 days.
Podcast Guests: NetBeans senior engineer David Konecny on HTML5 support in NetBeans 7.3; Tushar Joshi and Easy Flow Chart, an open source project using NetBeans' HTML5 support; and a new NetBeans IDE ebook by author Atul Palandurkar.
NetBeans Dream Team and Governance Board member Hermien Pellissier launches a new interview series focused on the NetBeans team. First profilee: NetBeans Community Manager Jiri Kovalsky.
Two new dark color themes are added to the NetBeans IDE workspace.
Explore Java EE technology with renowned expert Adam Bien as your guide in his unique workshop series: Air Hacks. In this interview, Bien discusses how the interactive, all-coding workshops came to be and what developers can expect to gain from the series.
Podcast Guests: Petr Jiricka on HTML5 support in NetBeans 7.3 and the new NetBeans Web Client Blog; new governance board appointees Hermien Pellissier & Toni Epple; Java EE workshops with Adam Bien; and a new NetBeans PHP book by author M A Hossain Tonu.
Michael Müller, a developer in Germany, who blogs, codes, thinks, and ping pongs with NetBeans IDE!
Ann Maybury is 75 and has been involved in all phases of software production for over 50 years. The interview focuses on her computing history and usage of NetBeans IDE and the NetBeans Platform.
NetBeans had a great showing at JavaOne 2012--from the lineup at NetBeans Community Day to the numerous BOFs, Labs, and sessions at the main conference. Tune in to hear community members share their experience, and get inspired to attend next year!
Douglas Maxwell, a Java software consultant in Scotland, continues the NetBeans-Gradle series with his experience of using the IDE's plugin for Gradle.
The NetBeans Governance Board arbitrates little, but scores other big wins for the NetBeans Community. A look at what members of Board #19 have accomplished in their term.
For avid NetBeans IDE fan Martin Steffen, the NetBeans Gradle plugin provides all that he needs for Gradle web application development.
With performance improvements and many new features in the Java Editor and other areas, NetBeans IDE 7.2 is the IDE to use for a faster and smoother coding experience.
Blogger Dustin Marx demonstrates how NetBeans IDE 7.2 helps developers new to TestNG get started with the test framework that is an alternative to JUnit.
Software architect Petter Holmstrom works on the Vaadin framework and in this article explains the benefits of the framework and why he uses the NetBeans IDE for Vaadin application development.
A long-time Eclipse user gives NetBeans IDE 7.2 Beta a try and concludes: "I liked NetBeans 7.2 enough that I will keep using it for a while longer."
Developer and blogger Dustin Marx shares a few tips and tricks that he finds useful, as well as others compiled by NetBeans users and developers around the blogosphere.
Get the scoop on new development work in Groovy support. Find out why NetBeans is the preferred IDE for the technical publishing house Murach & Associates. And how did Jarda Tulach and the Netbinox project fare at OSGiCon? Tune in for all this and catch up on other NetBeans news.
Micheal Nguyen, a Vietnamese developer, on why and how he launched an open-source project to translate the NetBeans IDE for Vietnamese-speaking developers.
A tour of the main Java EE 6 specifications and how the the NetBeans IDE provides the tools, templates, and code generators to support Java EE 6.
The latest Java title from technical publisher Mike Murach & Associates makes extensive use of the NetBeans IDE. Author Joel Murach explains why the IDE makes for a great teaching tool.
Matthias Bläsing, a programmer in Germany, favors a DIY approach when he encounters issues in the NetBeans IDE that get in the way: Submitting patches.
Looking to create a desktop application to support his research work, molecular biologist Bob Rutledge dives into the NetBeans Platform and as a novice developer finds it easy and powerful to use.
A look at how and why the NetBeans IDE is a great tool for learning about the ins and outs of the Java EE 6 Platform.
In this episode, meet John Yeary, JavaEE evangelist, blogger, JUG leader, and one of four new members to the NetBeans Dream Team. Find out what's new in Project Scanning, and how Bode Miller relates to better API design.
IT firm Infotech uses the NetBeans Platform to build specialized enterprise application systems for the banking automation industry.
Microchip's multiple award-winning MPLAB X IDE is based on the NetBeans Platform. In this Dzone article, product manager Vincent Sheard talks about the benefits gained from using NetBean technology.
The spotlight is on the latest NetBeans IDE release: 7.1, with its support for JavaFX 2.0, CSS3, new visual debugging tools for Swing and JavaFX UIs, Git integration and more.
