Contributing Modules

If you are interested in contributing a NetBeans module, we recommend the following steps.

  1. Check whether someone else has already written a plugin that does what you want:

    • Search the Plugin Portal

    • In the IDE, choose Tools > Plugins to see lists of all available stable plugins. Do the same in a daily build for plugins still in development.

    • Ask on the NetBeans developer mailing list ( - see mailing lists for details of subscribing) whether anyone else has already begun work on such a module, or has some ideas, or test code, etc.
  2. Assuming that no one else has anything solid, start coding!

    Read the NetBeans Plugin Quick Start and other tutorials on to learn how.

  3. If you need web hosting space, a project page, or a file versioning system, we recommend you request a project on or! Remember to put some license notice or at least a copyright on the files that you publish.

  4. Log on as a NetBeans community member and submit your plugin to the NetBeans plugin portal to make it available to other NetBeans users.

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