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Hear about the latest highlights and features and see many demos in Munich at Eppleton!
Join the NetBeans community in Bangalore to learn about the latest developments in Java and JavaScript.
We are very pleased to announce that the third NetBeans Day UK will be on tuesday 25th April. Our friends at University of Greenwich will again be hosting us.
This is an exciting time as NetBeans is migrating Apache. To learn more about this movement and the latest news regarding NetBeans, with UniSystems Hellas, come to a free event, on Friday 21 April.
La communauté Apache NetBeans vous invite pour une conférence gratuite d'une journée. Venez rencontrer d'autres utilisateurs d' Apache NetBeans, découvrir ou apprendre à utiliser Apache NetBeans.
Dawson College will be hosting Montreal’s first NetBeans Day. Unlike large commercial conferences NetBeans Day is a community organized event.
One of the best components of this consistently great conference, in my opinion, is NetBeans Community Day, which focuses on what continues to be one of the industry's favorite open source IDEs.
Join members of the NetBeans team, Java Champions, NetBeans Dream Team members, Java User Group Leaders and fellow NetBeans community members at JavaOne 2016.
From August 22nd, the Oracle JET and NetBeans team are hosting a Massive Open Online course for three weeks.
On 17 September 2016, join the NetBeans Community at NetBeans Community Day at JavaOne 2016!
Learn how to build modern JavaScript apps on top of Java EE backends with Geertjan Wielenga at the free OTN Summit on July 12. Register today!
NetBeans Day was held in India yesterday, on Saturday, 23 April, 2016. Hosted by the Hyderabad JUG, the event included a range of topics.
Join NetBeans users all over the UK in London and learn about the latest NetBeans features while networking and getting to know others in this free event.
Come to NetBeans Day in Munich, Germany, and meet great speakers and other NetBeans users, including Adam Bien, Jaroslav Tulach, and many others!
For 2016, plans are under way for even more NetBeans Days than last year. Tentative planning for the coming set of NetBeans Days is outlined in this article!
Join the NetBeans team at NetBeans Community Day at JavaOne 2015! NetBeans Community Day is open and free to registered JavaOne conference attendees.
La communauté NetBeans vous invite pour une conférence gratuite d'une journée. Venez rencontrer d'autres utilisateurs de NetBeans, découvrir ou apprendre à utiliser NetBeans.
Oracle Cloud Day is coming to the Netherlands! For example, in an interactive workshop, you will see many demos.
The first NetBeans Day Brasil ever was held on Monday 22 June 2015 in the Oracle office in Sao Paolo.
NetBeans Day UK has been held. Attendees ranged from Java teams at financial organizations to HTML5/JavaScript frontend developers to university/college lecturers and students!
Sign up today! The NetBeans Community invites you to a day of free sessions and workshops hosted at the historic University of Greenwich campus (London) on Friday, 29 May 2015.
After the recent NetBeans Day in San Francisco and NetBeans Day in Munich, the first NetBeans Day ever was held in the Netherlands yesterday.
16 March 2015 -- Join the NetBeans community, including Adam Bien and Dalibor Topic, at a day of free sessions dealing with Java and JavaScript, hosted by Oracle Netherlands in Utrecht.
12 February 2015 -- Join the NetBeans community at a day of free sessions and workshops dealing with Java, JavaScript and Python, hosted by Oracle Netherlands in Utrecht.
The NetBeans Dream Team has expanded massively over the past week! Sixteen new members have joined, from many corners of the world.
Join the NetBeans team at NetBeans Community Day at JavaOne 2014! We'll share highlights of how NetBeans has evolved; what's new and noteworthy today, and explore what's up ahead for NetBeans IDE.
Steve Nellon from Mindfire Solutions, a Java web development outfit, writes about features in NetBeans IDE that developers around the world use and love.
With the rich features and extensive range of tools, templates and samples provided in NetBeans IDE 8.0, developers have access to first-class and comprehensive support for the newest Java technologies and enhancements.
In their new books, co-authors Jason Wexbridge and Walter Nyland give developers a comprehensive introduction to the key NetBeans APIs and show how to port applications to the platform.
