NetBeans Day at CommunityOne 2008

NetBeans Day 2008 Partner Spotlight

The NetBeans Partner Program recognizes companies that add value to the NetBeans Project by building plugins, endorsing NetBeans as a development environment and/or application platform, and more. At NetBeans Day 2008, some of our partner companies will be on-hand to showcase their technologies and to demonstrate the ways to extend and get the most out of the NetBeans IDE! Here's a preview of what to expect.

Eviware Logo

Ole Matzura, CEO, Eviware

Ole Matzura
Architect, soapUI

What is Eviware and how did the company become involved with NetBeans?

eviware is a Swedish open-source software producer making the Web Service Testing tool soapUI. SoapUI is a standalone tool, but creating a NetBeans Plugin was not a difficult choice. Partly because we are NetBeans users ourselves and because we really appreciate the level of inventiveness as well as the commitment to open-source that is prevalent in the NetBeans community and wanted to be part of this. The NetBeans OpenESB and Web Service teams have also been great mentors in making the soapUI Plugin.

What is the soapUI NetBeans plugin? What can developers do with it?

The soapUI NetBeans Plugin is a plugin for testing and simulating Web Services. The plugin integrates into your Web Service development and has the following functionality:

  • Functional Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Web Service Simulation from WSDL
  • Extensive Standards Support
  • Web Service Monitoring and Recording
  • WSDL to Code in more than ten environments
  • WS-Security
  • Reporting and Documentation
  • Fully Groovy Scriptable and Extensible
Soapui NetBeans Plugin
The functionality makes an excellent companion to Agile or Test Driven development. We have built soapUI with one goal in mind, make Web Service Testing Fasy and Fun.

Eviware will present a demo about the plugin at NetBeans Day. What can attendees expect to see or learn?

Since we are doing a very short presentation we will focus on showing how easy it is to simulate Web Services in soapUI.

Do you have other events at JavaOne?

No, but we will be happy to give attendees in-depth demos at our JavaOne booth. Come to booth 425 in SOA Village to see what more the soapUI plugin can do for you.

What's the roadmap for your partnership with NetBeans?

The soapUI Plug in will be regularly updated during the year. Look for a new release during the summer. soapUI integrates well with Web Service Testing and OpenESB and will be in the NetBeans Update Center starting with NetBeans 6.1. We will be looking into how we can further improve NetBeans integration and make the tool work seamlessly with the NetBeans experience. We will be listening to the input given by the Community after 6.1 as well as the NetBeans Teams and then use their input and then try making soapUI better.
(April 2008)

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