Built on the NetBeans Platform, KLISS is an end-to-end solution for all the IT needs of the Kansas Legislature, from bill drafting to statute codification, to voting and more.
NetBeans IDE 7.1 is almost here; what's the community's verdict? Chats with the elected members of the 19th NetBeans Governance Board. And a new API Design book is on the way.
A freight management application being developed on the NetBeans Platform and the benefits of doing so.
Pasadena-based provides IT services and develops healthcare management software for hospitals using Java EE and the NetBeans Platform.
Tune in for chats about the development status of NetBeans 7.1 and a recap of NetBeans news from JavaOne 2011, as well as an interview about how the NetBeans Platform is used in earthquake monitoring.
Sodbeans, a NetBeans module suite, is a JavaOne 2011 Duke's Choice Award winner for its innovative work in enhancing accessibility for the blind in modern programming environments.
NetBeans IDE 7.1 Beta debuts at JavaOne 2011 with support for JavaFX 2.0. NetBeans Engineering Director John Jullion-Ceccarelli discusses the release and new initiatives from the NetBeans team.
A podcast dedicated to NetBeans IDE and NetBeans Platform at the JavaOne 2011 conference. Tune in for chats with scheduled NetBeans speakers and for information on all NetBeans-related events at JavaOne.
It's all about releases on episode 41 of the Java Spotlight Podcast. The panel discusses the JDK7 release, as well as Glassfish 3.1.1 and NetBeans IDE 7.0.1.
At the RWTH Aachen University in Germany, a simulator is being created for gear design manufacturing. A modular system and a docking framework was needed, so the NetBeans Platform was chosen as the ideal foundation for this project.
A new open-source application based on the NetBeans Platform, Praxis is a Java-based modular framework for working with video, images, audio and other media.
NATO's command & control software updated to run on the NetBeans RCP, for deployment to 20 NATO countries. An article from the project's lead developer.
Copper Arrow Software creates custom software using the NetBeans Platform and the Amazon Web Services platform. Their AWS Administrator is one such desktop client project.
ADI (Alipay Data Integrator) is a data warehouse tool developed by Alipay, China's leading third-party online payment platform, on the NetBeans Platform.
Feedback for NetBeans 7.0; a look ahead at 7.0.1. Interview with Alex Kotchnev, Software Architect and NetBeans Dream Teamer. API design tip with Jarda Tulach. Jirka Kovalsky introduces the new plugin portal.
VESPA is a biological science research software for analyzing proteogenomics data. Read about the technical challenges that inspired a migration to the NetBeans Platform.
Interview with John Jullian-Ceccorelli, Netbeans Development Manager on NetBeans IDE 7.0 Release.
John Jullion-Ceccarelli, NetBeans Engineering Manager, discusses NetBeans IDE 7.0, which introduces language support for development for Java SE 7.
Southwest Gas, a natural gas utility company in the United States, uses the NetBeans Platform.
UK-based deltatheta aims to revolutionize modeling and simulation in engineering, and bring model-based engineering firmly into the design process. Read about their software tools based on the NetBeans Platform.
NetBeans Dream Team member Vinicius Senger discusses embedded development on the Java Spotlight podcast.
Saddle is an open source NetBeans Platform application that aims to help hospitals lower costs and better leverage their complex IT architecture.
A report on how the European Union is leveraging the NetBeans technology to fight ballistic crime.
Learn about neural networks (computational models inspired by the way the human brain works) and how to use Neuroph Studio (a neural network development environment built on top of the NetBeans Platform) to create, test, and deploy Java components based on neural networks.
Thomas Enebo, co-lead of the JRuby project, stepped forward to lead community management of Ruby support in the NetBeans IDE. Learn more about Enebo's interest in NetBeans' Ruby support, the group's current development objectives and roadmap.
Ajay Patel, Oracle VP of the Java Evangelist team, discusses "the state of the union" with regard to Oracle and Java.
Get the latest NetBeans Community news; take a guess at the puzzler; learn a new API design tip; and listen to Computer Science professor Andreas Stefik discuss how his research is making computer programming easier for blind developers, and more intuitive for all.
Ruby developer Thomas Enebo and other experts in the Ruby/JRuby community are taking the lead to continue development of Ruby support in the NetBeans IDE. Find out why, and how to join the effort!
On ships and rigs in Norway, the NetBeans Platform is used to verify and test computer systems used in drilling operations.
Developer Brandon Savage catalogues his must-have development tools, citing the NetBeans IDE and its features for helping him to stay productive.