New Release Extends Advanced HTML5 Development Features for Java EE and PHP Developers and Provides Support for JDK 8 Developer Preview Builds.
NetBeans Community Day at JavaOne 2013 celebrated 15 years of the NetBeans project. A recap of the retrospective panel session.
"With NetBeans 7.4, Oracle has outfitted the IDE with new tools to help build iOS and Android Web applications that use HTML5 and JavaScript, in addition to updating its core feature set for Java Enterprise Edition development as well."
Join the NetBeans team at NetBeans Community Day at JavaOne 2013 to celebrate 15 Years of the NetBeans Project! Reserve your spot!
Already the world’s #1 development platform, Java is now better than ever with the release of Java EE 7. On Wednesday June 12, Join Oracle and participants from throughout the Java community to learn how Java EE 7 can help you.
Jelastic Inc., the creators of a cloud hosting platform for Java and PHP applications, announces the integration of the Jelastic platform with NetBeans IDE.
Independent analyst Ovum "believes that the new NetBeans IDE feature-rich HTML5 support will draw increasing numbers of developers to the NetBeans IDE." Read this excellent analysis of new features in NetBeans IDE 7.3.
“Oracle continues to closely align the NetBeans IDE with Java EE to help developers be more productive in building enterprise applications. With support for HTML5-based client development, NetBeans IDE 7.3 enables developers to integrate best-in-class technologies more easily, leveraging modern JavaScript technologies for the view layer with the rich Java EE back-end services, security and programming model.”
Software company Anahata Technologies announces it will be defaulting to NetBeans 7.3 for the development of Enterprise Dekstop and Web based Software Applications.
Software consultant and writer Gail Anderson reflects on JavaOne 2012.
The NetBeans community turned out in full strength at JavaOne 2012. From packed out sessions at NetBeans Day to NetBeans-oriented panel discussions, NetBeans users were everywhere. In this article, some notable recollections.
NetBeans heads to Sao Paolo, Brazil, with technical sessions and talks that show the latest features of the IDE, including demos of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript support, Java EE and JavaFX support, and more.
The NetBeans community turned out in full strength at JavaOne 2012. From packed out sessions at NetBeans Day to NetBeans-oriented panel discussions, NetBeans users were everywhere. In this article, some notable recollections.
The NetBeans community turned out in full strength at JavaOne 2012. From packed out sessions at NetBeans Day to NetBeans-oriented panel discussions, NetBeans users were everywhere. In this article, some notable recollections.
Attend the User Group meetings, Sunday, September 30th at JavaOne and get practical tips and tricks for Java EE, JavaFX and Java SE development from experts such as Adam Bien, PrimeFaces lead Çağatay Çivici, JavaFX authors Paul and Gail Anderson, and other top names in the Java community.
The popular tech website writes up the NetBeans 7.2 release and its key highlights, such as FindBugs integration.
NetBeans Community Day returns to JavaOne! Find out what's new in the IDE and Platform, and how others are using NetBeans technology to deliver innovative applications.
Helping to further optimize the Java development experience, Oracle announces NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) 7.2. The new release enables faster development cycles and better code quality.
Masaki Katakai, tech lead of the NetBeans Globalization team, reports on developers' interests and questions about the NetBeans IDE at JavaOne Tokyo.
"NetBeans seems like a new BMW sports car...." A user review of PHP features in NetBeans 7.1, and a comparison with PHP support in other developer tools.
A review of improvements to NetBeans Platform support in NetBeans 7.1, including an enhanced Window System, Visual Debugger and more.
A closer look at the new and improved features of JavaFX support in NetBeans IDE 7.1.
2012-01-09 looks into the details of the NetBeans IDE's Java Editor.
Demonstrating its continued commitment to the Java development community, Oracle announces a new release of NetBeans IDE 7.1, the first IDE to support the latest specifications and standards in the Java platform, including JavaFX 2.0 and JDK7.
Best wishes from NetBeans Team and progress of NetBeans IDE 7.1.
A video interview from the conference with NetBeans Product Manager Geertjan Wielenga discussing the features of NetBeans IDE 7.1 and it's support of JavaFX 2.0.
