Interview with NetBeans Platform book Author Heiko Böck

"Another extremely significant moment in the lifecycle of the NetBeans Platform. I highly recommend this book, even if you don't understand German. You understand Java, don't you?" -- Geertjan Wielenga

Heiko Böck is the author of the German book "NetBeans Platform 6 - Rich-Client-Entwicklung mit Java" that was released in early 2008.

Two years ago he evaluated the Eclipse and the NetBeans Rich-Client Platform for his diploma thesis. Heiko was so impressed by the well-designed NetBeans APIs that he is now developing all of his business applications on the NetBeans platform.

When he noticed other developers struggling with the same questions he used to have, he decided it was time to share his insights by writing this book. Newcomers to Platform development will appreciate the clearly structured and comprehensive introduction to the latest NetBeans 6 APIs. The chapters can also be read independently from each other, so even advanced developers can use it to deep-dive into special topics of interest.

Heiko's book comes with a CD-ROM including all software and sample projects that you need to get started with platform development right away.

Read the full interview with Heiko Böck here (in German)

About the Book


  • Concepts (e.g. Classloader, Lookup)
  • APIs (e.g. Nodes API, Visual Library, Dialogs API)
  • Persistence (Hibernate, JPA) and Web Services
  • Extend NetBeans IDE, New in Java 6, Tips and Tricks
  • Migrating Eclipse RCP applications to the NetBeans Platform
  • CD-ROM including JDK 6, NetBeans IDE 6, NetBeans Platform 6, NetBeans Platform 6 JavaDoc, NetBeans-ready sample applications.

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