Build process lists has an automated build and test processes. This includes continuous, daily and release build processes, Q-Build builds. Automated tests are run against the daily builds to check for API changes or against continuous builds to execute unit validation tests.

If you are tesing or working with the build system or the APIs, you may be interested in subscribing to the following lists, which consist solely of the output of this build process. Note that the automated_builds is expected to be very high volume, often 1 msg every 20minutes, each potentially up to 200K.

For further build related mailing lists see list of nbbuild's mailing lists.

List, info, archives Links
Output of the continuous, automated build, regardless the branch
Average Posts / week : 200
Output of the failed continuous, daily, automated builds or unit tests regardless the branch or purpose
Average Posts / week : ~40
Issue change notification mailing list for module nbbuild
Average Posts / week : ~15
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