Created by software developer Kevin Doyle using the NetBeans IDE, Préachán is a Java-based Twitter client.
The Institute of Mine Seismography is the world leader in monitoring micro-earthquakes for the mining industry. The company's product suite is based completely on the NetBeans Platform.
Developer Akintayo Olusegun discusses the state of current IDEs and why NetBeans paves the way when it comes to Java development.
2011-10-09 tests improved and new PHP features in NetBeans IDE 7.1 Beta.
Oracle announces the strong growth of the NetBeans developer community and the availability of NetBeans IDE 7.1 Beta.
Information about NetBeans at the JavaOne 2011 conference, including session details, schedule, and content, and audio casts from members of the NetBeans team participating at the conference.
NetBeans tips, tricks, and articles are written by NetBeans bloggers around the world. Read this overview and find out where all the best nuggets of info are found!
The NetBeans "First Patch" pairs NetBeans users who have never contributed code with mentors who guide them through the process of submitting a first patch. Participants gain valuable experience and help improve NetBeans!
Oracle launched the celebration of Java 7 with an intercontinental gathering of Java experts, evangelists and fans in San Francisco, London and Sao Paolo, as well as JUG groups worldwide.
Javier Ortiz presents counterpoints towards a recent article that compared Eclipse RCP against the NetBeans RCP. Who makes the most compelling case?
Students at Universidad Católica in Santiago de Cali, Colombia, organized their first "Campus Software Party" focused on Java and related technologies such as the NetBeans IDE and NetBeans Platform.
FASOJUG is the newest local African Java users group. The group intends to promote Java, Java learning and Java-related technologies such as NetBeans IDE and NetBeans Platform in Burkina Faso.
China National Petroleum Corporation releases CIFLOG, a new multi-platform logging software based on the NetBeans Platform for its oil & gas exploration projects in Beijing.
Microchip migrates its MPLAB integrated development environment (IDE) onto the NetBeans IDE, citing NetBeans' flexible architecture, ease-of-use, and powerful features.
The first NetBeans Ruby plugin maintained by the community is now available from the NetBeans Plugin Portal.
For 15 years, JavaOne has been the leading event for the Java community. With Oracle's renewed commitment to the conference for 2011 and beyond, get details of what's in the works for this year.
An overview article about the new and improved features in NetBeans IDE 7.0 including support for JDK 7 developer preview, Oracle technologies such as GlassFish 3.1, Oracle WebLogic Server, and more.
For NetBeans 7.0, NetCAT, the NetBeans community testing program introduced a new concept of "Testing Tribes"--groups of participants focused on testing specific functionality areas. Find out how their efforts are making an impact on the quality of the upcoming release.
The Eidos UML plugin project, an offshoot of the NetBeans UML plugin, announces its launch. The project aims to redesign the plugin from scratch, and is seeking volunteers.
The Java Champions increase their ranks with five new members: Jonas Bonér, James Strachan, Rickard Oberg, Régina ten Bruggencate, and Clara Ko.
SevenBeans is a NetBeans module that makes the IDE more productive on Windows 7. Now you can pin NetBeans to the taskbar, quickly access recent projects, see progress and status directly on the taskbar button.
Sodbeans is a NetBeans module suite designed to enhance accessibility for the blind in modern programming environments. Find out what's new in version 1.5.
At a recent training session in London, NetBeans evangelists answered all questions about the NetBeans Platform with code.
Would you like to become a world famous author? Packt is very interested in publishing books dealing with NetBeans IDE and the NetBeans Platform. Let Packt know.
Developers, companies and educational outfits turn out for the first NetBeans Platform session in London.
2010-07-09 is looking for your input on how you're using Java, and what types of resources you need to help do your job better.
2010-06-24 examines the NetBean IDE's first release (6.9) under Oracle's stewardship and the message to developers and the IDE marketplace.
A status update about stabilization efforts for NetBeans IDE 6.9 from the NetBeans community beta testing program.