Architect Ludovic Champenois offers an overview of the current and future tooling options for Java EE 6 and his favorite developer features among those options, and provides a glimpse into the future of Java EE 7.
Built on the NetBeans Platform, KLISS (Kansas Legislative Information Systems) is legislative software created by Propylon, a firm that specializes in legislative and regulatory information processing and content management.
Troy Giunipero discusses the process of creating the popular NetBeans E-commerce Tutorial, why he started the project and lessons learned.
Adam Bien discusses various Java EE 6 architectures and design approaches that help developers build efficient, simple, and maintainable apps.
Software engineer Julien Piaser of SkyGuide, a Swiss aviation software company, introduces Crystal, a NetBeans Platform based application for managing air traffic information.
Developer Caoyuan Deng speaks about the origins of the Scala plugin for NetBeans, the current status and future of the project.
Holger Stenzhorn, a NetBeans community moderator gives an account of his spam-fighting days for the NetBeans mailing lists.
Vince Sheard of Microchip Technology, a microcontroller and semi-conductors maker, talks about porting the company's MPLAB IDE to the NetBeans Platform.
A packed podcast about the NetBeans IDE 7.0 Beta release featuring chats with members of the NetBeans engineering team and JavaEE expert Adam Bien.
Andreas Stefik, a computer science professor and NetBeans user, talks about his projects around usability for visually impaired developers, as well as his team's participation in World Usability Day 2010.
JCite ensures that two sources are synchronized with each other. Geertjan Wielenga writes about a new plugin for NetBeans.
The Beta build of NetBeans IDE 7.0 offers complete support for Maven 3. NetBeans engineer Jesse Glick speaks about what new and existing Maven users should know about Maven integration in the tool.
Is NetBeans 7.0 a revolutionary or an evolutionary release? How will NetBeans coexist with JDeveloper at Oracle? John Julion-Ceccarelli, NetBeans Director of Engineering, addresses these questions and more on the Java Podcast.
A quick look of what users can expect from JDK7 support in NetBeans IDE 7.0.
Software architect Gunther Popp introduces himself to Maven 3 support in NetBeans IDE 7.0 M2 and discovers a lot of powerful features.
Using the NetBeans Platform, students at the University of Denmark are building an application that lets households monitor their energy consumption.
In the financial world, desktop consoles for managing stocks and shares, and analyzing current trading results are commonplace. Mark Phipps introduces an application of this kind on the NetBeans Platform.
Edvin Syse's Wusher (WebStart Usher) program eliminates the need to create separate installers for multiple NetBeans Platform applications.
"What stands out about NetBeans are its ease-of-use and a design that favors lightness and simplicity. Even the download site has features that delight."
Oracle Magazine names Adam Bien as its ninth annual Editors' Choice for Java Developer of the Year.
Jonathan Gillham explains how and why he used the NetBeans Platform as the basis of a competition timing application.
Discover how South Africa's defense force is standardizing around the NetBeans Platform.
Andreas Stefik presents news about extensions to the NetBeans IDE that help the visually impaired learn to program.
The blog title says it all: A casual online search for "Swing OSGi" leads a long-time Eclipse user to the NetBeans Platform and inspires a "love post" about his new framework.
Dr. Dobb's blogger Eric Bruno calls recent critical remarks about JavaFX "misleading" and offers his positive experience using the technology.
Maven & OSGi support. Easy portability. Rich documentation. Developer Edvin Syse outlines reasons why switching to the NetBeans Platform was a no-brainer for his team.
Janitza Electronics, a German company, discovers the flexibility and power of using the NetBeans Platform for Swing applications.
iCadSuite is an application that uses a 2D geometry system to determine the costs to produce shoes and in what quantity. The application uses the NetBeans Platform as its framework.
Performance guru Kirk Pepperdine discusses how to find fundamental performance problems in Java applications.
Charles Bedón, the lead developer behind Kuwaiba, an enterprise open source Network Inventory system, discusses his team's project and reasons why they develop with the NetBeans Platform.
When the Swedish Defense Research Agency needed to create a Scenario Tool application they chose the NetBeans Platform. This two-part article documents their experience.
Interview with Steven Yi, a composer and Java programmer behind "blue" an open-sourced Java music composition environment built on the NetBeans Platform.
Dean Yeazel is the senior software engineer for PowerAgent, a tool for cyclists who use bike computers. Cyclists can analyze and get a summary of their metrics: power, speed, and more.
