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NetBeans recognizes companies that have made significant contributions to the NetBeans Project through its Partner Program and with speaking invitations to NetBeans Day. Attend these Partner sessions that showcase exciting and new plug-ins, and discover ways to extend and get the most out of the NetBeans IDE!


Speaker: Bob Jenkins
Session: Subversion and the NetBeans IDE (S288236)

Bob Jenkins, Collabnet

What is your role at CollabNet?

I have a couple of primary job functions which both qualify me for this presentation. First, I am a Senior Product Manager at CollabNet focused on the road map for our contributions to the Subversion project. As the primary commercial sponsor of Subversion since its inception, CollabNet is uniquely positioned to speak on this topic and in turn, my role in product management of Subversion does the same. Secondly, I work within the Services team to provide consulting and training around Subversion. That means I see the practical implementations of its use.

Your company is a NetBeans partner. What have you done with NetBeans?

CollabNet hosts and manages the site. In addition, CollabNet is partnering with the NetBeans community to offer a Subversion plug-in and value-added services around Subversion.

Tell us about your NetBeans Day Presentation.

I will be making a presentation on Subversion and the integration to it that was developed for NetBeans.

What's the top point that developers should know about your session?

That a top notch integration is available that will allow them to use Subversion from within their NetBeans development environment and that there are resources to help make them successful in doing so. Subversion is the leading open-source version control tool as well as the overall fastest growing version control tool today. The community can benefit from the integrated use of Subversion to satisfy their version control requirements and do so seamlessly from within the NetBeans platform.

What is the main message you want a developer to get after attending your session?

I want developers to understand that they can leverage the strengths of both NetBeans and Subversion through the integration that has been developed. I want them to appreciate the power provided by the combination of the two tools.

Why did you submit your session to be presented at NetBeans Day?

Subversion is the fastest growing version control tool in the market today and NetBeans has a very strong integration to it for which CollabNet provided guidance. I felt it was important to bring the focus of both communities together on this valuable integration. I presented a similar session at the NetBeans Day in Atlanta in January.

What features in NetBeans do you enjoy working with?

Not being in our engineering department, I can't really say whether we use NetBeans and how it might be helping. I can say that I am very impressed with the Subversion integration as compared to integrations developed for other IDEs.

Are there any other messages you would like to highlight in this interview?

That not only is there a powerful integration of these two tools, but there are two strong organizations ready and able to support those that choose to use them.

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