NetBeans Platform experts Toni Epple and Geertjan Wielenga train developers at Norway's Institute of Marine Research about the NetBeans Platform, and help port the team's front-end to the Platform.
At the JavaOne 2009 conference, Sun engineer John Brock demos how developers can use Kenai, integrated into the NetBeans IDE, to collaborate and connect on projects over the Internet.
Geertjan Wielenga makes a stop at Egypt's Minufiya University to show students how the NetBeans IDE 6.5 simplifies the development of Desktop and Web apps, and how the tool can boost productivity.
At the first NetBeans Demo Camp in Munich, Germany, RCP developers gather to showcase their applications built on the NetBeans Platform, and to discuss why they use the tool.
Software Freedom Day celebrates the virtues of free and open source software. Find out how NetBeans and its community plan to spread the open source message.
Read the event recap of our deep dive afternoon in Manila, Philippines, where over 500 developers gathered to learn about the cool new features in NetBeans IDE 6.1.
Report from the NetBeans Software Day at the 2008 CommunityOne Conference in San Francisco.
Read about the talk Roman Strobl gave in Second Life on the great features in the NetBeans IDE, what cool features are coming, and what new developers should learn about the Java platform.
Sun and NetBeans announce the immediate availability of the NetBeans IDE Early Access for PHP scripting language, bringing the power of NetBeans to Web 2.0-style developers.
Get a sneak peek at what partner companies such as dotFX will be presenting at NetBeans Day at CommunityOne 2008.
Get a sneak peek at what partner companies such as Eviware will be presenting at NetBeans Day at CommunityOne 2008.
Get a sneak peek at what partner companies such as Elixir Technology will be presenting at NetBeans Day at CommunityOne 2008.
Get a sneak peek at what partner companies such as Software FX will be presenting at NetBeans Day at CommunityOne 2008.
Following JUG Cologne's successful 2007 IDE shootout, NetBeans returned in March 2008 for a second round in Rome and Genoa. Read on for the event report, photos, blog links and presentation slides.
The NetBeans IDE picks up its second Jolt award for the Best Development Environment!
An interview with Engineering Manager Jayashri Visvanathan about NetBeans Day Hyderabad 2008.
In this audiocast, Community Manager Bruno Souza explains details of the NetBeans Innovators Grant program.
Sometimes a demo is all it takes to gain a convert! NetBeans expert Fabiola Rios and others spread the word about Java and the NetBeans IDE at the first-ever PanamaJUG Congress organized by Dream Team member Aristides Villarreal Bravo.
Technology evangelists Brian Leonard and David Botterill appear on Second Life to discuss NetBeans IDE 6.0--its faster, smarter editor, multi-language support, and more. (January 31, 2008)
JavaPolis 2007 was a fitting end to the year for NetBeans with two big announcements that had developers buzzing: the release of NetBeans IDE 6.0, and JasperSoft's IReport for NetBeans plugin.
The NetBeans WorldTour makes its first stop in 2008 in Atlanta! Discover how to take your projects to the next level with the NetBeans IDE 6.0 in the new year.
Sun announces a $1 Million Open Source Community Innovation Awards Program to foster innovation and recognize the most interesting initiatives within open source communities worldwide.
Sun will be announcing a multi-year award program in support of fostering innovation and advancing open source within open source communities. Sun will provide a substantial prize purse!
NetBeans Evangelist Tim Boudreau has begun a break-neck South American University Tour. This whirlwind tour covers nine cities in Brazil, two in Argentina and one each in Uruguay and Chile.
Learn about the improvements to the NetBeans IDE, and discover the details and benefits of jMaki, and the Google Web Toolkit. In addition, read about enhancements to mobility development and testing.
Missed out on the NetBeans excitement last season? Let the NetBeans worldTour bring you up to speed about the latest on your favorite IDE. With 14 stops this season, there is a NetBeans Day for everyone!
NetBeans IDE against three other IDEs at JUG Cologne's IDE Shootout. Take a look back at the highlights of the events.
NetBeans IDE against three other IDEs at JUG Cologne's IDE Shootout. Can Evangelist Roman Strobl prove to developers that "NetBeans is the Only IDE They Need"?
