NetBeans Magazine – Issue Four – December 2007

The highly anticipated NetBeans 6.0 release is now available!

To coincide with the launch of 6.0, this latest issue of NetBeans Magazine features 62 pages of in-depth articles. The project and community have been hard at work redefining developer productivity with a smarter, faster editor, and the integration of all NetBeans products into one IDE. NetBeans IDE 6.0 features Ruby/JRuby/Ruby on Rails support, enhancements for improved Swing development, a new Visual Game Designer, updated Data Binding support, integrated Profiling, and more.

In addition to the NetBeans release, be sure to take a look around the newly redesigned website and Both have been enhanced to help you find what you need, when you need it and enable you to get involved in the areas of the project that you are interested in. We hope that NetBeans Magazine continues to live up to your expectations and we look forward to your feedback. Enjoy!

You can view the magazine as a whole or as individual articles.

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Contents & Individual articles

NetBeans Magazine - Issue 4

Dynamic Web Development with Ruby and NetBeans 6.0

Roman Strobl

Exploring the main Ruby features in the IDE: syntax highlighting, code completion, refactoring, full Rails support, and more

[ PDF (6 MB) | HTML ]

Advanced Profiling: Real-World Code Explorations

Osvaldo Doederlein

Using the major new Profiler features in NetBeans 6.0, and applying profiling techniques and best practices in a real-world tutorial

[ PDF (3 MB) | HTML ]

NetBeans Localization: Spreading the IDE to Many Worlds

Janice Campbell

How a global community is making NetBeans more accessible to non-English speaking developers – one language at a time

[ PDF (4 MB) | HTML ]

Building RESTful Web Services in NetBeans

Peter Liu

Rapid code generation and testing, invoking 3rd-party services using RESTful components, and building client apps with generated JavaScript client libraries

[ PDF (3 MB) | HTML ]

Module Development with Maven 2 and NetBeans 6.0

Emilian Bold

Fully enabling Maven-based module creation: from basic aspects to building help modules, module suite construction, and branding

[ PDF (5 MB) | HTML ]

Schliemann in the Field: a Practical Basis for Language Support

Geertjan Wielenga

People and projects that are using the Generic Languages Framework to add to NetBeans’ variety

[ PDF (2 MB) | HTML ]

Creative Uses of the Visual Library

Fabrizio Giudici

Using the graph manipulation and visualization API newly introduced in NetBeans 6.0 to solve problems beyond its basic scope

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