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When you are in your home town, you don't really notice the translations of the signs into other languages. When you are traveling, though, those translations provide valuable information and peace of mind. That's how we like to think of translating NetBeans into other languages: you could code using the English version of NetBeans, but it would be a better experience to work in your native language. We'd rather have you focus on your work, and be really sure what that error message means! NetBeans community members have been working hard to provide versions of NetBeans in more languages, and more information about NetBeans for you to read in your native language.

NetBeans 5.0 in Russian and Korean

Photo of Maxym Mykhalchuk, Максим Михальчук NetBeans 5.0 is now available in two more languages: Russian and Korean! This adds to the current offerings of NetBeans 5.0 in English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. The languages offered for each release are under the drop-down list "Choose Localization Language." Visit the 5.0 download page and see.

We will offer more translations as they are made available by community members just like you. The Russian version, for example, was solely contributed by Maxym Mykhalchuk (A.K.A. Mihmax). Maxym is also one of the founders of the NetBeans Translation Project where you can get in touch with other translation enthusiasts like him. Why not join and localize the IDE to your mother tongue?

NB 5.5 Beta 2 in Chinese and Japanese

For the very first time, a NetBeans Beta has been made available in Japanese and Simplified Chinese. Download them and give feedback to the localization team! Choose your languages from the dropdown list on the 5.5 Beta 2 download page.

For more detailed release information in Japanese and Simplified Chinese, see these pages:

The NetBeans Translation Project

Started by NetBeans community members, the NetBeans Translation project coordinates efforts to translate the NetBeans application (the UI, error messages, etc.) and help content (documentation, tutorials and articles). There are already projects underway for Japanese, Chinese, Russian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Albanian, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Czech and German. You can join these projects or you can also start a new translation project for a new language (Klingon?). If you've got the desire to help a lot or a little, the NetBeans Translation project would love to have you stop by. Visit http://nblocalization.netbeans.org// to join.

If you're interested in translating website content, great! Check out the localisation quick-start guide.

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