To commemorate NetBeans Day 2007 and to introduce NetBeans IDE 6.0, we’ve put together a special issue of NetBeans Magazine: View it as a whole or as individual articles, in PDF or HTML.
A report of NetBeans-related sessions at the recent JAX'07 Java developers conference in Germany. Read about NetBeans Platform versus Eclipse RCP, and who won the Audience Award for Innovation.
NetBeans Day San Francisco was a part CommunityOne day at Moscone Center. Read about the highlights in this report. Now with photos by Jan Chalupa.
This week on SDNtv, Sun’s Tim Boudreau and Tor Norbye discuss what’s new in NetBeans 6.0, including a revamped editor that’s faster than ever and other cool features.
"'The Jolts' recognize the most innovative, trend-making, ahead-of-the-curve products. A perfect description of NetBeans. Read about NetBeans's multiple wins at the 2007 Jolt Awards.
There were no empty seats to be found when the NetBeans worldTour made a stop in Hyderabad, India, on February 27. Get the details and pictures from this successful worldTour stop.
Sun and NetBeans Community Announce New Multi-Language Support for NetBeans Integrated Development Environment 5.5
We had many nominees for the Dream Team, and they came from a broad spectrum of the NetBeans community. The initial group will jumpstart the program -- stay tuned, the Dream Team will be expanded to include more NetBeans developers and advocates.
When NetBeans recently nabbed the 2007 InfoWorld Award for Java IDE Innovator, the award was another highlight in a season of good press. According to NetBeans' Director of Evangelism Judith Lilienfeld, the recent accolades and statistics are a great validation and recognition of the hard work done by engineers and evangelists, and the resulting disruption that NetBeans has created in the market.
2006 was a productive season for NetBeans. Join us for a look back at highlights from a year of achievements.
On November 14, the NetBeans worldTour made a stop in Prague, the birthplace of NetBeans. Here's a look back at the NetBeans Day Prague.
Following true Open-Source style, the questions for this quiz were contributed by NetBeans Community members. All submissions with the correct answers will be entered in a drawing for four NetBeans Field Guides (2nd edition). Only one submission per participant is accepted.
This week: Open Sourcing Java, LinuxFormat magazine rates NetBeans best, NetBeans Magazine #2, JavaOne call for papers, NetBeans Dream Team, Interview with Pavel Buzek, Module of the Podcast: Tapestry support, NetBeans World Tour Updates, and another NetBeans Puzzler.
Sun and Orange roll out the Developer Guidelines and Best Practices, a set of tutorials on reducing fragmentation.
Richard Drummond from the Linux Format magazine has reviewed the latest stable versions of seven popular Java IDEs. His verdict: "[NetBeans] is a solid performer for all types of Java development, with an outstanding GUI editor and great profiling tools. 9/10!"
We would not have come that far without the NetBeans community; and that's why our third birthday quiz is dedicated to you guys out there who contribute plugins, localize the product, blog, and found user groups! Show you know your community and win a new t-shirt.
The Inquirer's Fernando Cassia provides an overview of the NetBeans World Tour in Buenos Aires. "He[Roman] did a pretty impressive demo--the demo was very impressive, and the tool is very impressive..." Enjoy this write-up, with delightful pictures, too.
October 26th is NetBeans' eighth birthday! We are celebrating for the whole month of October and YOU get the presents! Join us for stories about the history of NetBeans, quizzes, and prizes, including an Apple iPod! Join the party!
Registration is open for the first NetBeans User Group meeting in Munich. Also, Roumen and Geertjan will give talks about their favorite IDE at the Source Talk Conference in Göttingen. Who says there's no NetBeans day in Germany?
Java Developer's Journal Contributing Editor Jason Bell writes about NetBeans 5.0 "After a bit of a love/hate start with NetBeans I've now become a convert. It's very easy to use and the enterprise support is excellent...An excellent product."
The NetBeans team announces their second FREE worldTour with 13 cities around the world. This year's tour features more demos and less slides; see NetBeans in action and exactly how it can increase your productivity. Register now for Seattle, USA.
