NetBeans Day at CommunityOne 2008

NetBeans Day 2008 Partner Spotlight

The NetBeans Partner Program recognizes companies that add value to the NetBeans Project by building plugins, endorsing NetBeans as a development environment and/or application platform, and more. At NetBeans Day 2008, some of our partner companies will be on-hand to showcase their technologies and to demonstrate the ways to extend and get the most out of the NetBeans IDE! Here's a preview of what to expect.

dotFX Inc.

Pete Hartigan, President, dotFX

Phil Straw, CTO, dotFX

Mark Chen, CTO, dotFX

Pete Hartigan, President
Phil Straw, CTO
Mark Chen, CTO

What is dotFX?

dotFX is in the business of “Live software”. We provide a set of essential but powerful runtime services to software. These include click-to-run deployment, incremental install and update, security, online and offline execution modes, and the ability to run any part of the application on any local or remote device. All of these features are available without code modification. Other services, such as customer support, PKI, licensing and billing, are available as paid options.

dotFX and JavaFX together make a compelling RIA platform. dotFX handles JavaFX delivery at the client, transparent, incremental updates, client-server communication and supplemental runtime security services. dotFX applications share a single set of JavaFX libraries, so downloads are fast.

dotFX combines all the advantages of Web deployment with the power of real client software. Web-oriented business models such as SaaS delivery and billing, metering and monitoring are now available to fully functional client applications.

dotFX also enables entirely new deployment modes such as desktop beachheads into which new features (and, in fact, entirely new applications) can be published over time, and media/player bundles that eliminate compatibility problems and greatly facilitate the problem of  rights management. The capabilities of dotFX are therefore a distinct superset of Web and desktop.

How did the company become involved with NetBeans?

Most of the dotFX development team uses NetBeans as their IDE and we maintain a good relationship with members of the NetBeans Engineering and Marketing teams.

From a technical perspective, our involvement with NetBeans started when we prototyped what we internally call “NetBeans Live” to demonstrate that you can take one of the most robust Java applications, and place it on the framework, enabling it as a networked application with all the primary and second order benefits and with virtually no code modification. The area of code modification we decided to showcase for the prototype was that of the native startup code. With the framework, we were able to turn this into a small amount of Java code.

dotFX's NetBeans LiveWhat's the current status of NetBeans Live?

NetBeans Live is currently just a prototype. If the NetBeans team and the Java community is interested in exploring this application further, we look forward to that step.

NetBeans Live is one complete build delivered incrementally over dotFX. As such there is only one version that is a super set. Only what is used is downloaded, and it is always the latest. Previous versions, as opposed to the latest, could be started seamlessly by having multiple links. Between versions this should provide both roll back but more importantly easy roll forward.

Can you tell us about what to expect from dotFX at NetBeans Day?

Yes, we have three activities planned:

  • A dotFX demo booth where we will demonstrate click-to-run technologies of all sorts, for example, the NetBeans plugin and NetBeans Live. In addition, we will show Java applications from open-source that other developers wrote, and we took the code, dropped it into ServerFX without code modification.
  • A 10-minute Lightening Speech presented by Mark Chen, our CTO. (The speech is currently scheduled for when James Gosling is the MC.)
  • A 5-minute video of our Netbeans plugin.

Do you have other events planned for JavaOne?

Developers can find us at Booth 3 at CommunityOne, and at Booth 737 at JavaOne.

What are your future development plans with NetBeans?

Already we have the ClientFX and ServerFX Services plug-in for NetBeans. Later we plan to include InstallFX which allows developers to package applications in dotFX technology. InstallFX produces software installers that are dotFX enabled out of the box. As such applications can install and update the application as live contact, incrementally and can take of both client and server side execution.

(April 2008)

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