Interview with Ayman Habibperform, a software engineer responsible for OpenSim, an application for modeling and simulating the musculoskeletal system.
Why do 95% developers who choose the NetBeans Platform over Eclipse RCP do so? Geertjan Wielenga provides a clue in this blog entry.
Built on the NetBeans Platform, Mopis is a commercial application that allows electronic payments via mobile phone.
James Gosling, famed Java creator notes improvements to NetBeans IDE in the 6.9 Beta release, as well as to JavaFX 1.3.
An interview with Andrey Ilinykh, software architect for INTViewer, a NetBeans Platform based platform for viewing, analyzing, and quality checking seismic data.
Gephi is an open-source graph visualization software created by developer Mathieu Bastian and built on the NetBeans Platform. The project will be a participant in Google's 2010 Summer of Code program.
Developer Maciej Mirski discusses his Data Warehouse testing software, built with the NetBeans Platform.
Interview with Kai Eckert, creator of Semtinel, an application framework for the analysis and visualization of thesauri. Semtinel is built on top of the NetBeans Platform.
Developed by a team at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville Sappy in NetBeans is a module suite that allows visually impaired developers to use the NetBeans IDE.
Computer science professor Lilian Aveneau discusses RaPSor, a framework used for studying and testing algorithms for ray based simulations, and built on the NetBeans Platform.
Patients receive the right medication, at the right dosage and at the right time with BBraun's Outlook Safety Infusion System, built on the NetBeans Platform
An interview with Lalit Pant, the creator of Kojo, a computer learning environment for children, based on Scala and built on the NetBeans Platform.
Air-Transport IT Services, a Florida-based firm, provides software for managing airport operations. Read why the NetBeans Platform was chosen for their application framework.
Developer Oswaldo Rubio creates and maintains fingerprint analysis desktop software for Spanish company Fermax. Discover why a seminar convinced him to migrate his projects to the NetBeans Platform.
Developers at Epsilon, a Swedish tech and systems consulting firm, are fans of JavaFX and the NetBeans IDE. At the 2010 Jfokus show, they demo a project and rave about the two technologies.
For Michel Graciano, a NetBeans 6.8 community tester, beta testing the NetBeans IDE is a way to stay connected to the tool as it grows.
Ted Farrell, Senior VP of Tools and Middleware at Oracle gives an overview of plans for Sun's developer tools such as the NetBeans IDE and Platform, and more.
Ulf Zibis, a NetBeans 6.8 community tester, describes his experience in the 6.8 beta testing program and lists six benefits of participating.
Eric Smith, a NetBeans 6.8 community tester, explains how participating in NetCAT, NetBeans' Beta testing program, helps his development needs.
Rafal Maslana is an avid diver and a NetBeans Platform developer. Read about his open-source dive planning application built on the NetBeans Platform.
Spanish company Envitel creates digital video tools for the surveillance and monitoring market. Learn how one of their tools built on the NetBeans Platform helps the Madrid Transit system monitor traffic.
The NetBeans Platform is the foundation for the NetBeans IDE and many other applications around the world. In this blog entry, Sun SVP Jim Parkinson affirms why the platform matters.
Craig Marshall, a Lead Analyst Programmer with a global credit risk management company discusses how he uses the NetBeans Platform as a framework for Swing applications.
SQLBrowser is a commercial IDE for Sybase Transact-SQL, and built on the NetBeans Platform. Learn how SQLBrowser's developer Nicolas Gouteux ported his application to the NetBeans Platform.
An interview with Latiz Technologies about Latiz, their systems modeling event driven simulation environment built on the NetBeans Platform.
DZone rounds up NetBeans developers and users to ask what they like about the NetBeans 6.8 Beta and how they're using the release's new features.
Ram Vijapurap, co-founder & technical director of FieldLinx, a New Zealand software design & development firm, discusses how his company uses the NetBeans Platform.
An interview with Piotr Leszczyński, creator of a web browser that interprets web content into audio text for visually impaired users.
Developer Paulo Canedo used the NetBeans Platform to create a finanical management system for a Brazilian Government agency. In this interview, he discusses the use of the app and benefits of the NetBeans Platform.
An interview with Tomas Mann, creator of Jamorea Desktop, a NetBeans Platform app for previewing and managing PDF files and for handling their transfer to mobile devices.
Danny Coward, Chief Architect for Client Software at Sun Microsystems, highlights some of the significant new features in JDK 7.