It's not just about throwing T-shirts! Our technical evangelists have posted their NetBeans presentations for you to download. Discover the benefits of using NetBeans, cool features, and how to use it to work with various Java technologies. Spread the word!
What motivates you to contribute code to an open source project like NetBeans? Please tell us and take part in our Open Source Project Code Contributor Survey. Choose NetBeans from the pop-up where it asks for which project you want to answer.
NetBeans IDE won an award in the category Best Software Development Solution of SIIA's 21st Annual CODiE Awards. Both journalist and peer-company reviews are used to identify leaders and innovators in the software, digital content and education technology industries.
Last Monday, the winners were announced at NetBeans Day Sao Paulo. The plugins were judged on criteria such as runtime quality, code quality, originality and usefulness. Some plugins were developed by individuals, some by teams. All are open-source.
Can you match the glyphs correctly with the corresponding language? Each week will give away five cool t-shirts to the ones who match most glyphs. The competition will run every week beginning Monday. The winners are announced weekly:
What did Tim Cramer say about the Matisse Port at EclipseCon? What applications are using the NetBeans Rich Client Platform? How can I create mobile applications? And why does Dick sound as if he was interviewed in the bathroom? Find out in this PodCast.
Sun's Director of Java Tools, Tim Cramer, spoke at EclipseCon and explained that Matisse4MyEclipse is good for the Java Community. Coverage in Ed Burnette's blog.
NetBeans Software Day Singapore was a big success. Over 130 people listened to presentations about and saw demos of the features in NetBeans that distinguish it from the competition. And the best part: there were free prizes! :-) Check out the photo report.
The nomination period for the NB Governance Board closes on Wednesday at midnight. Please community leaders and help support NetBeans. If you use the anonymous contact form, be sure to include an email contact for them if possible so we can get their approval.
Thank you for sending in all those cool screenshots - lots of NetBeans users have customized their IDE's Look & Feel. Check out the 33 best Swing looks and see who won one of three iPod Nanos, 10 USB flash memory sticks or 30 NetBeans T-Shirts!
About 950 visitors joined Tim and Sridar in India for a live demonstration of NetBeans 5.0, the NetBeans Platform, and the NetBeans Mobility Pack. Thank you to all fellow NetBeans community members for coming to Chennai — check out this photo report!
NetBeans Evangelist and blogger extraordinaire Roman Strobl has a new podcast covering all things NetBeans. This week's edition discusses the NetBeans 5.0 RC2 release, the Matisse Flash Tutorial, Sandip Chitale's blog, and much more. Subscribe today!
Join us on February 9th in Chennai, India for our next stop of the NetBeans worldTour! NetBeans team members will give live demonstrations of NetBeans 5.0, the NetBeans Rich Client Platform, and the NetBeans Mobility Pack. Register today!
Join us in Bangkok, Thailand, for our next stop of the NetBeans worldTour! Members of the NetBeans team will give you a live demonstration of what makes NetBeans the best IDE, NetBeans as a Rich Client Platform, the NetBeans Mobility Pack, and of course NetBeans 5.0.
Have you customised your NetBeans IDE Look & Feel? Share your customisation and you could win one of three iPod Nanos, 10 USB flash memory sticks or 30 NetBeans T-Shirts!
Read the latest trip report from NetBeans day 2005 in Toronto, complete with photos.
The NetBeans team has been busy in Brazil. In November alone, we participated in the Maratona 4 Java and the Sou+Java Symposium, embarked on a nine city training tour, and launched an exciting, new initiative that focuses on NetBeans plug-in development entitled Desafio NetBeans. Find out more in this article from Ruth Kusterer and Robert Demmer.
Get the inside scoop on what happened at NetBeans Day Tokyo from Evangelist Gregg Sporar.
Need more information on NetBeans? Over fifteen books about or using the NetBeans IDE are already in print. Find out which title is best for you at the new NetBeans bookshelf.
After the success of NetBeans Day - San Francisco, the NetBeans Team has hit the road for a ten city around-the-world tour. Our first stop was in Beijing on Monday, 12 September. Find out what happened in this first hand article from author Tori Wieldt.

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