NetBeans Day at CommunityOne 2008

NetBeans Day 2008 Partner Spotlight

The NetBeans Partner Program recognizes companies that add value to the NetBeans Project by building plugins, endorsing NetBeans as a development environment and/or application platform, and more. At NetBeans Day 2008, some of our partner companies will be on-hand to showcase their technologies and to demonstrate the ways to extend and get the most out of the NetBeans IDE! Here's a preview of what to expect.

Software FX's Chart FX for Java

Tomas Tezak, Product Manager, ChartFX for Java

Tomas Tezak
Product Manager
Chart FX for Java 

What is Software FX, and how did the company become involved with NetBeans?

Software FX, Inc was founded in September of 1993 as a component vendor for the emerging visual development community, which capitalizes on the increasing demand for reusable objects. By providing top-of-the-line components for different development environments, we continue to lead the market in deploying graphic development tools to the expanding development community.

While the company started out with COM-based products and then moved into .NET products, it has always been our objective to provide powerful data visualization solutions for developers in all platforms. Therefore, in 2003 we released Chart FX for Java 6.0 which brought the power and stability of Chart FX to the Java/jsp platform.
While designing and developing this first version of Chart FX for Java, we became involved in the Java community to understand what the needs of our future customer base would be, and what better way to do so than to establish a close working relationship with Sun and the NetBeans team. Those contacts would later lead to other collaborations and ultimately to the current rewarding partnership.

NetBeans-Chart FX7

What were the benefits of integrating Chart FX with the NetBeans IDE?

Our main goal as a component vendor is to create products that are powerful and convenient to use at the same time. We have always strived to give developers the best possible experience when using Chart FX in their applications.
For a charting component with 500+ properties, it was imperative for us to provide an intuitive graphical interface to configure visual properties of the chart. Integrating our Chart FX for Java Designer with the NetBeans IDE was the natural step to take. By combining Chart FX and NetBeans, developers are now able to create and configure the charts graphically in the same environment they are using to code their web applications.

Software FX is presenting a technical demo for NetBeans Day at CommunityOne. Can you tell us about it and what to expect?

The focus of JavaOne for us will be to showcase the latest version of the product, Chart FX for Java 7. The five-minute demo that will be shown during NetBeans day basically portrays in a very condensed way, how easy it is to integrate interactive, data-driven charts into existing web application projects in NetBeans 6.x. That demo will basically show a small part of what we'll have in the breakfast session on May 7th.

What will be covered at the JavaOne Breakfast Session?

There are so many new things in ChartFX for Java 7 that we needed a proper venue to let users see what this new version brings to the table.
Chart FX for Java 7 features a zero footprint, fully interactive UI thanks to a patent-pending, framework-independent implementation of AJAX. This is something we have not seen from any other vendor in the Java market and we wanted to show some of the dynamic things you can do with it, from contextual menus and toolbars to advanced business dashboards that combine charts, gauges and maps for an interactive experience.
The idea is to let developers see how Chart FX for Java and the NetBeans IDE can be combined in order to produce very powerful data visualization applications with very little effort.

Do you have other events planned for the Conference week?

Besides the technical demo on NetBeans day and the Breakfast session, we will have our booth at the pavilion where we will be answering questions and doing one-on-one demos to further showcase the advantages of Chart FX for Java.

What are your future development plans with NetBeans?

There are many things in discussion right now. While the Chart FX plugin for NetBeans already makes things a lot easier for developers working with charts, a couple of manual steps are still required. Our ultimate goal is to achieve total seamless integration with NetBeans through the plugin. Also, we plan to continue growing our partnership with NetBeans by providing more resources to our common users in the shape of NetBeans-specific documentation, articles and samples.
(April 2008)

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