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Spanish Edition Dutch Edition Russian Edition  Issue 24
NetBeans Edge, Issue 24
NetBeans Day and JavaOne 2004 have passed. It amazes me every year how fast it comes and goes. In this issue of the NetBeans Edge we take high level overview of what has passed and announcements made concerning NetBeans.

Before we get started have you seen the new NetBeans.org website? The new design offers more appealing colors and serves up a new home page to help our diverse audience get started easier. This is one of many of the exciting changes that are in store. Stay tuned.

NetBeans Day and JavaOne 2004.
In this issue's editorial section I would like to share my personal views on the events in San Francisco. More developers, more businesses and others who weren't in-the-know concerning NetBeans are waking up to the reality that the open source project named NetBeans not only offers a superb IDE but is on the leading edge of new technologies and helping to drive a general concensus that open source products are now a viable option.

The NetBeans project (the most mature open source IDE project on the market) has taken some unfair hits in the media over the past year despite experiencing its' strongest growth ever and receiving industry awards; albite in a stealthy fashion. This is natural phenomonon we see dating back to high school when all of the school boys and school girls wanting to take the new student to the dance. We have all seen the hype, intrigue and speculation in the media concerning software development tools. That is beginning to die down.

Developers and businesses alike are now looking at the products themselves and making their software choices based upon their individual needs instead of choosing what is perceived by others. Competition in the marketplace is good for open source and good for users. The problem that I do see however, is that there are so many NetBeans users out there but we tend to be a silent mass. NetBeans rattles many cages but it is about time that we shout with a loud voice and let people know that you are part of the NetBeans team. You can Move the Needle!

After speaking with the attendees of NetBeans Day and JavaOne I am stuned by the sheer number of new products in the marketplace that based on NetBeans. You will be amazed as we begin to roll out the articles. Developers are overwhelming happy with the progress that NetBeans continues to make based upon their feedback. You will continue to see NetBeans products built for developers by developers who are listening and soliciting your feedback.

NetBeans is laying a gauntlet for the competition to run and the announcements in this issue are some of the contributing factors. You help make the changes in the product and you can help change the Edge by contributing your story to .

   Robert Demmer
NetBeans 4.0 Unveiled At NetBeans Day
NetBeans Release 4.0 Includes Performance Profiler and Refactoring Based on Technology from Jackpot Project.

SAN FRANCISCO - 2004 JavaOne(sm) Conference - Sun Microsystems, Inc., the creator and leading advocate of Java(tm) technology, announced release 4.0 of the NetBeans(tm) project. The NetBeans 4.0 IDE will have the capability to develop full Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE(tm)) applications, including support for Enterprise JavaBeans(tm) (EJB(tm)) technology and Web services, as well as mobile development support. Other release 4.0 highlights include a new Java technology performance profiler based on patent-pending technology originally developed at Sun Labs and refactoring capabilities based on Dr. James Gosling's Jackpot project.

These new capabilities represent a contribution by Sun of approximately 350,000 lines of code valued at $14 million from its commercial Sun(tm) Java(tm) Studio Standard integrated development environment (IDE) to the NetBeans open source project (www.netbeans.org).

Sun made these announcements at the inaugural NetBeans Software Day, a gathering of NetBeans developers and partners being held today in conjunction with the 2004 JavaOne Conference. The NetBeans Day features a keynote by Dr. James Gosling, chief technology officer for the Developer Platforms Group at Sun.

[full press release]   
The NetBeans Profiler Project
NetBeans Profiler is a project to integrate the JFluid profiling technoglogy, which is being developed by Sun, into the NetBeans IDE. The aim of this project is to provide a powerful and flexible profiling solution that is tightly integrated into the IDE workflow. As the size and complexity of Java applications grow, keeping their performance at the required level becomes progressively difficult. That is why we believe profiling should become a natural part of the development work cycle. To achieve that, we would like to make profiling easy-to-use and as unobtrusive as possible - and the JFluid technology that we use, with dynamic bytecode instrumentation at its heart, suits this goal perfectly.
[more information]   
NetBeans J2EE Features Release Plan
The goal of this project is to enhance NetBeans to a universal tool for the full J2EE 1.4 platform, including support for Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) and Web Services. These new features will be fully integrated with the Ant-based project system, introduced in NetBeans 4.0. J2EE development will be tightly integrated with the bundled Sun Java Application Server, so it will be possible to test run and debug enterprise applications out of the box. An Early Access release of J2EE support will be published shortly after the NetBeans 4.0 release.

We believe that these enhancements will make NetBeans an excellent and appealing tool for development of large scale Enterprise Applications, that take advantages of the full J2EE platform.

[more information]   
Nokia Chooses The NetBeans Platform
Nokia offers a complete solution for managing mobile networks and end-user services, called Nokia NetAct(TM), ranging from control-room software for 24/7/365 monitoring of the network to software for graphical network optimization. Nokia NetActTM has been delivered to more than 300 customers around the world.

Managing a mobile network is a complex subject matter where end users require the help of a diverse range of graphical tools. The integration and seamless cooperation of these tools is a must. With the introduction of the NetBeans platform as base for its tool development, Nokia hopes to boost the network operator's efficiency in carrying out network management tasks just in the same way as integrated development environments (IDEs) boost software development productivity.

[complete article]   
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