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The 21st NetBeans election is closed.
The community-elected members of the 21st NetBeans Governance Board are Tim Boudreau and Zoran Sevarac.

Tim Boudreau

Tim Boudreau,
                NetBeans Governance Elections
Tim Boudreau is a noted technology consultant, evangelist and author. While perhaps most broadly known for his leadership on Sun Microsystems’ NetBeans, those who’ve worked with Tim remark most on his technical chops, passion for a great challenge and rare gift of great communication. And, as a former troubadour, he’s pretty tough when it comes to bad 70s rock lyrics too. A real renaissance programmer.

More about Tim: Website

Lou Dasaro

Lou Dasaro,
                NetBeans Governance Board election
I am a Chicago-based software developer, JavaFX tribe leader for NetCAT 8.0 and "top ten" tester on NetCAT 7.4. I've been developing software applications for over twenty years, in recent years using NetBeans IDE. My presentations to local groups include "JavaFX, Scene Builder, Hibernate and databases", which showcases NetBeans. My philosophy is that my best successes occur when I assist others to be successful. I have found this is especially true in the NetBeans community, where I continue to learn so much through service.

I would be honored to serve on YOUR NetBeans Governance Board.

More about Lou: Linkedin, DZone, Chicago JavaFX User Group

Glenn Holmer

Glenn Holmer,
                NetBeans Governance Board election
Glenn has been a dedicated NetBeans user since 2001, when he made it the Java IDE of choice at Weyco Group, Inc. He leads the team that creates the company's fourteen eCommerce sites, which are built from a single NetBeans project. Glenn has also been very active in the NetCAT testing program, serving every time since NetBeans 3.6. He has spoken on several panels about NetBeans at JavaOne, and is also active on the community mailing lists.

More about Glenn: Twitter, Website

Benno Markiewicz

Benno Markiewicz,
                NetBeans Governance Board election
I am Java software developer living in Leipzig, Germany. For years I am used to be an Eclipse user, but since 2011 I use NetBeans exclusively at work. Why? Because it works. Yes, some neat and handy features from other IDEs are still missing, but that was my reason to improve this situation and to start contributing. I am the author of several freely available NetBeans plugins, I contribute patches to NetBeans IDE/Platform and I am an active member of the NetCAT program. All this to make NetBeans even better.

I am honored for the nomination. Thank you for your trust.

More about Benno: Blog, Twitter

Zoran Sevarac

Zoran Sevarac,
                NetBeans Governance Board election
Zoran Sevarac is an Assistant Professor at University of Belgrade, where he teaches Java, Artificial Intelligence and open source development. He is the founder and lead developer of Java neural network framework Neuroph which received the Dukes Choice Award 2013. He is also the founder and head of Open Source Software Development Center at University of Belgrade, where he leads the development of the new UML Plugin for NetBeans.
He is a Java Champion, certified NetBeans Platform Trainer, member of the NetBeans Dream Team, and leader of NetBeans User Group Serbia.

He belives in future of the NetBeans Platform and IDE as the cutting edge software development tool/platform. As a member of the board he would be devoted to promoting NetBeans among the academic community, and getting them actively involved in NetBeans development.

More about Zoran: Twitter

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