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French Edition Dutch Edition Russian Edition  Issue 23
NetBeans Edge, Issue 23

With the advent of summer in the Northern Hemisphere things are beginning to heat up.

Preparation for NetBeans Day and JavaOne are well underway and we hope to see as many of you there as possible. For everything NetBeans there is no other place to be.

NetBeans.org website traffic, mailing list subscriptions, and downloads are higher now than ever. A better IDE, greater community involvement, and tremendous industry support are a few of the driving forces. Your participation too, helps drive both the NetBeans project and the organization of our first NetBeans Day!

Here is another way to get involved. Have you ever dreamed of being a writer and having your work published? Well, this is your chance. Write a how-to, design a tutorial, perform an interview, create a flash presentation and tell us how you use NetBeans or why you love it. It is your story, so tell the world what you think they should know about NetBeans! If your story is published in the Edge we will send you a NetBeans T-shirt. Send your story at any time to .

With our foot on the pedal we are speeding onward. A new website design premiers in late June and a NetBeans 4.0 beta follows in early July. Put your seat belt on because NetBeans is taking off!

See you next month when you stay one step ahead with the NetBeans Edge!

   Robert Demmer
NetBeans Software Day
NetBeans Day - 4k

NetBeans Day is drawing ever closer.

Get the hottest ticket in San Francisco June 29th for free.

Learn more about:

  • The latest advances in NetBeans Technology
  • Developing NetBeans Plug-ins for the IDE & Platform
  • J2EE Development With NetBeans
  • Building Mobile Applications With NetBeans
  • NetBeans Partners
  • And much more...
Seats are limited, so if you are not registered please do so today. And as a special bonus you will get a JavaOne Pavilion pass for Tuesday free when you sign up!

Also available for NetBeans community members is a $200 discount on a full JavaOne pass.

[NetBeans Day information]   
NetBeans Software Media Kit on CD
NB CD - 4kThe wildly popular NetBeans IDE 3.6 is now available for your convenience on CD.

Get the latest NetBeans IDE 3.6 Multilingual (English, Japanese and Simplified Chinese) software media kit at a minimal cost.

Everything you need to begin developing Java applications is included: NetBeans IDE 3.6, the Java 2 Platform Standard Edition 1.4.2 and mobility plug-in pack for NetBeans, tutorials, and much more.

Supports Windows, Solaris and Linux environments.

[order the NetBeans software media kit]   
NetBeans Governance Board Voting
Governance - 2kThe NetBeans Board Elections closed yesterday, June 16. All of the votes have been counted and we are announcing the board members.

First, let's take a look at all of the candidates that took part in this very close race:

  • Vincent Brabant
  • Meg Garrison
  • Glenn Holmer
  • David Strupl
  • Lluis Turro
  • Rich Unger
The community representatives in the new NetBeans' Governance Board will be Rich Unger and David Strupl (re-elected) if they accept.

Sun will appoint the third member to the board by Friday, June 25th. Thanks again to all of the people who participated in the voting, and please join me in congratulating Rich and David.

[governance board]   
Module Catalogue
Catalogue - 7kJRefactory - Refactoring

JRefactory enables formatting of code via a pretty printer with many coding styles and options, default JavaDoc comments and tags are optionally generated. Find bugs 0.7.2 is included, as is a Cut and Paste detector and a version of PMD that is integrated with Refactoring support. Also, a UML class diagram viewer allows refactoring actions to be started. There are 16 powerful refactorings implemented.

App Perfect Code Analyzer - Java Tools

AppPerfect Code Analyzer is designed to perform two key software development functions: the review of Java code and enforcement of good coding practices. AppPerfect Code Analyzer performs static analysis of your Java and Java Server Pages (JSP) source code.

AppPerfect Unit Tester - Test Tools

AppPerfect Unit Tester is a unit test management system. It automates the generation and execution of your unit tests, and forms the basis of software testing at the developer level. Unit testing generally refers to testing software based on the smallest logical unit of that software. In Java, this typically is a class file.

AppPerfect JVM Profiler - Profiling

AppPerfect J2EE/JVM Profiler helps you diagnose and resolve performance problems, multi-threading problems, system resource usage problems, and memory leaks in your Java applications to ensure the highest level of stability and scalability for your applications. AppPerfect J2EE/JVM Profiler provides you with a root-cause analysis of these problems to help you resolve them.

Struts Console - Web

The updated Struts Console 4.6 is a free standalone Java Swing application for developing and managing Struts-based applications. With the Struts Console you can visually edit JSP Tag Library, Struts, Tiles and Validator configuration files.

[module catalogue]   
Press & Articles
Press - 2kUpdated Web Apps FAQ - If you are developing Web Apps and have questions this page is a good place to start.

Corrected Web Module Quick Start URL - In the last edition of the NetBeans Edge we provided an incorrect URL to this document. In this Edge we fix our mistake.

Sun Meets Global Demand for Alternative Desktop - The new Java Desktop System delivers a rich development environment for Linux and Java developers which includes the NetBeans IDE 3.6.

eWeek Reviews the NetBeans IDE - With unusual breadth of support for many types of Java projects, especially in such an inexpensive tool (freely downloadable or $9.95 on CD), NetBeans.org's NetBeans 3.6 maintains the open-source community's brisk pace of standards-based innovation while paving the way for important refinements of the Java language and platform.

Java set for a big leap forward - To maximize Java, Gosling suggested the usage of IDE (integrated development environment) tools that can assist in the whole development process. "There are tools for just about everybody," said Gosling. Come highly recommended is the NetBeans IDE which, said Gosling, is a core development tool which is also a platform for other tools being as extensible as NetBeans is.

Review: NetBeans 3.6 Usability - Note that this is more of a usability review than a feature review. NetBeans is big on features (here's a list of what's new in 3.6 - its impressive). The feature list is one of NetBeans' major strong points. So if we take that as read, let's focus on the areas of this powerful IDE that really need improvement.

NetBeans 4.0 to Feature Refactoring, Ant Integration - While NetBeans 3.6, which shipped in mid-April, sported a new interface, NetBeans 4.0, which is slated to ship in August, will feature a new project system that works with Apache Ant and will support changes in the Java programming language.

[press archives]   
JUnit Test Generator (TG)
Swinburne - 1kStudents of Swinburne University, Melbourne Australia, have just completed the first phase of a JUnit Test Generator, which goes under the working title TG. Their initial goal was to provide a tool for teachers and professors that automates the correction of student work. In the end, they have developed something with much wider applicability - a front end to JUnit which greatly simplifies and speeds the production of unit test scripts. At the same time, it gives the developer absolute flexibility in modifying these scripts to satisfy their unique requirements.

TG does the following:

  • Reads a Java class's properties and converts them to XML for easy manipulation;
  • Displays the class and its components in a browsable tree;
  • Allows tests to be appended to each of the public methods;
  • Provides a 'tool box' for adding common test elements - asserts, try catch blocks etc., to each test as it is built in a separate editor pane;
  • Uses a built in syntax highlighting editor for working on the tests;
  • Generates a native Java test case from the collection of tests;
  • Compiles and runs the test case;
  • Saves reloadable tests both as XML and as Java code.
TG incorporates numerous other features, which can be investigated by running the beta webstart version also available here.

There is an extensive help system for assisting with those aspects of the system which are not immediately obvious. Any feedback is very welcome - use the 'About' page for contact details, or the project home page at:

Phase two of the project will involve the development test control and distribution systems. We are hoping to make this an official NetBeans project. NetBeans is used by all our java students, and one option we will certainly be looking at is to integrate TG into the NetBeans IDE.

[project homepage]   Wayne Abrehart
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