NetBeans Day at CommunityOne 2008

NetBeans Day 2008 Partner Spotlight

The NetBeans Partner Program recognizes companies that add value to the NetBeans Project by building plugins, endorsing NetBeans as a development environment and/or application platform, and more. At NetBeans Day 2008, some of our partner companies will be on-hand to showcase their technologies and to demonstrate the ways to extend and get the most out of the NetBeans IDE! Here's a preview of what to expect.

Elixir TechnologyShih Hor Lau, CEO, Elixir Technologies

Shih Hor Lau

What is Elixir Technology and how did the company become involved with NetBeans?

Elixir Technology provides an integrated Business Intelligence platform for Dashboard, Report, Data ETL and Scheduling, based on REST-based Web Services SOA. This award-winning product, Elixir Repertoire, is developed entirely in Java and Swing, which makes it a natural fit for NetBeans integration.  Its REST interface should also appeal to the NetBeans users who develop the next-generation Rich Internet Applications (RIA).

Tell us about the Elixir Repertoire Plugin for NetBeans.

The Repertoire Plugin is a full featured BI Designer to do the following:

  • Create interactive dashboards
  • Design professional reports
  • Define complex data transformations
  • Schedule automated tasks
While all these can be done in coding, this tool allows these designs to be re-used and maintained with ease, freeing the developer to focus on more demanding coding tasks. These functions can then be readily incorporated into any application built with such as Java, JavaFX, Ruby, Groovy, AJAX, etc - without having to install any connector or clients.
Elixir Repertoire Plugin for NetBeans

With REST API as its underlying native interface, these BI "resources" are accessed as lightweight web services using a simple set of GET, POST, PUT, DELETE operations over HTTP or HTTPS. Beyond just accessing the templates, many other server functionalities are also made available including its underlying security objects for Single Sign-On, logs for centralized monitoring, and repository for automation control.

For those who prefer embedded mode, there is a Java API for connecting to the Repertoire Server and another for embedding the Repertoire Runtime. There are code samples provided for easy reference.

The Repertoire Plugin is specially made available for FREE for NetBeans users for development use! The Repertoire Server, Runtime, and Remote are additional components available for licensing separately for production use. 

Elixir Repertoire Plugin - DashBoard Designer
DashBoard Designer
Elixir Repertoire Plugin - Data Designer
Data Designer
Elixir Repertoire Plugin - Report Designer
Report Designer

Elixir has a variety of activities planned for NetBeans Day. Can you tell us about what to expect?

We will be launching Repertoire Plugin at CommunityOne, with every participant receiving our software CD in their welcome pack. We'll also be hosting a Demo Station so everyone can stop by to see the Plugin in action. There is also a mind teaser challenge to win a limited edition of the Elixir Puzzle Cube.

Do you have other events planned for JavaOne?

Elixir will also host a booth at SOA Village area.

What's the roadmap for your partnership with NetBeans?

Basically all our current features are already made available through this Plugin. As we are new at this, we would want to gather feedback from the NetBeans community to plan for future enhancements for the Plugin.

On partnership level, we are working out to be a Global Partner for Sun Tech Days to spread the word around to those who can't make it to CommunityOne, especially many of those outside US.
(April 2008)

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