NetBeans Community Honors Contributors

At this year's NetBeans Software Day, five members of the IDE's global development community were honored for their valuable contributions to the NetBeans platform. Each winner received a framed plaque (designed by James Gosling) and a new Sun "developer machine" - an Ultra 20 Opteron workstation that comes with the Java Desktop System and a suite of Java technology developer tools preinstalled.

Most of the winners have been involved with the NetBeans community for many years. Only one of five works for a company which creates software that interoperates with NetBeans. These individuals became involved with NetBeans because they support open source software development and wanted to make a difference.

A packed crowd at NetBeans Software Day (photo: J. Chalupa)
A packed crowd at NetBeans Day

Unfortunately, not all of the winners could be at the event in person. The NetBeans development community takes this opportunity to congratulate this year's winners and thank them for their continued support:

Rich Unger accepts his award
                      from James Gosling and Tim Cramer (photo: J. Chalupa)
Rich Unger accepts his award from James Gosling and Tim Cramer

  • Vincent Brabant - Vincent works for a telecom company in Brussels, Belgium. He first used NetBeans 3.0 when taking a Java technology course in 2002. Vincent launched the TranslatedFiles project as a community center for people doing translations of NetBeans and has localized the IDE, documentation and parts of in French. He was a past member of the NetBeans governance board.

  • Maxym Mykhalchuk - Maxym lives in the Ukraine and is working on his Ph.D. involvingcomputer-assisted translation. In 2002, he started a project to localize NetBeans in Russian and currently manages the Russian- language mailing list. "...It's nice to know that there are people here on Earth you've never seen in person, but that you helped and they helped you..." says Maxym. He was also a past member of the NetBeans governance board.

  • Manfred Riem - Manfred is a long-time member of the NetBeans development community. He first started using NetBeans in 1999, when it was a commercial product yet to be acquired by Sun Microsystems. He has worked on the Dutch translation of the IDE and content. "I didn't expect to win an award," says Manfred, "...being involved with NetBeans was and is for me something I like because it will benefit a lot of people."

  • Bruno Souza - Bruno can easily be recognized at the JavaOne developer conference as the guy wearing the Brazilian flag on his back. He has been tremendously active in popularizing NetBeans in his native Brazil, where he works as a consultant.

  • Rich Unger - Rich works for Nuance Communications as one of the lead developers of V-Builder, a development environment for Voice-XML (a tool for creating voice-based menus). V-Builder is built on the NetBeans platform and re- uses a number of plug-ins that can be found in the NetBeans IDE. "I like it when people write me or the list, saying they are using my code," he says. "I'll see email addresses from Turkey, China, or the JPL and think ‘Cool!’ I suppose, in any vibrant open source community, that's how just about everything gets done." Rich has been involved in NetBeans for a number of years, and has made many code contributions including the "cluster harness", which made it much easier to build applications on the NetBeans platform, and also wrote an excellent tutorial to go with it. Rich is a current member of the NetBeans board.

Tim Boudreau

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