300 Reasons to Subscribe to NetBeans Weekly Newsletter

July 16, 2007

This week marks a milestone publication for the NetBeans Weekly Newsletter—its 300th issue! Delivered to email boxes every Monday since January 29, 2001, NetBeans Weekly has kept the NetBeans community informed about developments—big and small—related to NetBeans.

Here are 300 reasons why to NetBeans Weekly is a great idea.

1. Start the week with the latest news about NetBeans. It's good for you.

2. We show you how to tap into the power of the NetBeans Platform.

3. And jazz up your programming with Ruby.

4–14. We support 11 other languages as well: Java, JavaScript, HTML, XML, BPEL, CSS, XSL, JSP, DTD, TLD and WSDL.

15. Tutorials, tutorials, tutorials!

16. Insider tips on cool things you can do with NetBeans, such as watching a movie in NetBeans. (Issue #276)

17. Our tips are free, and legal.

18–31. Updates about the NetBeans WorldTour—14 locations this coming season—and other NetBeans events around the world.

32. Modules, modules, modules!

33-38. Six Evangelists spreading the Gospel about NetBeans around the world and racking up converts along the way. (Dave Botterill, Tim Boudreau, Brian Leonard, Ashwin Rao, Gregg Sporar, Roman Strobl.)

39. Goodbye Gridbag. Hello Matisse! (Issue #225)

40–116. Get inspired by our sample applications—we've got 77. Check out our top five.

117. Learn why the NetBeans Profiler rocks. (Issue #288)

118–148. Tune in to the NetBeans Podcasts (31 episodes, thus far) with Evangelists Roman Strobl and Gregg Sporar.

149. A chance to win cool prizes—snazzy NetBeans t-shirts, NetBeans books or USB sticks—if you listen till the end.

150. Developers who have made the switch to NetBeans. (Issue 278)

151–160. Still not convinced about switching? Here are 10 more reasons.

161. The occasional pop-culture reference. (Issue 268)

162. And a nod to Charles Dickens. (Issue 270)

163–167. Number of issues edited by Jaroslav Tulach, co-creator of NetBeans.

168. The NetBeans Weekly is open-source too! Be a part of the process by project news, blog entries, tutorials, and more, that you think the NetBeans community should know about.

169. Get lectured by the Divas and develop Visual Web applications with style.

170-241. Screencasts are good. 72 demos and counting....

242–250. Links to the global network of NetBeans bloggers blogging in nine languages.

251–263. Profiles of the NetBeans Dream Team—13 diverse and passionate NetBeans advocates.

264–266. Three issues of NetBeans Magazine.

267–281. We support developer literacy. Stock your library with any of these 15 books about NetBeans.

282–293. NetBeans for everyone everywhere. Track the progress of 12 translation teams working to localize NetBeans for non English-speaking developers. Better yet, join the translation effort!

294–298. NetBeans is the only IDE you need, and we have five Jolt awards to prove it.

Never running out of ways to trick out NetBeans.

300. NetBeans 6.0 is due out soon. Do you really want to miss all the fun?

Complete archive of NetBeans Weekly.

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