NetBeans at JavaOne and CommunityOne 2009

NetBeans at JavaOne and CommunityOne

CommunityOne West 2009: See the NetBeans IDE in Action

Join us for the third annual CommunityOne conference in San Francisco. Experience three jam-packed days of education, innovation, and exchange. Whether you're focused on creating robust Web apps, building a scalable infrastructure, or thinking about cloud computing, you'll find sessions on proven free and open-source software (FOSS) technologies and tools. This is stuff you can really get excited about - register now!

There are several sessions using the NetBeans IDE, including

  • Metro Web Services, NetBeans IDE, GlassFish Application Server, and OpenSSO in Action with Amazon WS, Azure, and Office

    Harold Carr introduces you to interoperable web services and OpenSSO in action with Amazon WS, Windows Azure Cloud, Microsoft Office, and identity providers. He uses the NetBeans IDE and the GlassFish application server.

  • NetBeans IDE + Wicket = Reusable Components and Modular Web Apps

    Learn how to reuse existing NetBeans IDE components, developed for the desktop, in a Web application based on Wicket.

For the complete list and more details check the CommunityOne Session Catalog

JavaOne 2009: See the NetBeans IDE in Action

Choose from a variety of tracks, labs, and BOFs that will enhance your skill set, help you problem-solve quicker and more efficiently, show you new tools and products, share code, and give you hands-on opportunities. If you have only one event you can attend this year, make it JavaOne 2009 in San Francisco! Don't miss out and register now!

There are about 25 sessions using the NetBeans IDE, including

  • Ajax Performance Tuning and Best Practice (TS-5400)

    Here you learn how to use various tools such as the NetBeans IDE, Eclipse, Firebug, and YSlow for optimizing and performance tuning of your Ajax-enhanced web applications.

  • Developing RESTful Web Services with JAX-RS and Jersey (BOF-4878)

    The Java API for RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS) is an annotation-driven API that makes it easy to build Java technology-based RESTful Web services. This BOF is an opportunity for developers to meet the Jersey team, ask questions, request demonstrations, and discuss the direction of the Jersey project.

  • Your First Mobile Game (LAB-5502)

    This Hands-on Lab takes you through the process of developing a Java mobile game with the assistance of the NetBeans Game Builder. Participants will learn how to design a compelling SVG UI, create an MIDP application, and connect it to a Web service.

For the complete up-to-date list and more details check the JavaOne Session Catalog.

JavaOne 2009: Meet the NetBeans Dream Team

For JavaOne, we have brought together some of the best and the brightest at Sun and from the community to create one forum that gives you time to talk to fellow developers and learn from experts.

For the first time at the JavaOne conference, the NetBeans Dream Team is participating in the Community Corner. The Dream Teamers speak regularly to Java user groups and engage with Sun's software development teams via the NetBeans Community Acceptance Testing Program (NetCAT).

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