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Welcome to the home of NetBeans, the Open-Source Java IDE.

What is NetBeans?

NetBeans is a successful open-source project with a very large user base, a vibrant developer community, and over 100 global partners. Sun Microsystems founded and sponsored the NetBeans open-source project in June 2000. After acquiring Sun Microsystems in 2010, Oracle took over the project's sponsorship.

Two products exist: The NetBeans IDE and the NetBeans Platform.

The NetBeans IDE is a development environment, a tool for programmers to write, compile, debug and deploy programs. It is written in Java but can be used for any programming language. A vast number of modules exist with which to extend the NetBeans IDE. The NetBeans IDE is a free product with no restrictions on how it can be used. The NetBeans Platform is a modular and extensible foundation for creating large desktop applications. ISV partners provide value-added plugins that easily integrate into the Platform and that can also be used to develop their own tools and solutions.

Both products are open-source and free for commercial and non-commercial use. The source code is available for reuse under the Common Development and Distribution License ( CDDL) v1.0 and the GNU General Public License (GPL) v2.

What is NetBeans.org?

NetBeans.org is the home of the NetBeans open-source project and community. Through NetBeans.org users worldwide are connected to the resources and people associated with the NetBeans project. Users can download the latest versions of NetBeans software, contribute code, view tutorials and support documentation, strengthen their knowledge of Java, follow NetBeans news, join mailing lists, learn about the people involved project, make contacts, and much more.

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Stay Informed

NetBeans offers a variety of mailing lists to accommodate your level of interest and foster communication between NetBeans users. See the NetBeans mailing lists page to learn more about NetBeans mailing lists.

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The lists is a general discussion list for NetBeans related issues, tips and tricks, and more in XX! .

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NetBeans is an open source project where your participation counts! There are many ways to contribute: Help to answer users' questions on the mailing list; translate the NetBeans IDE, NetBeans Platform or NetBeans.org website content into your language; volunteer to test software; and contribute code!

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