NetBeans guidelines are made available to simplify standard procedures and ensure that all members of the community abide by them. This is meant to create a uniform way of doing things with NetBeans and Please see the following topics:

Commit Rules: Committing changes to the NetBeans repository should be done with care - here's how to check and validate your changes before commiting.

Release Process: If you are intested in how new versions of the NetBeans IDE are released, this is the place. Find information about the release process, Release Managers, and their responsibilities.

Code Conventions: Formatting, programming practices, and other conventions used in the NetBeans codebase.

Quality Evangelism: What are the benefits of writing unit tests and using various tools for finding bugs? These are the tools that Netbeans developers use for increasing the quality of our codebase and it's also a summary of reasons why one should write unit tests.

i18n: This document provides recommendations on how to organize the localization and internationalization (L10n and I18N) of modules in the NetBeans IDE. Other topics include I18N features, bundle messages, bundle debugging, how to write better *.properties files, templates, help documentation, branded localization and more.

AutoUpdate Content Management Process: A description of the guidelines for managing the content of the NetBeans AutoUpdate servers - the process for adding and removing modules.

API Review Process: A description of the guidelines on reviewing the APIs - from proposing a change through to implementing it.

Module Writer's Upgrade Guide: A module writer's upgrade guide - API changes you should be aware of, changes you might need to make to your code, and tips to ensure the best integration in the latest release.

NetBeans Project Website Guidelines: Every project has it's own website, maintained by developers working on that project. Here's how to make the most of your website.

  • NetBeans WWW Guidelines: How to commit images, binaries and HTML pages for documentation or articles. Covers naming conventions, permissions, formatting, links.

  • NetBeans CSS Guidelines: The NetBeans stylesheets has predefined CSS classes that you can use for consistent alignment, tables, colors, boxes, icons, and borders.

NetBeans Board Election Process: The NetBeans Board consists of two publicly nominated and elected members, and one Sun-appointed member. Elections are held every 6 months.

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