Skyguide develops software for SwissAir's air traffic control needs. Learn about their recent NetBeans Platform training session to port several applications to the NetBeans Platform!
Learn how to upload and post applications to the new Java Store. The Java Store is a JavaFX-powered storefront that provides an easy and secure means of discovering and acquiring compelling Java and JavaFX applications.
The NetBeans team interviewed Zoran Sevarac from Neuroph, the open-source neural network framework. We talk about what neural networks look like, how they do their magic, and why the NetBeans IDE was the natural choice for the Neuroph development team. In part two we have a closer look at use cases and what neural networks can do for Java developers.
Java Champion, Rock Star, NetBeans Dream Team member, and Java EE expert Adam Bien shares his views on Java EE and cloud computing.
Developer Fabrizio Giudici discusses his interest in JavaFX technology for mobile devices, including the prototype for blueBill-Mobile, his latest mobile application for bird watchers.
Interview with Hermann Matthes, a System and Software Architect, and creator of TimeKeeper, a project management application.
Andreas Stefik, a professor at Central Washington University (CWU) is interviewed about his work using the NetBeans Platform to create better tools for visually impaired programmers.
NetBeans Dream Teamer Fabrizio Giudici interviews Dennis Reedy about MUVES3, a US Army simulation environment project used for evaluating defense systems, and Reedy's experience with the NetBeans Platform.
NetBeans community member Siegfried Bolz published his first iPhone application: a nifty RSS feed reader that lets you browse your favorite news, the and the Aquarium feeds!
Featured in this "Built on NetBeans Platform" profile interview: Software developer Michael Kroll and Kera Suite, a workflow management application for dentists.
An interview with Antonio Vieiro, creator of LambdaBeans, an IDE for the Scheme programming language built on the NetBeans Platform.
UNESCO sponsors the development of advanced multilingual software that is distributed free-of-charge around the world. Learn how the institution uses the NetBeans Platform for its software projects.
Software developer Daoud AbdelMonem Faleh builds an application with the NetBeans Platform for the Tunisian National Order of Pharmacists.
Matt Thompson, Senior Director of Sun's Developer Cloud Tools, discusses why NetBeans continues to matter for Sun, and offers a look ahead for the IDE.
Marek Kliś is a NetBeans Platform developer working on a home management application that controls a home's lighting, heating and security systems.
As the NetBeans Partner Ecosystem's grows it offers developers more choice and features. Visual Paradigm, Mobile Distillery and Elixir Technology contribute additional support to the NetBeans IDE.
Developer Piotr Tabor explains his project for the NetBeans Platform Certification program--creating features for working with Google Protocol Buffers.
In this NetBeans Zone article, researcher and PHD student Thomas Würthinger discusses his experience leading a NetBeans Platform Certification Course.
Adoption of open-source projects is on the rise. NetBeans is among the top 25 most reliable, innovative and enterprise-ready open-source projects, according to a survey reviewed by
Quotes collected from NetBeans community blogs and reviews about the NetBeans IDE 6.5 release.
Eleven leading Java developers—from Joshua Bloch to Tor Norbye to Chet Haase—offer advice to students about how to become better developers.
Learn about future plans winning developers of the NetBeans Innovators Grant Contest have for their projects, as well as how they intend to use or have used their winnings.
Jeremy Moore, lead developer of ThinkingRock, a time management application built on the NetBeans Platform describes his experiences using the NetBeans Platform and about the NetBeans community.
In this NetBeans Zone interview, Aljoscha Rittner discusses how he ported a Swing application to the NetBeans Platform, the steps involved and tips for developers looking to carry out similar projects.
To bring the NetBeans 10th birthday celebration to a close, Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz talks about why NetBeans matters to Sun and the industry.
The NetBeans Project turns 10! Sun Fellow & Java Godfather James Gosling shares his thoughts on the evolution of the NetBeans IDE.
First time is the charm for Developer Alexandre Soumbatov who won a Silver Award in the Innovators Grant contest for his PL/SQL Editor. He discusses his win and experience using NetBeans IDE.
Lorent Foret's IvyBeans project nabbed a silver medal award in the NetBeans Innovators Grant contest. Discover how he used the NetBeans IDE to develop IvyBeans, his reaction to his win, and plans for his windfall.
Developers Anuradha Gunasekara (Cube°n) and Hong Wei Deng (Scala Support) won gold awards in the NetBeans Innovators Grant contest. In this podcast, they speak about their NetBeans initiatives.
