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NetBeans recognizes companies that have made significant contributions to the NetBeans Project through its Partner Program and with speaking invitations to NetBeans Day. Attend these Partner sessions that showcase exciting and new plug-ins, and discover ways to extend and get the most out of the NetBeans IDE!

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Speaker: Raffaele Spazzoli

Raffaele Spazzoli, Imola

What is your role at Imola?

I'm a consultant, article writer, and currently, the project manager of jbi4cics and jbi4corba.

As a partner, how has your company contributed to the NetBeans Project?

We have developed two plug-ins: one for jbi4corba and one for jbi4cics. These plug-ins allow the component to be used at development/design time in NetBeans SOA projects.

Tell us about your NetBeans Day Presentation.

We are going to present jbi4corba and jbi4cics binding components and the relative NetBeans plug-in. These binding components can be used to easily integrate CICS and CORBA services in a JBI (jsr208) Enterprise Service Bus.

What's the top point that developers should know about your session?

Using NetBeans Enterprise platform and the jbi4corba and jbi4cics plug-ins, it is very easy— just a matter of visual configuration—to integrate CICS and CORBA services. CICS is an IBM Mainframe Transaction Server very common in financial institutions. Corba is the standard communication protocol from OMG and very common in the telecommunication industry.

What are the benefits to the community?

A tangible speed-up in the development of SOA projects based on JBI and OpenESB.

What is the main message you want a developer to get after attending your session?

Jbi4cics and Jbi4corba are ready and mature for Enterprise and can be used in large SOA projects.

Why did you submit your session to be presented at NetBeans Day?

We think our project is a good contribution to the NetBeans enterprise extension and being presented together may give more value to both.

What features do you enjoy working with in NetBeans?

We appreciate that NetBeans supports subversion and Maven—our standard development tools—very well.

How does working in Java compare with other technologies?

We chose Java basically for the presence of standards, in this case JBI. Other platforms have their Enterprise Service Buses, or Integration Brokers, but there is no real mature standard apart from JBI. SCA (Service Component Architecture), an emerging standard is sometimes considered a JBI competitor. From my point of view, SCA and JBI complete each other.

Are there any other points you would like to highlight in this interview?

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