NetBeans Magazine - Issue Two - Nov 2006

To celebrate the NetBeans 5.5 launch, NetBeans has put together the second edition of NetBeans Magazine, focusing on enterprise development. You can view this issue as a whole or as individual articles.

This edition of NetBeans Magazine covers a wide range of new features in NetBeans 5.5 and its main extensions, while also delving into core Java technologies. A thorough tutorial puts the new features in Java EE 5 through their paces, using NetBeans to build a complete enterprise application with JPA persistence, EJB 3.0 components and JSF. In two other articles, you learn step by step how to use the new visual BPEL designer to create and test a business process, and also to develop web services starting from Java SE projects. A quick-start tutorial shows you how to develop a plug-in module that connects to Google Code Search, and a comprehensive article covers the NetBeans Platform presenting the design ideas behind NetBeans’ pluggable architecture. You also learn UML modeling in practice by reverse-engineering a complete Java application. And this edition highlights the pervasiveness of the NetBeans community by showcasing a sampling of NetBeans-related projects and initiatives from around the world.


Individual Atricles

NetBeans Magazine Issue Two
NetBeans Community Worldwide (1.3MB) A global sample of the sprawling NetBeans community: people, projects and places.
Not Just an IDE (4MB) Working with the NetBeans Platform and the NetBeans Module System – and the case for modular development.
Plug in to Google Code Search (1.9MB) Create a plug-in module to integrate Google Code Search in NetBeans, with only three lines of Java code .
Java EE 5 in Practice (2.2MB) A critical exploration of Java EE 5's new productivity features, focusing on EJB 3.0, JPA, and NetBeans 5.5 tooling support.
Java SE Web Services (2MB) Develop, consume and deploy Java SE based web services productively using the NetBeans IDE.
UML Modeling in Action (4.2MB) Learn to use the NetBeans UML Modeling Project by reverse engineering a Java application in the IDE.
Strategic Partners (0.27MB) Companies adding new features and capabilities to NetBeans amplify the value to developers.
BPEL Designer Kick Start (3.3MB) Exploring visual design capabilities in NetBeans to create, test and deploy a BPEL process and a composite application.

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