An interview with Liang Ye, translator of the NetBeans Platform book: "Rich Client Programming: Plugging into the NetBeans Plaform", into Chinese.
How do NetBeans community members and the NetBeans engineers work together? You can join the Dream Team, do quality testing, verify plugins, moderate a mailing list...
Jaroslav Tulach is one of the founders of NetBeans and the lead architect of the NetBeans APIs. He introduces you to his book and shares with you some insights relating to API design.
"Documentation by the community for the community" - the NetBeans Community Docs program reaches a Milestone of 200 Contributions.
RedMonk Analyst Michael Cote interviews Nandini Ramani, Director of Engineering for the JavaFX Platform, and gets a demo of JavaFX Preview SDK in the NetBeans IDE.
Rom Feria, the inspiring leader of Sun's Java Education & Development Initiative (JEDI) Project in the Philippines, is interviewed about the project and its direction.
Ted Leung, Sun's Principal Engineer for Dynamic Lanugages and Tools, talks about what he's working on at Sun, the state of the Python language, and plans for Python support in the NetBeans IDE.
In this article, NetBeans Community Docs Manager James Branam writes about the start of the Community Docs programs, its members and accomplishments, and what to expect in the future.
Profiles of the NetBeans Dream Team members and why they are passionate advocates of the NetBeans Project. Interviewee: Ibon Urrutia.

Java Developer Ibon Urrutia discusses using the NetBeans Platform to build TagsMe, an application development platform for portable devices.
NetBeans's PHP Development team started a blog to document their work. Meet two members: Jan Chalupa and Petr Pisl, in this interview in which they discuss what NetBeans has to offer PHP developers.
In this interview with Janos Koppany, the CEO of Intland Software, learn how codeBeamer, which is fully integrated with the NetBeans IDE, is changing the way distributed teams work together.
Allan Davis, the developer on nbPython, which aims to integrate Python support into NetBeans IDE 6.1, is interviewed in this NetBeans Zone article.
Backward compatibility testing reports for NetBeans Platform 6.1 from NetBeans Partners and users who develop applications on the platform.
Watch how easy it is to create reports with iReport based on the NetBeans platform.
Tinu Awopetu interviews NetBeans Director of Core Engineering Arseniy Kuznetsov about NetBeans Platform 6.1, cool applications built on the platform and ways to become a certified NetBeans Platform Engineer!
Introducing Varun Nischal, the new coordinator for the NetBeans Community Docs Program. Is your recent blog entry about NetBeans a potential tutorial for the community? Varun would know!
A series of profile articles about the Dream Team members and why they are passionate advocates of NetBeans. Interviewee: Emilian Bold.

Developer Emilian Bold is deeply passionate about the NetBeans Platform. Read on for his thoughts on what makes the platform his exclusive tool of choice.
Heiko Böck is the author of a new book about the NetBeans Platform. Written in German the book is a well-structured and comprehensive introduction to the latest NetBeans 6 APIs.
An interview with Angad Singh, creator of RegEx, a plugin for the NetBeans IDE and a winning project for Sun India's Code for Freedom contest.
In this interview, iReport creator Giulio Toffoli, discusses the latest release of the iReport for NetBeans plugin, his experience creating the module using the NetBeans Platform, and what users can expect from future updates.
Social networking comes to the NetBeans community! Find out the different ways that NetBeans users worldwide can now stay connected with each other and grow the community!
At the 2008 Sun Tech Days conference in Atlanta, Georgia, Robert Eckstein interviews NetBeans evangelist Gregg Sporar to hear about the latest features in the new NetBeans IDE 6.0 release.
A series of profile articles about the Dream Team members and why they are passionate advocates of NetBeans. Interviewee: Adam Bien
A series of profile articles about the Dream Team members and why they are passionate advocates of NetBeans. Interviewee: Vinicius Senger
An interview with Adam Myatt, author of Pro NetBeans 6.
.NET expert Sampada Khare was always curious about Java. Since she feels that actually writing a Java application would be the best way to learn the language, she got started with NetBeans.
NetCAT is our community-based quality assurance testing program. Find out what it takes to make it into NetCAT and stand out like top-performing NetCAT 6.0 members Jacek Laskowski & Anuradha Gunasekara!
Andrew Binstock of SD Times reviews the NetBeans 6.0 IDE and declares: "[NetBeans] is now in a position to take away users from Eclipse and other IDEs."
A fast growing share of the open-source IDE market, notable improvements with the 6.0 release, and ease of use make NetBeans a winner in 2007 for Steve Anglin of Apress.
