Contributing Articles and Demos to the NetBeans Web Site

Here are some things you can do:

  • Write a Tutorial
    We have a template you can use, and a wish list of possible topics. When you are done, send the tutorial to Community Docs Team. Don't worry, if you don't want to write a whole tutorial, just send us a sample project and your list of steps and best practices that you discovered, and our writers will turn them into a tutorial, with your name on it as contributor.

  • Record a Screencast
    We have some guidelines for creating video demos with free tools. You can make a video demo from any existing tutorial, or create a new video demo. Make the ZIP of the demo available somewhere (they are often too big to e-mail) and send us a link to Webmaster. We'll post it in the Screencasts page.

  • Blog About NetBeans
    If you have a blog that regularly talks about NetBeans IDE either in English or in another language, we'd love to list it on the Planet NetBeans site. See the instructions, and send us the link to your blog feed!

  • Translate NetBeans
    Are you interested in efforts to localize web site content, or the IDE itself, in your native language? We would love your help! See the Localization Quick Start page for info.
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