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NetBeans recognizes companies that have made significant contributions to the NetBeans Project through its Partner Program and with speaking invitations to NetBeans Day. Attend these Partner sessions that showcase exciting and new plug-ins, and discover ways to extend and get the most out of the NetBeans IDE!

Yasu Tech

Speaker: Vish Desai
Session: Architecting Thin-BLL applications using BRMS and Open-ESB (S288236)

Vish Desai, Yasu Tech

What do you do at YASU Technologies?

Currently, I manage a large customer account in the Southern California region for the YASU Professional Services Group. Before that, I was the Business Development Manager, and before that, the architect and the manager for the QuickRules product.

As a partner, how has your company contributed to the NetBeans Project?

QuickRules is our primary product. It is a complete Business Rules Management solution. We are now providing the main QuickRules rule authoring environment on the NetBeans platform. The unique aspect is the deep integration with the Open-ESB platform. Rules developed can be directly integrated and deployed as composite applications enabling faster application development, testing and deployment.

Tell us about your NetBeans Day Presentation.

The focus will be on how separation of the business logic results in easier maintenance and faster application lifecycles. We will be showing QuickRules (on NetBeans, of course) to enable easier business rules management.

What's the top point that developers should know about your session?

A basic familiarity with the business rules paradigm would be useful. The session will focus on driving business related application changes using business rules.

What are the benefits to the community?

The main benefit is an understanding of how business rules fit into SOA applications and how it helps in developing an agile line of business applications.

What is the main message you want a developer to get after attending your session?

That business logic so exposed will make it available to the business analysts and domain experts, enabling the developers to concentrate more on the core technical aspects. This would enable active collaboration of ideas and business policy decisions which impact the business and IT.

Why did you submit your session to be presented at NetBeans Day?

We felt this would be a great opportunity to present the business rules approach to a wide audience, especially to the people most involved with it. We presented at NetBeans Tech Days in Hyderabad earlier this year. This time, we will be focusing more on the benefits of using the Business Rules approach and demonstrating the ease of building and integrating with SOA applications.

What features do you enjoy working with in NetBeans?

The Platform by itself provides a lot of value for application developers. The Java coding/refactoring capabilities are now getting comparable to other vendors. The main thing I find very useful is the integrated set of tooling which is provided. Everything, right from visual development tools to core code level tooling is right there and it works well.

How does working in Java compare with other technologies?

Better than anything else. A great VM, and the technology allows you to integrate with almost anything out there.

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