AlterSIG is a GIS application for turning geographic data into viewable maps. French developer Johann Sorel discusses his work on AlterSIG, his intro to and experience with the NetBeans Platform.
There are many who work behind-the-scenes to make NetBeans the stellar tool that it is. In this JavaLobby feature, NetBeans Engineers, Developers, Doc Writers, Dream Team members and Evangelists tell us their favorite feature in the IDE.
Developed on the NetBeans Platform by Tonny Kohar, Citra FX is a filter effects tool for digital images. Kohar discusses the experience of using NetBeans 5.5.1 and 6.0 to create Citra FX.
Brimming with ideas for tutorials, or tips & tricks about the NetBeans IDE? The NetBeans Community Docs Program can help you share your knowledge with others! Learn more from program manager James Branam.
NetBeans Dream Teamer Fabrizio Giudici takes issue with a claim by Mike Milinkovic, director of Eclipse Foundation, that Eclipse is "clearly superior" to NetBeans.
Our intrepid reporter attended a press conference at the Tech Day in Shanghai. Here's Jeet's reply when asked about the advantages of NetBeans over Eclipse.
A series of profile articles about the Dream Team members and why they are passionate advocates of NetBeans. Interviewee: Fabrizio Giudici.
Saptarshi Purkayastha initially though Eclipse was better, but he believes NetBeans 5.5 is awesome and 6.0 is gonna beat a lot of other IDEs out there. Read why in his blog!
Roman and Gregg are back with all the hot news: coding contests, good tutorials and interviews. Solve the NetBeans puzzler and win a prize!
A series of profile articles about the Dream Team members and why they are passionate advocates of NetBeans. Interviewee: Wade Chandler.
Have you picked up any good books lately? Discover the growing library of books about programming with the NetBeans IDE, and afterwards consider adding a book or two to your reference collection.
Roman and Gregg discuss summer vacations, NetBeans 6.0, other podcasts, tutorials and more. Solve the NetBeans puzzler and win a prize!
Code. Chemical structure. Developers and scientists have little in common, right? Turns out they need a similar tool to manage their data: IDEs. Learn about Instant JChem, a chemistry IDE for scientists built on the NetBeans Platform.
Tim Boudreau met the platform specialist Tom Wheeler to chat about Tom's latest 'little' project: He ports applications that analyze mass properties of aircraft for Boeing.
A series of profile articles about the Dream Team members and why they are passionate advocates of NetBeans. Interviewee: Edgar Silva.
What does it take to start a NUG? The power of one. Discover how NetBeans Users Group Indonesia went from a one-person mailing list to a 289-member (and counting!) community.
SL-275, FJ-310... if you know what these identifiers mean, then you've probably taken at least one of Sun's Java courses. But how are they written? And who writes them?
This Software Development Times feature article looks at the history of NetBeans, where it is today, and where it is headed with the release of NetBeans 6.0.
A series of profile articles about the Dream Team members and why they are passionate advocates of NetBeans. Interviewee: Joerg Plewe.
Listen to our latest Podcast where NetBeans evangelist David Botterill announces the new Plugins Portal in an interview with technical writer Cindy Church.
We had a little chat with the Java and Ruby export, Charlie Nutter, who states: "Java and Ruby go together very well, a bit like chocolate and peanut butter combinations!"
First came Brazilian Portuguese, now the Translation Project has helped deliver the NetBeans 5.5 IDE in Traditional Chinese. Find out why this latest localization effort stands out.
Jirka Kovalsky has the answers to technical issues a NetBeans user might have. Find out who he is in this podcast and about his latest project: the Module Catalog.
A series of profile articles about the Dream Team members and why they are passionate advocates of NetBeans. Interviewee: Vincent Brabant
Smart Start makes devices that prevent drunk drivers from driving. CPB Inc is a software design firm. Find out how the two used NetBeans to manage the business of "separating drinking from driving"
Six NetBeans experts, six opinions about what could happen for NetBeans or Java in 2007. Find out whose forecast received the most votes and read other predictions submitted by users.
Not even Mother Nature could keep NetBeans Podcast #23 from coming together. Gregg and Roman discuss Project Plethora, NetBeans Mobility Pack for CDC 5.5 release, NetBeans 6.0 and more.
A video overview of the NetBeans IDE and the enthusiatic community that made this project come alive.
Adam Myatt, experienced author and NetBeans user, is the writer of Pro NetBeans IDE 5.5 Enterprise Edition. It is set to be released by Apress towards the end of March 2007. You can already pre-order it from Amazon. At 475 pages in length, it seems like a book worth getting!
