NetBeans Magazine - Issue One - May 2006

As part of third annual NetBeans Software Day and the 2006 JavaOne Conference, NetBeans has put together a magazine of highlights that are captivating developers worldwide. You can view this issue as a whole or as individual articles.

This special first edition of NetBeans Magazine showcases a wide selection of IDE and extension features, from desktop and web development to plug-in module creation. Beginners will learn how to develop a complete desktop application using Matisse and other IDE facilities. Seasoned programmers will also benefit, knowing details about the NetBeans Profiler, which introduces breakthrough innovations in profiling tools, and further learn about GroupLayout, the layout manager that is the core of Matisse. Also shown is how to use IDE features and modules to detect bug patterns, enforce code conventions, and closely follow coding rules that promote overall quality and reduce maintenance costs.


Full NetBeans Magazine Issue One (34.5MB) 68 Pages including: 7 articles, NetBeans Day information and actitivies at 2006 JavaOne Conference

Source Code

Individual Articles

A Complete App Using NetBeans 5 (12MB) Using Matisse and more to create a complete application, from UI to database access

Plug-in Module Showcase (2.3MB) Enrich your development experience with dozens of NetBeans extensions

Web Development with NetBeans 5 (2.8MB) Use the best of NetBeans to develop and debug JSPs, Servlets, and Struts applications

Writing Quality Code with NetBeans IDE (2.6MB) Exploring rules, modules and IDE features that increase code quality and avoid common bugs

Plug-in Module Quick Start (2.2MB) Build plug-in modules step by step, using the new extensibility APIs in NetBeans 5

Exploring the NetBeans Profiler (2.2MB) An in-depth exploration and tutorial about the best profiling tool on the market

Get to Know GroupLayout (11MB) Learn details about the new layout manager that powers the Matisse GUI builder

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