Issues = Bugs, Feature Requests, and Enhancements

File an Issue

To file an issue (bug or feature request) in the bugtracking system (Bugzilla):

  1. Join, and log in;   (Why do I need to Join?)

  2. Check the Docs & Support Resources to see if your question is answered in the usersguide or FAQs;

  3. Check to see if your issue has already been reported:

     "Search the "summary" fields of open bugs:
     "Search the "description" fields of open bugs:

  4. Enter a New Issue for the NetBeans IDE or NetBeans Platform   (Cookies must be enabled)

Help - This Looks Complicated!

If you're new to Bugzilla, take a moment to browse these introductory docs.

Other Issue Features

  • Bug Dashboard

  • Jump to Issue #:
    If you know the number of the issue you are looking for, use the form above to jump directly to it.
  • For website, source code repository, or mailing list problems file an issue against the www project.

About the Issue Tracking System

The NetBeans open source project is using Bugzilla, to track bugs and enhancement requests. Bugzilla is an open source bug tracking system developed and used by Mozilla. You can use Bugzilla to browse existing bugs, enter new bugs, or modify the details of an existing bug.

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