Six NetBeans experts. Six different opinions about what lies ahead for NetBeans and the Java industry in 2007.
Hear about the new NetBeans Visual Web Pack, NetBeans 6.0 development, the module Plethora (a code-generator for Looking Glass 3D), and a NetBeans puzzler.
NetBeans Module Writer Andreas Andreou shares his experiences creating a NetBeans module that provides tooling for Tapestry.
Java Developer Journal talks to Tim Cramer about tools, NetBeans, the NetBeans 5.5 release, Swing, frameworks, data-binding, UML, JSF, and Java. Our favorite question: "Where do you see NetBeans and Java going in the next 10 years?"
Yarda was there when it all started: Hear how NetBeans got its name, why hardly anyone wanted to build on top of the 3.4 platform, how the NetBeans team caught Jonathan Schwartz's attention at Java One in 1998, and the good side of being the "enfant terrible".
In this two-part SearchWebServices interview, James Gosling first discusses the history and philosophy of Java. In part two, he fields questions on Ruby, JRuby, Ajax and SOA, and tells why he believes the answer for most developers is Java and the NetBeans IDE.
Two weeks ago, Tim Boudreau told you about the future of NetBeans. This is part 2 of Artima's interview, and this time Tim talks about the NetBeans Platform, the Matisse UI builder, GroupLayout, as well as NetBeans' support for languages other than Java.
Romanian developer Emilian Bold has been using NetBeans IDE and the NetBeans Platform for many years. Recently he ported a Swing application to the NetBeans Platform. Here, he shares some pleasant discoveries made while porting his application.
Artima spoke with NetBeans evangelist Tim Boudreau about new NetBeans features and about the NetBeans community. In Part I of this interview, he discusses upcoming features of NetBeans 6.0, and compares the NetBeans and Eclipse approaches to open-source IDE development.
Vladimir Voskresensky developed the C/C++ editor for the NetBeans C/C++ Pack. In this in-depth interview he shares his experiences working with the NetBeans APIs. He provides a few valuable tips and tricks, as well as Wink demos... so check it out!
Now you get two for the price of one: Gregg Sporar joined Roumen's podcast! Listen to the two NetBeans enthusiasts as they discuss Beta2, NetBeans at schools, the worldtour, and news from the Profiler, the NetBeans Enterprise Pack, and the Visual Web Pack.
Did you ever wonder why your IDE's windows float and slide? Where do Wizards come from? How many icons are in the IDE? And who put them there? Hear it straight from the only ones who can claim to have worked on every single IDE component -- and get invited to Prague.
Edson Richter works for a start-up company and contributed significantly to the NetCAT 5.5 program. "If I was a carpenter, NetBeans would be my hammer!" he says, "If I can contribute to getting a better hammer, my work will be more efficient and bring better results."
Chuk recently wrote a module that integrates Star Office into NetBeans IDE. Read how Dilbert's pointy haired boss inspired him and what he learnt from Robin Williams in "Dead Poets Society". In addition, he tells us about an interesting Chinese saying...
The Napkin Look & Feel lets you create a "draft" look for an application. NetBeans Staff met with Alex Lam to grill him about the great new module he's working on: integrating Napkin with NetBeans IDE, and any other application built on the NetBeans Platform.
Is Jackpot just another refactoring tool? What can it do for me? We had a little chat with Tom Ball, leader of the Jackpot development team, and had him answer these and other questions.
In this SDN-interview, GlassFish performance team lead Scott Oaks discusses challenging roles, performance-related issues, opportunities for improvements in the field of profiling Java applications, and the ins and outs of the NetBeans Profiler.
Edgar Silva, a very active NetBeans plug-in module developer in Brazil, will be presenting his research at JavaOne on May 17th at 20.30. NetBeans staff caught up with him and asked him a few questions.
Xu Bin of Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, has been named "Sun Community Champion" for his work with the Java and NetBeans communities. He's the faculty adviser to the Java Users Group (JUG) at Tsinghua University.
Meet Tom Wheeler, a Senior Software Engineer for Object Computing, Incorporated (OCI). Tom is an active member of the NetBeans community and has written several NetBeans IDE articles and plug-in modules, including a stock trading game. Find out more in this interview.
Join hosts Dick Wall, Tor Norbye, and Carl Quinn each week as they bring you news commentary, and interviews about Java technology and the Java developer community.

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