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NetBeans recognizes companies that have made significant contributions to the NetBeans Project through its Partner Program and with speaking invitations to NetBeans Day. Attend these Partner sessions that showcase exciting and new plug-ins, and discover ways to extend and get the most out of the NetBeans IDE!


Speaker: Janos Koppany
Session: Implementing a Software Development Collaboration Platform Using NetBeans and CodeBeamer (S288596)

Janos Koppany, Intland Software

What is your role at Intland Software?

I'm the co-founder and CEO.

As a partner, how has your company contributed to the NetBeans Project?

NetBeans is extended with an ALM (Application Life Cycle) and collaboration module. This project is a joint effort together with the USDA and Sun teams. Our extension integrates NetBeans developers into collaborative teams, and provides ALM access to the NetBeans IDE community. With the new ALM module you get project, task, change and build management integrated into NetBeans. Our system enables social networking for NetBeans users with rich collaborative features such as forum, wiki, document management, artifact associations and role/group management.

Tell us about your NetBeans Day Presentation.

The session will show how developers and project managers can use NetBeans together with the ALM and collaboration module for:

-Project, task and bug management
-Change management with Subversion
-Build management
-Collaboration with integrated - wiki, forum and document management

The session will also show how to get the full traceability of all project artifacts “from the requirement to the source code”.

What's the top point that developers should know about your session?

NetBeans is extended with an ALM and a collaboration module and its change management is well integrated to Subversion. There is a free 15-user version downloadable from

What are the benefits to the community?

NetBeans enables the highest productivity in the Individual, but the Individual is disconnected from his team, except via single access to the SCM system. The NetBeans ALM and collaboration module bring ALM, project management and communication into the NetBeans IDE.

The NetBeans ALM and collaboration module is open-source, GPL-licensed, and a 15-user CodeBeamer server—enabling the ALM and collaboration functionality—is available to download for free.

Free open-source community portals powered by CodeBeamer, such as, can be accessed directly from the NetBeans IDE. The ALM and collaboration module provides project, requirement, task, build and change management functionality together with collaboration features such as wiki, forum and document management to the community.

What is the main message you want a developer to get after attending your session?

We will talk about our experience extending NetBeans with the ALM and collaboration module and we will show how they can use it. (This means if they want to use a collaboration platform with a tight integration into a Java IDE they do not have to wait until Jazz will arrive because NetBeans has it already.)

Why did you submit your session to be presented at NetBeans Day?

The need for globally distributed software development solutions is growing rapidly and we have the first ALM and collaboration module for NetBeans. We will show how the community can profit on this, and we hope that we gain new contributors from our efforts.

What features do you enjoy working with in NetBeans?

We like the API the modularity and easy deployment.

How does working in Java compare with other technologies?

We don’t know any better technology today.

Are there any other points you would like to highlight in this interview?

We have the most innovative collaboration platform for developers available on the market. And the reasons are:

-We were the first real Java-based collaboration platform with ALM capabilities
-We were the first platform to support Subversion
-We are the first to have a NetBeans ALM module
-We already support Groovy as scripting language

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