NetBeans Community Contributors

The NetBeans Team extends its gratitude to the community contributors listed on this page for their time and effort on behalf of the NetBeans project.

NetBeans Mailing List Moderators
NetBeans Plugin Verifiers
NetCAT Testers
NetFIX Developers
NetBeans Dream Team

NetBeans Mailing List Moderators

The public NetBeans mailing lists are monitored by volunteers who daily evaluate incoming moderation requests to protect mailing list subscribers from spam and other malicious e-mails.

Name: Aurelian Tutuianu
Country: Romania

NetBeans has a special place in my heart. I have used it since Forte for Java 3.0 CE. I am still amazed about the pace and value of open source software. This is not my first contribution to the great NetBeans community and for sure this will not be the last. A small payback to the community as a sign of attachment and esteem.
Doug McNeil, NetBeans mailing list moderator Name: Doug McNeil
Country: Canada

I'm a 7-Year NetBeans user and plugin writer. OSS when it works is great...and keeping it working requires involvement! So get involved! When not programming or otherwise involved with software development I'm out dirt biking, canoeing or skiing.

NetBeans Plugin Verifiers

The NetBeans Plugin Portal houses hundreds of modules, but only verified plugins are published to the NetBeans Update Center. Certifying plugins is handled by the following capable individuals from the NetBeans community.

Merl's picture Name: Merl J. Creps Jr.
Country: USA

Netbeans is a great platform to develop application in easy to use, loads of plugins and a great knowledge base in its community. Keep up the good work.
Carlos's picture Name: Carlos Quintanilla
Country: Belgium

Being part of such an important open source project and community is really cool! I'm really enjoying working as a plugin verifier and getting more and more involved with the NetBeans IDE and the Java tools.
Jonathan's picture Name: Jonathan Lermitage
Country: France

Do not hesitate to join the NetBeans community. Contribute does not mean debug thousands lines of code per day or write Javadoc, you can help in many different ways and spend quality time with some very interesting people!

NetCAT Testers

Everyone likes new features, right? We believe though that quality is also a feature. Implementing new features in the product not only involves testing that new functionality is stable but also making sure that existing functionality does not regress. In 2004, we introduced a Beta testing program called NetCAT to address this challenge. Over the years more than 1000 volunteers have taken part in this community testing effort and have helped with stabilizing development builds. NetCAT programs are now a necessary part of every release cycle because nothing compares to feedback from those who use the product regularly.
NetCAT 3.6 (40 testers)
NetCAT 4.0 (60 testers)
NetCAT 4.1 (60 testers)
NetCAT 5.0 (150 testers)
NetCAT 6.0 (60 testers)
NetCAT 6.5 (60 testers)
NetCAT 6.7 (90 testers)
NetCAT 6.8 (90 testers)
NetCAT 6.9 (60 testers)
NetCAT 7.0 (90 testers)
NetCAT 7.1 (70 testers)
NetCAT 7.2 (80 testers)
NetCAT 7.3 (90 testers)
NetCAT 7.4 (110 testers)
NetCAT 8.0 (110 testers)

NetFIX Developers

While the NetBeans project is flush with testers, some community members prefer to contribute code. For them, we created the NetFIX program in 2009. The NetFIX team consists of developers who browse NetBeans Bugzilla for bugs, fix them locally, and provide patches.
NetFIX 6.7 (4 developers)
NetFIX 6.8 (9 developers)
NetFIX 6.9 (15 developers)

NetBeans Dream Team

Given the size of the NetBeans community there are users who stand out for their commitment and enthusiasm to the NetBeans project. In January 2007, NetBeans Dream Team was created to acknowledge these dedicated community evangelists. Dream team members speak about NetBeans at conferences, write books or blog about NetBeans, support developers on public mailing lists, encourage product adoption, and more. Many are consultants thanks to their deep understanding of the NetBeans RCP, are well known in the community and have multiple nominations and elections to NetBeans Governance Board.

Anton Epple

Antonio Vieiro

Anuradha Gunasekara

Caoyuan Deng

Emilian Bold

Ernie Rael

Fabrizio Giudici

Jacek Laskowski

Joerg Plewe

Kristian Rink

Masoud Kalali

Michael Santos Nascimento

Rich Unger

Ryan de Laplante

Tonny Kohar

Wade Chandler

Javier Ortiz

Michel Graciano

Edvin Syse

Tushar Joshi

Last Updated: July 21st, 2015
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