NetBeans 6.0 Seen and Heard at Javapolis 2007

January 2008

The NetBeans team and community received an auspicious start to the recent Javapolis 2007 conference when James Gosling expressed excitement about the newly released NetBeans 6.0 IDE in his keynote address.

Speaking a month ago in Antwerp, Belgium, to three conference halls packed with developers, Gosling singled out for praise key features of the new version of the NetBeans IDE, including smarter code completion, refactoring and navigation in the improved editor. He extolled NetBeans' extended support for other programming languages, such as C, C++, Ruby, Jruby, JavaScript, and PHP, further adding that developers could also work with independently-created languages in the IDE.

James Gosling at JavaPolis 2007 IReport for NetBeans Demo Giullo Toffoli and James Gosling
(From left to right: James Gosling - Picture by Frank Toussaint; IReport for NetBeans demo; Giulio Toffolli and James Gosling)

Proving that there is no stronger endorsement than one from the renowned father of Java, flocks of conference attendees descended on the NetBeans booth for first-hand demos from NetBeans technology evangelist Brian Leonard, who noted that many were Eclipse users with keen interests in project import and key bindings support.

The introduction of JasperSoft's IReport for NetBeans plugin also made a comparable splash at the five-day conference. IReport founder and lead engineer Giulio Toffoli took the stage, with Gosling watching on, to give a well-received demo of the plugin. An impressive number of developers visited the neighboring JasperSoft booth afterwards and conveyed their excitement about IReport and NetBeans's integration.

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